Temple Run Free Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

Temple Run Free Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop – Temple Run is one of hottest and trending mobile gaming app ever. It has zillions of downloads and popular worldwide. People find it attractive and time passing game and once you start playing it you will be amazed and addictive to the game. It got the best rating and reviews from its users. So here in this article, we will discuss on Temple Run Free Download for PC.

Download Temple Run for PC

Temple run game has been on the number one stop in ‘Top Free Action‘ category in Google Playstore since it’s release. This game took the world by storm with its phenomenal concept and amazing graphics. It redefined the mobile gaming and became a role model for all the game developers.

About the Game:

Temple Run game is all about – You have stolen a cursed idol from a temple and you have to run for your life escaping Devil Demon Monkey chasing behind you. Once you stop anywhere devil money will kill you. In the process of running, you will encounter many obstacles, fireworks, rivers, zip lines, forests etc. You have to cross all of them and collect coins to boost up your power.

If you collect more coins, you can upgrade your character to another one to run faster. Each character will have special powers. Below video sums up all the obstacles you are gonna encounter at one place.

Over the years, Temple Run game redefined itself with lots of new features. Developers have added new organic environments, more challenges and lot more thrillers. The only drawback is we don’t have a dedicated version for web or desktop users. But don’t worry. You can still play the Temple game on your PC for free by following some simple tricks.

Temple Run for PC – Technical Specifications:

Title Temple Run for PC
Category Entertainment App, Android Game
File size 45 MB
Requirements Windows Laptop, Bluestacks Emulator
Author Imangi Studios

   Download Temple Run for PC

Imangi Studios also released Version 2 of Temple with name Temple Run 2. You can download Temple Run 2 also for PC using the below link

   Download Temple Run 2 for PC

It has good ratings on play store and has over  500,000,000+ installations. So let’s install Temple Run for PC and have unlimited fun.

Temple Run For PC – Installation Requirements:

Temple run is a heavy game with a lot of graphics. So you need to meet the following requirements to Download Temple Run for PC.

  • Bluestacks Android Emulator
  • 2 GB RAM laptop (4 GB is recommended one)
  • Good graphics card to support heavy graphics and seamless experience.

Temple Run Free Download for PC:

So here is the step by step guide for Temple Run Free Download for PC. Follow these steps and get Temple run installed on your PC in a few moments.

Temple Run Free Download for PC – Method 1:

  • Step 1: For running any of the Android applications, we need to have Android Emulator installed on our PC. Currently, there are many android emulators available but we recommend you to use Bluestacks for its simple and easy interface. So if you don’t have any android emulators, go ahead and install one. Here is the link to download most popular Android Emulator – Bluestacks for PC.

Download Bluestacks for PC

  • Once you have downloaded and installed Bluestacks for PC, Next step is to Download the Temple Run APK file. In the technical details section of this article, you will find the link to download the latest version of Temple Run or Temple Run 2. So Download the APK file from that link.
  • Once you have downloaded, Open the Bluestacks App player. If you use low-end configuration laptop, Bluestacks will take few moments to open initially.
  • After Bluestack opens, In the bottom right area you can find a menu. Choose ‘Install APK‘ option from the menu. Please refer to the image below.

bluestacks import apk screen

  • Click on that option and navigate to that path where you have downloaded Temple Run APK file. Import that file and click ok.
  • It takes few minutes to install the App on Bluestacks. Please wait for some time and once the installation is done, you should be able to see the Temple Run Logo on the home screen of Bluestacks.
  • Double click on that logo to open the Temple run on PC and from there onwards you can play the game as much as you do on Android mobile.

Temple Run Free Download for PC – Method 2:

If you don’t trust third party/external links to download App file (.apk), you can choose this method. You can directly install Temple Run for PC using Bluestacks itself. Follow the below steps to install it.

  • Open Bluestacks App Player on your PC
  • On the home screen, navigate to My Apps > System Apps > Google Play store
  • Double click on Google play icon to start Playstore as shown in the image below.

temple run for pc

  • If you haven’t signed in to your Google account, it will ask for it. If you already did, it will directly open Playstore.
  • Search for Temple Run 2 in play store. You will get official Temple Run app by Imangi Studios on top of the list.
  • Open Temple Run game details page and click on install button to start the installation of Temple Run on PC.

Download temple run for pc

  • Once Temple Run is installed on your PC, You can use it pretty much same as you did on your Android mobile.

There are the two methods available to Download and Install Temple Run on your PC for Free. Basically you can find method 2 as reliable and easy over the other one.

So go ahead and install Temple Run on your PC and have unlimited gaming experience on the big screen. If you find any difficulties in installing or at any steps, feel free to drop a comment below. We will be glad to address your issue. Cheers!

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