How to Remove Agent Smith Virus [Check if your phone is infected!]

Shocking news for all Android users! There is another virus which went through viral on the internet and you could be one of the victims of it. This new virus is called Agent Smith Virus. If you don’t know the details, it’s time for you check whether your device is infected by this Agent Smith virus and if the answer is yes, ACT now or get your personal information hacked by a third party malware.

In this blog post, we will let you know in detail about the Agent Smith malware, How you can check whether you are infected by it and a step by step guide on How to remove Agent Smith virus from your android mobile.

agent smith virus

What is Agent Smith Virus?

As per cyber security organization, Check Point Research, this new virus named Agent Smith, targeting the Android users, has already infected 2.1 billion Android mobiles worldwide. Agent Smith virus installed on Android devices through an unknown Google app (Google updater). A new app will be installed when you try to install this Google app. All this happen without user consent or notice.

Agent Smith Virus has it affects mostly on India region. Over 1.2 billion devices are infected with Agent Smith virus in India itself. Other major parts include Australia, United States, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom.

What’s the root cause for this?

There is one popular APK download website called 9Apps is the main culprit for all of these. 9Apps website has a huge fan base with over 1 million APK installation on an average each and every day. This malware, Agent Smith virus, added to one of the Google apps and uploaded to 9Apps website.

It’s always recommended to download the apps from only trusted sources like Google play store. It’s most common that, If you use any third party websites, you may infect with malware. So beware of Downloading the apps from these sources. Always download and install the apps from the Google play store.

How to Check whether your phone is infected by Agent Smith?

Recently Downloaded any apps from 9Apps website, then you should definitely check whether your mobile phone is malware affected. Agent Smith shows you some fault advertisements without your intervention. It collects sensitive information about yourself and your bank accounts to use for fraudulent activities.

If you have ever noticed a few advertisements which are really odd or you have downloaded any Google related apps from 9Apps websites, you just need to follow the precautions to get rid of the things.

How to Remove Agent Smith Virus?

If you are sure that Agent Smith affected your Android device, then go ahead with a few basic troubleshooting steps. If you have any anti-virus software, better we do a full device scan to detect the malware. Uninstall all the apps you’ve downloaded from 9Apps website and from the next time, download the apps from only Google play store.

Once Agent Smith malware affects your device, it will change the source code of other apps and displays financial related fraud ads on their apps which leads to revealing the sensitive information. So beware while providing this data to any third party apps.

So if you feel like other apps also infected with this Agent Smith malware, just try to uninstall all of them immediately. Otherwise, even if you delete the apps from 9Apps, it will still continue to be effective as it has already changed the code of other innocent apps.

I’m concluding this article on How to remove Agent Smith virus on Android devices. If you still have any queries regarding cleaning up your device, just let us know through comments. We will help you to fix this out. Cheers!