10 Best CPU Temperature Widgets for Windows 10 [Free]

Looking for free widgets to check the CPU temperature? You are in the right place. This article is all about the importance of CPU, why do we need to monitor the temperature and 10 best free CPU temperature widgets for Windows 10.

CPU or Central Processing Unit is an electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions in a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions. CPU is basically the brain of a laptop or computer which controls all activities happening in it.

cpu temperature widgets for windows 10

Why do we need to monitor CPU Temperature?

CPU generates heat while it works which is really bad for the chipset. A high temperature makes the CPU work harder to cool itself down which might result in the early death of your beloved laptop.

On some new processors “throttling” of the processor speed occurs when it’s working at higher temperatures, this leads to slow performance of computer and that’s why we want to monitor CPU temperature.

So for the best and optimal performance of your laptop, CPU temperature needs to be within the allowed limits. Otherwise, excessive heat might lead to ruin the laptop itself.

How does CPU Temperature affect the performance of your laptop?

CPU generates heat while working and it should be kept cool for the fast and smooth running of the processor otherwise it can cause problems like slow processing speed and overheating which might damage the computer.

For example, a few days ago I was watching Netflix when my laptop started to slow down in between the video buffering, I checked task manager and system properties in windows 10. It was showing 80 C which was really high for CPU temperature, so I turned off NetFlix and stopped using the laptop for some time.

If we have any widgets kind of things handy to check the CPU temperature, that would be very beneficial for us. So presenting you the topmost CPU temperature monitor widgets you can install for your windows laptop.

Top 10 CPU Temperature Monitor Widgets:

CPU Temperature monitor widgets are basically a CPU temperature widget and disk detector for android which shows the real-time CPU and internal memory usage along with the battery percentage.

So without much ado, let’s check out the best Windows 10 CPU temp widgets

1) CPU Temperature Monitor:

This app not only shows current CPU temperature but also gives complete information about your phone like ram, flash storage, process list, network, root status etc. It shows CPU temp as high as 125-degree Celsius which is really dangerous for laptops because the normal temperature of processors should be around 40-50 degrees celsius.

2) CPU Z:

This CPU gadget shows lots of real-time information like CPU temp, ram usage, battery status and even show the frequency of your mobile by using single-core or multi-core option. The best thing I like about this CPU monitor widget is that it shows the current CPU temperature in celsius or Fahrenheit.

3) Battery Monitor Widget:

This battery gadget is slightly similar to the CPU temp widget because it shows the voltage, time of the remaining battery, status etc. But this app also provides some extra features like changing brightness level according to charging status and switching off wifi etc.

4) System Monitor:

The system monitor is a CPU temperature monitor app for android which not only shows the temp of the CPU but also shows its usage and network status along with network speed, root status and installed apps list. This CPU monitor widget is free to download from the play store.

5) CPU Temperature Sensor:

This CPU temp monitor is very useful for windows pc because it shows CPU temp in the status bar of your computer. It also shows the temperature of the motherboard, disk space and ram which makes this app the best CPU temperature monitor widget.

6) 3C Toolbox Pro:

This is a complete system monitoring app for android which provides lots of tools like sensor calibration, root explorer, dumper, battery calibration etc. This CPU monitor app also provides CPU temp info by just tapping on the sensor option in the widget section.


This is a free CPU temperature monitoring app for android which shows the exact current CPU temperature and voltage of your device. This is not only a simple CPU monitor but it also shows the frequency of 1 core and the total frequency of all cores which makes this CPU temperature monitor widget good.

8) CPU Temperature Widget:

This CPU temperature monitor shows lots of information like memory usage, battery status, CPU temp etc. You can also add a system panel in the sidebar to get easy access to network settings, brightness levels and sound profile.

9) System gadget:

This CPU monitor app for android is similar to the system monitor widget with some extra features like checking root status, setting brightness level and turning off wifi etc.

10) CPU Temp Widget:

This is the last CPU temp monitor widget which shows the current CPU temperature in the status bar of your computer or laptop. It also shows the voltage of motherboard, ram and CPU usage in the sidebar.

Now you can easily find out CPU temp by using CPU temperature monitor widgets which are free to download from the store. I hope this article will be useful for readers. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank You!

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