Is Hulu Worth it? Pros and Cons of Hulu [Updated]

Is Hulu Worth it? With so many streaming platforms getting launched every day, it’s getting difficult to identify which one is the best among all and have a better plan over the other.

As we live in the era of internet streaming, customers are getting shifted from the Cable provider to platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and more, and Cable Companies are getting irrelevant with time as different streaming companies are providing better services with ease.

Here, instead of giving answers to all your FAQs, I will explain in detail everything you need to know about Hulu Plans, and Is Hulu worth it along with its Pros and Cons?

In this blog, I will explain how to get the Hulu Subscription, how much is the Hulu subscription price, the types of Hulu subscriptions, the channels you will get on Hulu, what are Hulu Live TV pros and cons and many more details regarding the overall Hulu subscription.

What is Hulu and it’s really worth it?

is hulu worth it

Hulu is an online TV streaming platform, where you not only get most of the Live TV channels to watch but also its different series and movies which you can get access to in its membership.

In a time where most of the people are staying at home, people who love binge-watch movies and series can get a lot more varieties of episodes to spend their time on.

The best part about Hulu is that you don’t have to set up a cable connection and call that cable representative to connect it to your Tv to watch live TV here.

And it’s the only such platform on the internet that provides both Live Tv and on-demand entertainment. Some of the Live Tv channels you get access to with the plan are Discovery Network, NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, and many more.

How Hulu Works?

To have access to all the movies, live TV, and Hulu Streaming Services, you should have a monthly subscription or yearly subscription( if you want a discount on the price). Log in to the Hulu application on the device you want to stream, that can be Tv, Laptop, Mobile, or any other device, and Signing to Hulu gives you access to all the services it offers.

Most smart televisions are pre-installed with Hulu, but you can easily download it via Tv Store if it isn’t.

Also, this new concept of watching TV becomes Appealing to many people, resulting in one of the reasons customers shift to Hulu from Cable.

What is Hulu plans and Cost?

pros and cons of Hulu

Hulu has majorly two plans, The first one is Hulu Basic Plan and the other one – the Hulu Premium plan. The only difference between Hulu Basic and Hulu premium is unskippable ads on the basic program and DVR recording.

Hulu Basic Price comes with 6.99$ per month, and the Hulu premium Price comes with 12.99$ a month, which includes streaming originals, shows, and Hulu movies. And Hulu Live TV costs 54.99$ per month and 60.99$ without ads. You can also Record 50 hours of live Tv under Hulu Live Tv subscription, which you can watch later.

Hulu has a one-month free trial, so if you want to get Hand on Hulu’s experience, you can Sign up for Free to get Hulu free trial.

Both Basic and premium versions can access all the catalog of movies and series, so there is no record restriction. So if you can manage watching ads in between, and for a half-hour show, you would get one ad at the beginning and few ads in between, which would consist of around 5 minutes of ads on 30 minutes of the episode.

With this, there are many add ons which you can consider like for example, you can add Enhanced Cloud DVR to the live Tv for 9.99$ and unlimited screen for 9.99$ per month, or if you want both, then you can get it at 14.99$ per month.

Also, you can add on with HBO max, Showtime, Cinemax, and more.

Without the unlimited Screen plan, you can only Stream Hulu on two Devices, though you can log in on as many devices as possible, at a time only two devices can access Hulu Streaming and Live TV.

Rest, you can watch all the big hits show like Seinfeld, rick and Morty, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and many others.

Also, Hulu produces its own Hulu Originals similar to Netflix and Amazon that you cannot access these unique shows if you don’t have the Hulu subscription, it doesn’t matter if its basic or Premium.

Hulu supported platforms:

Hulu supports most of the available devices. You can use your Hulu account to stream movies in the following list of devices and players. Many other native players also support Hulu streaming.

Hulu is available on the Following Devices:

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Roku TV
  • Firestick and Fire TV
  • Apple TV (4th gen)
  • Chromecast
  • XBOX One & XBOX 360
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • LG TV
  • Nintendo Switch

Hulu vs. Netflix vs. Prime Video – Which one is Worth Subscribing?

If you have to choose between these three, which one should you go with, so the answer for this would be, depending on what you want to see on the platform, if your someone who wants to watch older shows then going with Netflix would be a better option.

Every platform has its unique selling proposition, so you have to decide according to that.

If you want to Watch Live Tv and with live TV want to access some more unique shows and series, Hulu is the best Alternative to Netflix, Amazon, or Cable because the price of Hulu and Cable has not much different. You get way better service in Hulu by every means.

Amazon offers free shipment offers if you have an Amazon subscription, so Amazon would be a better option if you order more items.

Pros and cons of Hulu:

So is Hulu worth Subscribing to in 2021? I have been using Hulu for quite a long now, earlier I used to have both connections Hulu and Cable, but now I’m pretty satisfied with what I’m getting from Hulu and its price and services.

Hulu is definitely worth your subscription, if you love binge-watching shows and Tv, you have a lot of more different options to choose from, and makes it a perfect deal for Overall Streaming Services.

I preferred the ad-free version after using the Basic plan for a month, and I got fed up watching the same Ad repeatedly, so you can decide depending on which plan to go with according to your needs and requirements.

Finally, it depends on what you watch and what kind of shows you like watching; if you get the value of one iTunes movie rental same in the basic plan where you find a whole set of shows and movies, it’s worth your price and the best in Streaming Services.

Hulu Pros.

  • Very Frequent New Episodes: Hulu is very quick in adding new episodes and movies, and most of the time, the show comes up the next day it Air on Live TV.
  • Hulu Exclusive Entertainment: It has its Hulu Originals, which you only get access to if you have the membership, and you cant access it on other platforms.
  • Affordable Basic plan: Basic Plan for Hulu, which includes ads, is very reasonable, and hardly there is an online streaming platform offered at this price.

Hulu Cons.

  • Ads: I won’t say this is a Con for Hulu, but yes, this sometimes annoys the shit out of you, if you have a basic plan.
  • Offline Downloads: Hulu has the option of Downloading the episodes to watch Offline, but this restricts to only some devices which are equipped with IOS or iPad.
  • Missing Shows: If you are looking to watch older episodes, Hulu is known for skipping old episodes, and if you once miss it, you can’t watch it again.