7 Best Sites like Amiclubwear for Women Clubwear

Sites like Amiclubwear – The internet has transformed into one of the most prominent places for shopping for your everyday use items. You get multiple options and items to choose from and decide. A decade before, if you could buy things online, you would have to suffer money loss (and consequently, depression), late shipping, and no returnable policies, thereby disappointing you to the core.

Nowadays, your shopping deals and revolves around you and only you. No one has to sense that you are into something until you have owned it. There are better choices, coupons, offers, and no limits. Yet, sometimes some sites like Amiclubwear disappoint us the most while we had expected the least.

sites like amiclubwear

Okay, so for those who have no idea what is Amiclubwear, there is a little more for you in detail.

What is Amiclubwear?

Amiclubwear.com is a woman clothing and apparel shop that started back in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Amiclubwear.com runs an online-only site of the same name and is one of the largest sellers of club dresses and sexy wearables. They have a net revenue of approx—$ 221 million as per a survey in 2019.

Amiclubwear.com earned the right name and fame for the clothing and apparel choices they have for clubbing & parties. Undoubtedly, the ease of return policies, promises, and updated features were the main reasons.

Why are we looking for alternate sites like Amiclubwear.com?

Vaguely speaking, there have always been some causes that force sites like Amiclubwear to face backslash. One of the few reasons was that Amiclubwear.com is terrible at customer service. One moment they reply to you genuinely, and another moment they turn away.

Several users reported fraud, and Amiclubwear.com has always performed an act of treason. Users, when tried to order some cute and sexy shoes or apparel, capital is found to be debited no sooner than the user appears to allow them.

However, the products never arrive. Neither does the customer care unit follow some strict rules to see into the matter.

How do I know all these, you ask? I have faced such issues several times. And coincidentally, everyone is annoyed by this vague attitude shown by Amiclubwear.com. Therefore, we are seeking a better option and stealth.

The other day I looked up some of the best sites like Amiclubwear.com. I found century-old write-ups mentioning the same places again and again, and again. What’s so wrong with it? Good sites have always been on the top. Wrong!

Great sites and alternate options have to be on the top of the pops. However, old and outdated data are the ones that misguide the users and lead them to stick their legs in their own graves. Some had terrible reviews; others had a spooky reputation. Alternatively, however, these sites turned out to be better, sometime later.

7 Best sites like Amiclubwear:

So, what are some sites like Amiclubwear you can buy from? Apparently, unlike Amiclubwear.com, these sites perform extensively and may face lesser backlash from their users. There are few sites perfectly designed to replace Amiclubwear.com.

1. Yandy

Yandy was established in the market back in the 2007s and quickly became one of the most sophisticated sexy apparel and shoe sellers. Other than clubbing and party wears, the Phoenix-based Yandy is also a grand seller of lingerie, swimsuits, accessories, daily intimates, and costumes.

Yandy sells clothing, apparel, bras, hosiery, hoses, panties, swimsuits, party belongings, dance attire, and costumes. Even there are regular sales that offer clothing and accessories for less than half the price! Sometimes, however, you may not receive full refunds for returns because of certain customs and taxes depending upon your region.

Yandy is legally registered under Yandy LLC and ships internationally. It has low shipping rates, but higher options, which is one reason we assured Yandy has to be on this list. Yandy is an excellent place to look up for cheap and two-day lounges because the product material isn’t so far so good.

If you are one of those who seek good customer service, you better not. Yandy is a site like Amiclubwear.com. Therefore the customer care executives are equally loathsome. However, things can get different for others. Even the most loyal customers may be disappointed.

2. PinkBasis

The next performer is PinkBasis. However, PinkBasis is the sister site to Amiclubwear.com. Therefore you may face some similar issues on a site like Amiclubwear. Undoubtedly, this extended piece of the market area has numerous choices like Amiclubwear.com.

PinkBasis shares a similar number of criticisms like Amiclubwear.com. The elite one is that they do not have an excellent customer service portal. Neither do they offer a helping hand if you received a faulty/damaged product? You may be out of luck every so often.

PinkBasis also does something no other site does. It limits the service hours. Therefore, consumers have too little time to prepare for purchase, request a service, or return a faulty product. Unfortunately, the time limit is mentioned nowhere on the site, which is unethical.

3. Great Glam

Great Glam owns massively useful clothing and boutique options. You are ranging from parties and night-out attires to casuals and boutique items. Unfortunately, you won’t receive anything without a delivery charge if you do not pay for it. No delivery is free, which is terrible. Very bad.

The return period is a diminishingly 3-days, and by the time you agree that your order isn’t so great, this period might be over. Other than great choices of designs and products, Great Glam has every reason not to be chosen. Even the products are cheaply made and non-durable.

4. Forever21.com

Back in Los Angeles again, Forever21 is an American fashion boutique and designer which several international markets. Forever21 has plenty of clothes and apparel for its customers. However, they have a very high pricing range when compared to others. Consequently, Forever21 is hated much all-around.

Buyers from the offline stores have no complaints because they can physically get their hands on the products before purchasing off. However, the users on the other side of the internet are pretty annoyed due to the customer care executives’ unprofessional behavior. Far from being ethical, Forever21 is criticized for stealing designs from other designers and never proffers proper credit.

Another unethical mishap faced by customers is that they are being charged for no reason. Forever21, a website like Amiclubwear, seems to charge unnecessary merchandise prices from its customers, and gradually bans the users from accessing them or stops responding to their mails.

5. Revolve.com

Apparently, Revolve.com has an interesting story behind its establishment. Mike and Michael, the original founders, started the revolutionary online-only clothing and apparel back in 2003 when they couldn’t find it easy to purchase premium apparel like jeans, online.

Revolve.com has actually quite a great range of loungewear and accessories collections. Even though Revolve.com is a site like Amiclubwear, they have a compelling range of beauty products, safety and protection accessories, and jewelry.

Orders placed during afternoon ships on the next business day. However, for an order that has been placed on a Friday, it may ship on Monday. Orders below 100$ will cost approx. 10$ to ship and may take 10-15 business days before delivery.

Revolve.com has great and enduring customer executives. They seem very kind and polite. However, some products have that awful design and finish, and the executives may sound rude. Otherwise, everything is fine for the price you get the products at.

6. Zappos.com

Zappos.com was previously instigated under a domain called Shoesite.com and was an online-only shoe retailer in the early 2000s. It is based in Vegas, US, and is a clothing, shoe, and apparel retailer, under Amazon.com. Zappos was sold to Amazon in July 2009 for $850M.

Apparently, Zappos.com isn’t any site like Amiclubwear, but a huge denim dealer, boots, slippers, mules, handbags, and free to everyone. This means Zappos sells for Men and Kids, as well, something not everyone does.

Zappos stands with every purchase you make. Their customer service representatives are great and rapid, provided you are paying for the items for yourself. Shipping and returns are free forever.

Zappos has a great deal of clothing, apparel, shoes, accessories, and products irrespective of gender or age. Zappos offers free shipping internationally as well, for all range of products and prices. With Amazon Prime subscription, you may earn a free upgrade to VIP. Give this a try!

If you are highly dissatisfied with the products you received, you must not detach the tags. You can return within a period of a whopping 365 days. However, sometimes miscommunications and errors may cause you a banishment from the site for several reasons until you file a suit.

7. Asos.com

Asos.com is a renowned British online-only fashion designer and retailer founded back in June 2000 in London, UK. Asos.com works with a total of 850 brands and ships to over 190 countries internationally. It also has its own range of clothing and cosmetics brands.

As Seen on Screen or Asos.com, an Amiclubwear alternative vends apparel irrespective of age and gender. They have a wide range of apparel and accessories for women, including Co-ords, coats, jackets, denim, jeans, playsuits, jumpsuits, swimsuits, nightwear, tops & shorts, tracksuits sweatpants.

Now Asos.com has started selling safety masks and other safety products, keeping the COVID pandemic in mind. Accessories include hats, jewelry, belts, glasses, masks, scarves, and coverings. The Body Care unit includes Makeover, Body care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Tanning, etc.

If cheap and low-cost products are your priority, you may not want to visit the site at all. However, you receive what you remunerate for. The cosmetics and clothing quality is way better, and even customer service representatives are great.

We talked about international shipping and returns, remember? The prices are abysmally higher than you had expected. For free delivery, you may have to purchase at least $42 of goods. $24 is the set price for express delivery and $7 for normal delivery. Thankfully, the return rates are free.

Asos is the very first on our list to promote green. Yes, the product packaging and everything that comes with your wearables promote greener and reduce the usage of plastics and other non-biodegradable products. Even the boxes are 100% recyclable.

These are some of the best clubwear and party-outfit buying sites. Some sites like Pretty Little Things, Hot Miami Styles, Shein, Lulus, Tobi, Victoriassecret.com, and Boohoo could not make it into the list.

How do you know which is the best and trustable?

Every eCommerce site best sells only if their service is godly. By this, I don’t mean they’ll treat you like a God, but as a human being. At least. What we came across the most mostly is bad, terribly bad customer service. However, there are several excellent options, and chances are that you won’t get disappointed with the designs.

Some sites like Amiclubwear may sell cheap and rock-bottom products. However, others are down-to-earth on behavior and sky-high in offering merchandise. Yet again, we cannot predict how good or bad your experience will be.

If your only point is to buy a cheap quality product for a cheaper cost, every site is definitely for you. Prices are the real bait here.

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Our Verdict: What do we think?

Amiclubwear.com is already a well-established online shopping website that ships throughout the world. However, there were some coarse regions I thought I must focus on. Firstly, Amiclubwear.com isn’t the end of the world.

If you want to purchase sexy apparel and merchandise, sites like Amiclubwear shouldn’t be your only option. Casual sites like Amazon and Walmart are also the leading sellers of dresses and have a better reputation when it comes to customer servicing.

I hope I helped you get your eyes on some of the best sites like Amiclubwear.com. I did a bit of my homework to guide you to the core and now it’s your turn. Dig that bit of information and put it in front of your eyes to decide what is the best for you.