11 Best Sites like G2A for Gaming Keys [Updated]

G2A is an innovative, worldwide recognized platform that offers quick and easy access to different gaming products like Origin games, software licenses, gaming keys, and Xbox Live cards at very affordable prices. But today, we are going to talk about eleven sites like G2A that offer a better price than G2A.

Every day a new game coming into the market, and with an increase in demand for games, prices for games are also increasing. And when it comes to buying games keys, G2A is the site most of them are familiar with. And sites like G2A provide around 19 million customers with game keys at a low price. Yes, it is very prominent in this category, but did you know many sites similar to G2A offer the same service at a more competitive price and better service.

sites like g2a

If you are looking for sites like G2A for gaming keys in 2021, you are in the right place, where I will tell you with my personal experience, best alternatives sites similar to G2A, that offer not only all the games included in the G2A but also at a better price than G2A. The websites mentioned below are 100% safe and secure.

If you want the best offers on game keys and gaming products from these websites, its recommended to buy on sale, which often happens during special days, Some of them offer huge discounts on purchase, and once you get those deals, I’m sure you would love buying products from those websites.

Best Gaming Keys Sites – G2A Alternatives:

#1 GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming is one of the best sites’ alternatives to G2A; it allows users to buy items at slashed prices with different coupon codes. The site layout is immaculate and comfortable to search for stuff, and I loved the website layout.

If you want to buy cheap AAA games, then GreenManGaming is the best site similar to G2A, which offers the best price if we compare both. If you need Add ons or DLCs for the games which you own, you can find them in the Addon section of GMG.

This site holds more than 6600 game titles from different platforms. GreenManGaming is very safe to use and has a customer rating of 4.6 on trustpilot.com.

#2 Kinguin

Kinguin is a very popular website and one of the best sites like G2A to buy cheap games and CD keys. Kinguin is one of the most trusted sites in these categories and has a rating above 4 for around 20000 Kinguin customers.

This website offers some enormous discounts on special days and daily deals on big game titles.

You will find keys for a multitude of platforms that make them work for every gamer, like Xbox, battle.net, Steam, PlayStation, etc., in one place and with instant delivery.

Some of the highlights of this gaming keys platform are:

  • Daily flash deals on CS Go purchases
  • Has an affiliate program, so with every referral sale you give to the website, it will provide you with discounts or points.
  • You can earn rewards with every sale you do, which helps you buy more free products.

#3 Gameflip

Gameflip is another site similar to G2A, which offers excellent discounts on Gaming keys and other gaming products. Gameflip is a trusted and useful alternative for G2A in many ways. One of the things which makes Gameflip different than other similar websites is, it offers physical games along with CD keys for sale.

They have a collection of NES, N64, DS, and other 3DS games. So, if you are someone who has an old console around you, then this website might be helpful to you in many ways.

Another reason why I love Gameflip over G2A is that there is a sale going on most of the time in Gameflip, and you can save a lot of money through their gift cards.

#4 CD keys

CD keys are another popular website to buy games at low prices online. Cd keys are among the best trusted and rated sites on Trustpilot and the user’s experience rating.

One of the reasons it is very popular worldwide is that it has many options for payments, which works well in most well-known countries.

Most of the keys in CD keys are delivered by themselves, so you don’t have to worry about seller’s ratings or any other delivery issue; if you face any issue regarding delivery, customer support will solve your problem in most cases.

One thing that I don’t like about Cdkeys is that it doesn’t have a better in-hand experience of the website, and also, they don’t advertise much about their site, so it’s not that popular in its category.

But they offer excellent prices on full video games and offer console membership of Xbox Gold for less than the cost of RRP.

#5 Gamivo 

Gamivo is a new website in this category, one of the best and rising sites like g2a in gaming product deals. Since its new in the industry, it has some great discounts of up to 90% on a lot of games

This site is trusted by millions of users and has a good rating on customer service. One of the reasons I love this site is its daily discounts and discounts on special occasions.

Most of the keys available on the website are legal, and it has good seller reviews so that you won’t have any issues with delivery.

It also has a VIP subscription for around 2$ per month, which guarantees excellent discounts on the website.

#6 GamersGate

GamersGate is another site similar to G2A; it provides some of the best steam and non-steam keys games at low prices. Whether you prefer playing simulator games, RPG games, or any other Sports games, this platform has most of the needs you would choose for. It also gives a discount of around 90% in many selected games, making it the best alternative to G2A.

GamersGate has its currency, by Bluecoins, which you can earn via referral or as a reward for every product you buy.

Like G2A, you can pre-order games before the launch, and a lot of time, you can get some extra discounts compared to the other official sites and G2A.

It also has different website interfaces depending on your region; for example, in many areas, they have it in their local language, making the customer feel included, resulting in more sales in the platform.

#7 SCdkey 


SCdkey is another site like G2A for gaming keys in 2020, SCdkey might seem similar to CDkey, but both websites are different than other. From my personal use, I liked the SCdkey user interface more attractive than CDkey. Also, there are many differences and unique features in SCdkey, which you won’t find in CDkey.

SCdkey is famous for its exclusive discounts on many game keys and gaming products that you won’t find on similar websites. SCdkey has a rating above four on Trustpilot, so it is relatively safe and legal.

It has a membership program that gives exclusive offers and discounts to its users. If you want to pre-order any game, you can go to the coming soon section to access all-new forthcoming titles and get a hand at views on it.

Overall, every product’s price is value for the money; you don’t have to worry about the seller’s ratings because they deliver their products by themselves.

#8 DL Gamer

DL Gamer is another site like G2A for gaming keys in 2021. It has video games of all types; you can browse the DL Gamer catalog for an unbelievable variety of games available to purchase at a low price than G2A and other official websites. It has the option that shows games supported in your system platforms like Windows, Mac, or Linux. Just by selecting your operating system, you will get a list of all the games which apply to your software.

You can have steam, Uplay, Origin, and GOG CD keys, and also has a collection of many Pc games from different PC vendors.

You can get a lot of discounts on indie and AAA titles games, and also it has more than 20 modes of payment options, so it helps people around the globe access and buy games keys.

#9 GOG.com

GOG, which was previously known as good old games, is similar to steam and G2A.

They have a lot of sorting options that help you with the best deals in finding gaming keys. You can customize the platform according to your need and style and get the result in games depending on the options you have selected like, for example, Language, Features, Price, and more.

This has a good collection of top games and provides discounts in many indie games on big deals.

GOG.com is not the best among the alternatives of G2A since many titles are missing and don’t allow its user to buy them.

But, GoG has an excellent and smooth user interface, which helps overall to have a good experience in the platform.

There are also many pros for this website like, it offers great deals in new games and has some exclusive game titles that you can play on the site itself.

Overall, even if this isn’t the best platform among all the websites mentioned above, it has one of the best customer services, which treats their customer well and solves your problem.

#10 Games Rocket 

Games rocket is another site like G2A for gaming keys in 2020. Its been for more than eight years now in the business of gaming products and keys.

On this website, you will find a new deal for indie games every 24 hours, which they called “Deal Rockets” most of them are for indie games, but you can also find some famous titles sometimes.

It’s a great alternative to G2A in terms of discounts and offers. This is rated very well by the users, so you can be assured about its authenticity.

Almost all the keys available here are in digital format so that you can apply it instantly.

#11 Instant Gaming.

Instant gaming is one of the most trustworthy websites with existing users’ experience and Trustpilot ratings. I loved the user interface of this website, and its similar to what you find on eBay. You can filter your choice on the website, which helps users get the results in the areas they are interested in.

Keys for games of Steam, Uplay, battle.net are readily available on the website.

You have a wide range of payment options like PayPal, Skrill, and also bitcoin.

Overall it is a good alternative for G2A, do check them out.


So here are the top sites like G2A alternatives you can find on the internet. It is tough to say which is the best or which is the worst, as I have mentioned most of the platforms, every website has its pros and cons, and depending on your requirement you should decide which works well for you.

Also, some exclusive deals are going on in some websites, which you have to keep regularly visiting to get an idea about the offer.

Still, if you would ask me to give my Top alternatives to G2A, it will be SCDkeys and GreenManGaming.

I tried to give you the details of the site which are safe and rated most by the users because this is the first thing that I would personally see if I have to buy any key or game from the site and find unmatchable deals.