How Old is My Computer (5 Best Ways to Check Laptop Age)

Not sure about how old the Laptop or computer you are using is? A lot of people have this question – How old is my computer? Whether you want to know about your Laptop’s age, I will cover most of the points in this blog that will give you a fair idea about this topic, resulting in you taking further actions.

You might think of upgrading your Laptop, or if you are buying a second-hand laptop, you should be aware of, whether the person with whom you are buying an old laptop is telling the truth about its buying date or not.

Or maybe you want to see whether your Laptop is under warranty or not. how old is my computer - find laptop age with these tips

How Old is My Computer – 5 Ways to check Laptop Age:

In this blog, I will share five ways to find your Laptop’s age or how old your computer is. This will help you in deciding the price and value of the asset. The methods mentioned might not be able to get you the exact age of your laptop in days but it will definitely be precise to find the age within the range of 4-5 months of actual age.

If you have the laptop purchase receipt, then you can exactly tell the date of purchase but the date of manufacturing might vary. We have to follow any of these methods if you don’t have any receipt of purchase.

#1 Check windows OS Installation date.

If you have bought a laptop, you need to know some necessary details regarding your Laptop, and one of them is how to find a laptop’s age.

This can help you when you think of upgrading your Laptop to higher versions and also to gain basic knowledge about it. One way you can check your Laptop’s age is by Checking the windows OS installation date.

  • You have to click on Search and type Command Prompt on the search bar or find it on settings either way is the same.
  • Right-click on it and click on the run with Administrator.
  • Now type wmic os get installdate and press Enter.
  • Here you can see the number, and it is in the pattern of year month, and date.

what my laptop age is

So, it is 20200806

And this is the exact date I have last installed windows on my Laptop, which will give you the estimated age of your Laptop.

The only problem with this method is, if you have reinstalled Windows, then it will show the date of the last installed windows, not the first installed and it updates the date.

From this, you can find out the age of the Laptop in your dell, HP Laptops, or any other computer you are using or want to buy.

#2 Check Laptop or computer serial number.

Checking your laptop or computer serial number is another way of knowing how old is your Laptop is.

If you have bought a prebuilt Laptop, then there will be a sticker of serial number somewhere around it mostly under the chassis of the Laptop, and if it’s a desktop, then mostly, It will be behind the monitor.

Just search on google your laptop brand website and put the serial number on the website, and that will give you all the details regarding how old is your Laptop. Also, it will provide you with an approximate date of manufacturing.

#3 Check bios details.

Checking your Bios details is another method you can check how old is your Laptop or desktop.

This is one of the Goto methods for most of the tech guys who want to know about how old your Laptop is, so in this method, you have to go to your BIOS details.

  • Search for command prompt in your Laptop
  • And then, input system info and click enter.
  • Scroll down the details, and you will find BIOS Version.
  • And in that, you will find the date for the first time you updated BIOS, which is most of the time you’re date of buying.

Again, if you have updated the BIOS, you might not get the exact date, and then you won’t get the correct result. how to find out how old your computer is

Here is my laptop date is 11-2-2020, which is the estimated time I have bought my Laptop, so, with this, you get the idea of how old your computer is.

#4 Check your CPU Release date

Checking your CPU release date is another way of knowing how old is your CPU, in this, you have to check the release date by searching the model number of your CPU.

This is not accurate all the time, but it will give you the required information about how old your CPU or Laptop can be.

To check your CPU original date,

  • In the search box type sysinfo and click enter.
  • That will take you to system information.
  • Then in all those items listed there, you will find System model.
  • Take the System Model name and search it on google.
  • Searching the Model number will give you the estimated buying date of your CPU or Laptop release date.

Again, this method also gives the estimated age of your computer only.

#5 Checking the Date modified date inside C drive

Checking your Date modified is the last way of finding the age of your Laptop. Clicking on C drive in your Laptop or PC will give you an estimated time of how old is your Laptop.

There is no way you can tell the exact date, but you can predict how old your Laptop can be with these methods.

Which can help you decide whether you want to upgrade to something new or if that software you tried to install will get installed or not?

So, to check the date modified.

  • Click on My PC or This PC depending upon how you have renamed by clicking through your primary screen or search for file explore, inside file explore towards your left you will find This PC.
  • Inside This PC, click on Drive C. or Local disk C.
  • Check the date modified column in those folders. Inside this for one of my files msdia80.dll, the date modified is 1-12-2006, which is part of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 and is the necessary file, so don’t delete it.

I know my Laptop is not that old, so you shouldn’t consider that. The date Modified for users should be the closest date of your buying.

How Old is My Computer – Conclusion:

So, these are 5 points of checking how old is my computer or how old is your CPU / Processor is, though these steps are straightforward, and you don’t need to have a lot of knowledge of computers to know these details.

Every step included in this blog will not give you an exact date, but the ways shown in this blog will provide you with an estimated date and sufficient for you to take your decision. An alternative to these methods, you call always call the customer executive of manufacturers like HP, Dell, Samsung, etc with serial numbers to get to know the computer age.

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