How to Auto Publish WordPress Posts to Social Media using IFTTT

Most of the Bloggers make use of social media platform to get engaged with their audience and to publish their posts. But posting manually to every social media platform is a hectic thing. As we see many questions on the blogging forums on How to auto-publish WordPress articles to Facebook or how to auto public WordPress post links as Twitter tweets or as LinkedIn, Pinterest links, etc. Here is the answer for them.

There are many plugins available on WordPress for this purpose, but all of them use Javascript hence increases your website loading time. So here we are introducing you to IFTTT services to create simple ‘If This Then That’ actions for your site. IFTTT is a simple web automate site that you can make use to auto publish your wordpress posts to social media networks.

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What is IFTTT :

IFTTT is a robust web service that stands for ‘if this then that’. Using this we can create triggers and actions. In simple terms, If we publish any post in WordPress then we need that to be published in Tumbler or Twitter also. Here publishing a post in WordPress is called a Trigger and the reaction for this is posting that in Twitter or Tumbler.

Not only these two, but there are also many more social media networks and different types of services are available in IFTTT.

Here are some of the available channels:

auto public wordpress posts to social media

All these are the networks that you can make use to automate your things. You no need to go to every social media network to give the link of your post. You can choose whichever social media you want to post and create a recipe for that.

How to Use IFTTT:

IFTTT is not only confined to WordPress. You can even automate between Twitter and Facebook. You can publish feeds from RSS to WordPress. You can automatically publish your post to your Facebook page or profile.

Simply we can automate between any of the above listed social media platforms. Here i’m going to show you how to do it for WordPress.

  • Go to IFTTT website.
  • Sign-up for creating a new account.
  • We should have XML-RPC enabled in our WordPress to avail this IFTTT. However, this option is automatically on for WordPress blogs of version 3.4 or more. I hope everyone using a higher version of WordPress. So no need to worry about this.
  • If you not using 3.4 or higher WordPress version then go to Settings -> Writing -> XML-RPC check that option.
  • After successful login it’ll ask for to create recipe (Recipe in the sense choosing which social media to post).
  • Check WordPress and a few other social media platforms. Proceed
  • Now check for available options like WordPress to Facebook, WordPress to Twitter, etc. Click on those combinations. It’ll ask you to connect to Both the networks. Give your credentials and you are done!

Most Popular Combinations available are:

  1. WordPress to Facebook Page
  2. WordPress to Facebook Profile
  3. WordPress to Twitter
  4. WordPress to Tumbler
  5. WordPress to Google+
  6. WordPress to Blogspot
  7. WordPress to LinkedIn
  8. WordPress to Dropbox
  9. WordPress to Google Drive
  10. WordPress to Flickr

These are some of the combinations possible. We can use this IFTTT tool to reduce our efforts for publishing and promoting of our article. The great advantage of this tool is you don’t need to install any plugins for this.

Write feedback or any queries you have regarding this IFTTT tool. We would love to help you. If you are already using it, do comment on your experiences. Cheers!

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