6 Cheaper & Best Alternatives to Carfax to Check Vehicle History

Hello Readers!! We are here with yet another exciting topic – best and cheaper alternatives to carfax. We’ll cover the carfax introduction and then a list of 5 best carfax alternatives.

Owning a great car is still a dream for many. But buying a new car from the showroom can be difficult for a few as paying its EMI won’t be pocket friendly. But, is it necessary to buy a new car to have a car? No. You can also get a second-hand vehicle for your garage and that won’t hurt your pocket that badly.

carfax alternatives

But for your convenience regarding the above issue, several websites have been developed that help all their users to make the right choice while buying a used car.

Let’s first discuss one such website, carfax.

What is Carfax?

Carfax is a leader in providing information regarding vehicle history to buyers. Carfax is the most trusted brand in North America, that has the most accurate and well-confirmed vehicle history database. It is visited by millions of car seekers and sellers every year due to its accuracy.

Carfax actively provides information regarding used vehicles that include cars and light trucks manufactured in 1981 or after.

To get all details of the vehicle confirmed, carfax gathers info from over 112000 data sources that include several motor vehicle agencies of US and Canada, auto auctions, fire and police department, rental agencies, repair garages, and many more.

What includes a Carfax report?

Get all the information regarding a used vehicle from a database of over 24 billion records by just entering a 17 digit vehicle identification number of the vehicle.

Let’s check out what details we can find in a Carfax report of a vehicle :

  • First of all, you will get basic details about the vehicle like model name, engine number, and many such details.
  • Next, you will get a list of previously owned owners. Also, get to know the exact dates of their purchase.
  • For what purpose the ex-owners bought the vehicle – for personal use or for commercial lease.
  • Get the last owned location of the vehicle.
  • Also, get the exact number of services it has gone through and the area that has been serviced.
  • Get stolen entries of the vehicle with the date of theft.
  • The number of times, the vehicle has met an accident and the damaged area of the vehicle with damage severity on a scale of minor, moderate, or severe.
  • And many more minute details.

But the only drawback it has is, you have to pay to get all the details. For free, you can only get the model name of the vehicle. Pay 39.99$ for one report while paying an extra 20$ you can get five reports.

But the good news is there are cheaper alternatives to carfax which can give you the exact information you require at a much cheaper price. Here we go with the carfax alternatives list:

Top 5 Cheaper Alternatives to Carfax:

1. Detailed Vehicle History

Detailed Vehicle History is a company that provides reliable and comprehensive vehicle history reports. They offer a window sticker report, which reveals the original MSRP, options, and standard features of a vehicle, as well as the VIN check and Vehicle History report.

The Vehicle History report provides a detailed look into the service and repair history of a vehicle, as well as any accidents, recalls, or other issues that may have impacted the vehicle. With the information provided by Detailed Vehicle History, buyers can make an informed decision when purchasing a used vehicle.

2. Autocheck

Autocheck is a great website just like carfax that provides its users with accurate vehicle history details at a lower price. Hereby just paying $24.99, you can get one report, and by paying $49.99 get up to reports of 15 vehicles.

You can have details by entering the license plate number instead of VIN also, in case if you don’t have VIN. For free, you will get the model name, engine number, and manufacturing details.

Autocheck can also be used from an Android or iOS device by downloading the app from the respective app stores. They have features like scoring the vehicle for more convenient buying. Also, get suggestions for similar vehicles following your auto check searches.

3. VINCheck.info

This is a free vehicle history checker. Get every detail regarding registered for absolutely free of cost. All the information regarding the vehicle is properly checked and published on the website. You will get details regarding its purchase, owners list, accident cases, damage repairs, servicing, and many such things important from a buyer’s point of view.

Overall, it helps you in determining it’s market value according to its present condition. It also includes features like free license plate running and also provides a list of on-demand vehicles in each category.

4. Autofax

Do you have $8.99? Yes? Then that’s enough to get details of a vehicle on the Autofax website. Autofax is a lot cheaper than other paid VIN checkers and this can be the best carfax alternatives.

Autofax report includes details like model name, engine details, odometer records, previous owner names, past accident records, etc.

The most beautiful feature about this website is, if autofax fails to provide details in any case, they will refund your payment. They also provide autofax scores for every vehicle included in the report.

It includes features like referrals, and for each referral, you get credits that can be further used to get a free report.

5. Driving Tests

Do you need a detailed view of your possible future car? Then get a 3D image of the vehicle for absolutely free. It’s not about free 3D image, it provides each and every detail of the vehicle, officially registered at NHTSA.

You need to enter the VIN number of the vehicle and you will get the complete report that includes information like recent ownership, registered complaints, damages, accidents, and much such info’s required to choose a good vehicle.

Most of the information is taken from the government database. Complaints may not be specific for exact cars as some information shown are submitted by owners who have the same vehicle. It’s a great website with free access to all their data on vehicles.

6. VINSmart

Getting information on second-hand vehicles is no longer a tough job. VINSmart gets you a full report of a vehicle by just typing in the VIN number of the vehicle. This website can be operated on both android and iOS devices.

All the data, that comes on the report are registered and checked by NMVTIS. Their information extends from model name and number to their ownership, accidental, and damage histories.

This website charges in a very different way for each report. For the first report, it costs $9.95, further for the next 9 reports, you have to pay $6.95/report and $5.95/report if it exceeds 9. This is the cheaper alternative to carfax.

From now onwards, if you look for a VIN checker other than carfax, then choose any of these. You will get a similar experience just like carfax.

We are wrapping up this post on Best carfax alternatives. If you know any other best sources to get the vehicle history, please do let us know through the comment box below.

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