15 Best Tools to Stress Test CPU & RAM for PC

If you have got a new PC, or want to go through the components of your faulty PC, going through a CPU stress test or torture stress can let you know if everything inside your system is working correctly or not.

The stress test is done through software that pushes your system to its absolute limit or overclocking, which lets you know and give you exact details about your CPU parts and their working condition.

The reason why Stress testing is so important is that it helps you get to know about your faulty components or parts and gives you details of extreme load given to it and how it responds to the load, which eventually helps you next time when you play Games and start streaming.

There is software that helps you check specific parts like CPU, RAM, or GPU, and there is also software that stress-tests your PC overall and gauges the performance to broader circumstances.

But Before telling you about tools to stress-test your PC, there is one more thing which you should consider before Stress testing.

cpu stress test

Hardware monitoring test.

If you know the computer hardware, you know that you can stress Tests by generating heavy loads and overclocking. Still, to ensure those details, you should monitor system temperature and load levels, which helps you to be aware while you are bench-marking your PC.

You can install these before Stress testing

  1. Core Temp
  2. GPU Z
  3. MSI Afterburner

So, today in this blog I will share 15 tools to stress Test your pc and give you a review of all the software’s I will recommend, in which some would be for free and some would cost you, you can choose according to your requirement, so let’s get into it.

Best 16 CPU Stress Test Tools:

#1 Prime 95 

cpu stress test

Prime 95 is an excellent tool for stress testing your CPU. The best part is it is Free to use and anyone can use it. It focuses on the integer and Floating-point performance of the CPU.

This is my best recommendation for stress testing your CPU, looking for overclocking or diagnosing your computer performance. It works perfectly with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If Prime 95 can hold your CPU for around an hour without crashing, it can load anything you try in the system.


stress test cpu online

OCCT is again one of the best tools for Stress testing or torture testing your CPU and aims to find out if there is anything that is not working and should be improved. It runs several stress tests on the components and tries to use every core of the system to its full potential.

It will monitor your computer and show you the real-time graph, including temperature, fan speed, power consumption, etc.

OCCT is free for personal use, but if you want to use this commercially, you have to buy the pro license.

#3 HWiNFO64

stress test pc

HWiNFO64 is one more Application that helps you stress-test your PC. It is more advanced software than the other software. It can give you details about your CPU, Ram, GPU, and other component loads.

This software will give you in-depth hardware information, Real-time System Monitoring, and Extensive Reporting, including component status, failure prediction, etc.

#4 IntelBurn Test.

tools for cpu stress test

IntelBurn Test is another tool in the list in which it will help you stress test CPU and push its limits to the maximum capability to give you the working status.

Using Intelburn may simplify the usage of Intel Linpack, which is a useful program that puts even the most powerful PCs on its knees.

It gives real-time outputs on the screen and helps in system acknowledgment.

#5 Aida64 Extreme

stress test for pc

AIDA64 is the best stress testing software for beginners if you don’t have much idea about hardware and its components. This should be your go-to stress testing tool.

This is used for CPU, GPU, RAM overload testing, and it is paid software.

This tool is also preferred by many people in place of Prime 95 and helps starters check the power supply, voltage, and fan speeds without much hassle.

AIDA 64 is famous for its detailed information, which it can provide, and this is why it is a go-to stress testing tool for many users.

You can try AIDA 64 if applications like OCCT and Prime 65 is complicated for you.

#6 MemTest 64+

tech powerup ram stress test tool

MemTest 64 is another tool that helps in stress Testing your PC, and it majorly focuses on RAM more than other components. This is the best Application for checking RAMs’ highest potential and the highest load it can take.

If you face issues of bluescreen or sudden blackout, this is the Stress test you should go with.

#7 MemTest 86+ 

memory stress test tool

MemTest 86+ is another similar tool to the one I have discussed above, and this is again one more RAM specialization tool that helps in stress testing your RAM. In most cases, it will start giving an error in just a minute if your RAM has any faults. And if it passes one minute, there is a higher chance that your ram is in good condition.

#8 Heavy Load 

heavy load stress testing

HeavyLoad is a system Utility software that helps stress testing your CPU to give you the details regarding your system.

It is again effortless to use for beginners and can check out if you face issues with OCCT or other similar stress testing tools.

It uses simulated tasks to test your system under heavy load and gives you the exact status.

As I said above, it is very user-friendly for beginners and offers a very easy-to-understand dashboard. So if you are looking for a simple Stresstesting tool you can pick this one.

#9 Stress-ng 

Stress ng is another tool that helps you stress test your computer, but this is only applicable to Linux. So if you are a Linux user, this can be your go-to tool.

Stress ng helps make the CPU work hard and give out the hardware issues by stress testing, such as thermal overruns and operating system bugs, which occurs when the system is thrashed hard.

#10 PassMark Burnin Test

This is software to burn and load Test your software. It offers the best performance for benchmark PCs.

It has a free trial and paid version of the software, so you can use the free trial if you want to test the tool.

It is a perfect tool to verify the reliability of the components in your PC with maximized heat-generated torture test.

#11 UserBenchmark 

userbenchmark speed test for pc

UserBenchmark is another awesome tool to torture test your CPU, and if you are a gamer, this tool should be your go-to tool for stress testing.

It helps get the highest performance for your system and calculate the score based on your tasks, like performance, gaming or video rendering, etc.

Another best part about Userbenchmark is that it is entirely free.

#12 RAM Stress test.

Ram Stress test is another tool that helps you push your CPU with load and tells you about the condition of your performance more. But this is again only for Linux operating system. And more focused on RAM than the whole CPU.

This tool has been developed by Google and released it under Apache 2.0

#13 Karhu Test

specialised ram stress testing tool

Karhu Test is again famous for its Ram Stress testing. If you don’t like any other RAM specific tools above, you can go with the Karhu Ram test.

It has a simple UI design and can be understood by even someone who has no idea about hardware.

You can install this software to Overclock your Ram, and with this, you can understand the highest load and its other fault check.

This is the best Stress checking software specialized for RAM after my use but, this doesn’t have a free version.

But its value is definitely worth the product.

#14 Novabench

nova benchmarking tool

Novabench is a recent launch tool that helps you stress testing your CPU and covers most GPU components, RAM, and overall performance.

It comes with some great features like detecting glitches both in hardware and the software and gives some tips for changing the hardware after your stress testing is done.

For initial users who want to try out stress testing, this can be the best tool for starters.

#15 PC mark 10 

best stress testing tools

PC Mark 10 is the last workload and stress testing tool you can use to maintain a check in your PC’s performance, this is one of the powerful tools in this category.

Each benchmark run gives you a high-level workload score and a low-level workload score.

One positive side of PC Mark 10 is unlike OCCT and Prime 95, you don’t have to configure anything.

This can gauge your system performance and help even beginners to use it very quickly.

#16 Jmeter

Jmeter is another best tool to stress test CPU and RAM. It is one of the commonly used software for load tests. We can run parallel threads to compute the server performance under immense load.

Jmeter gives us great flexibility in configuring the number of concurrent requests to send and the total number of requests to determine the system capacity.

Which one to use?

The capacity of the CPU or RAM decreases with the rise in the age of the computer. If you are buying an already used computer, then you should really consider the CPU stress test, RAM, and GPU stress test to get to know about the performance.

So now you might be wondering out of these 15 stress test tools which one of use, the answer for this is simple, to know which tool works best for you its better you try most of them and then decide. That will give you an accurate idea of how the components and performance will hold up in extreme loads in real-time situations.

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