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Psiphon for Windows 10 – You have restricted internet at your school, college or office? You want to access the websites that are blocked in your country? You can do it by using any of the VPNs. Generally VPNs are used to bypass these restrictions and hides your identity (IP Address). Psiphon is one such great VPN application you can use for accessing unrestricted internet. In this article we will discuss on Download Psiphon for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop.

Psiphon is a great tool that is used to surf the internet without any limitations. Whether you are restricted to use it at your office or if few websites are restricted in your country, you can use Pshiphon for PC Windows 10/8/7 in such cases. It helps you to get whatever the content you want, whenever and wherever you want. Psiphon was initially released just as an Android & iOS app and later they’ve released Psiphon for Windows 10 /8/7 Laptop as well.

download psiphon 3 for pc

Why to use Psiphon for PC?

Psiphon uses VPN, SSH and Proxy technologies to provide you with uncensored internet access. In recent times, most of the times you will free WiFi hotspots available for public. Recently in India, all the railway stations are accommodated with free public WiFi.

But there is always risk in using free public WiFis. They often steals personal information and cookies. Hence doing any transactions on public WiFi prone to hacking. In order to avoid the risk, you can use Psiphon for PC.

Every device when connected to internet assigned with an unique IP address. Many organisations tracks your IP address to get your location and other details. Psiphon for Windows helps you in altering your IP address and access the internet as if you are using VPN IP address.

It helps us to maintain the anonymity by treating all the users with same identity. So your identity privacy is safe if more people uses Psiphon 3 for PC.

Now let’s see the technical specifications of Psiphon for Windows 10 /8/7 and we will provide you with the latest version of Psiphon for Windows.

Psiphon for PC – Technical Specifications:

Title Psiphon 3 for PC
Category VPN App
File size 11 MB
Requirements Windows Laptop, Bluestacks Emulator
Author Psiphon Inc.

Download Psiphon for Android:

If you haven’t downloaded Android App yet? Here is the download link for you –
[appbox googleplay com.psiphon3.subscription]

Psiphon is very popular app among android users. It has very good rating and reviews in Google Playstore. With 10,000,000+ downloads and 4.3 rating, it is on the top spot among communication Apps.

Psiphon for Android app is absolutely free of cost. You can just download it Google playstore and start using it right away. If you want certain Pro features, then you can opt for Psiphon Pro version.

Download Psiphon for Windows 10/8/7 PC – Step by Step Guide

There are couple of methods available to use Psiphon for Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Here I’m going to put step by step guide on How to Download and install Psiphon3 for PC.

Download Psiphon for Windows 10/8/7 PC – Method 1:

Earlier there is no separate version like Psiphon for Laptop available. You have to use it in android only. But later they have released standalone version for Desktop in Psiphon 3 for PC. So without much ado, let’s jump into the step by step guide to download Psiphon for Windows PC using official Psiphon Desktop version.

  • Step 1: Download Psiphon for PC app for Windows. Below is the direct download link (You can also download it from the official website for Psiphon).

   Download Psiphon Software

  • Step 2: Once the exe file downloaded from the above link, locate it on your hard disk
  • Step 3: Now simply double-click on Psiphon for PC icon to start the application.
  • Step 4: Initially it takes time to connect Psiphon for your PC. Once it is connected, you’ll get Psiphon is Connected message as shown in the screenshot below

psiphon for pc

  • Step 5: On the bottom you should be able to find – ‘Connect via’ option through which you can select the countries among the fastest Psiphon server countries.

Voila! You have just connected Psiphon for Windows 10 /8/7 Laptop. You can now surf the internet with anonymous identity. There are lot of other customisation options available on the left side panel of Psiphon for PC application.

Download Psiphon for Windows 10 – Method 2:

One of the old and reliable methods to install any application on Windows laptop is by using Android emulator. In this methods, we are going to one of the best android emulator available, Bluestacks for PC.

  • Step 1: If you don’t have Bluestacks for PC, download it from the below link. It will be useful in using other android apps as well on your PC.

   Download Bluestacks for PC

  • Step 2: Once the Bluestacks in installed, just open it. Initially it takes few moments to load.
  • Step 3: Now on the Bluestacks home screen, you’ll find option to ‘Install APK‘ file. Just click on that.

bluestacks import apk screen

  • Step 4: Location the apk file on your disk and import it to Bluestacks.
  • Step 5: Wait for few seconds while the Bluestacks installs Psiphon3 application. After successful installation, you should be able to see ‘Psiphon for PC‘ icon on ‘My Apps’ section of Bluestacks.
  • Step 6: Double click on that icon to open Psiphon for Windows app and now you can use this application the same way you use in your smart phone app.

You can even use Google Playstore available in Bluestacks to install the app. Just open Google Playstore app icon on Bluestacks home screen -> Search for the app which you want to install -> Click on the install button. After it installed, you can find the app icon on Bluestacks.

Note: I recommend you to use first method as there is Desktop application is available from Official developers itself. Bluestacks method to bit complicated as you need to install Bluestacks software and then Psiphon for PC Windows 10/8/7 as well.

Customisation Options – Settings:

  • Settings – On the settings tab, you can see options like – Split tunnel, Minimize to notification area, Server region, Local proxy ports, Transport mode etc. There are description also available for each and every setting in the application itself. You can keep all the settings to ‘Default‘ ones.
  • Feedback – If you have any feedback about the app or any queries regarding usage of the application, you can get all the information in this section.
  • About – In this section, you can upgrade the application to next version if current version is having any issues.
  • Logs – Everything we do on Psiphon app will be logged and you can see the same in logs

Here is the short video about Psiphon for PC I found on official YouTube channel:

Psiphon for Windows 10/8/7 PC – Features:

  • Psiphon for PC is free to use. You don’t need to pay for any subscription. Even registration is not required to use this app.
  • Featured in
  • It has a wide global network with thousands of servers spread across the world. You can connect to whatever the country you want in just one click.
  • Advanced configuration options available – Listed down customisation options and details in earlier section of this article.
  • Open source software. Thousands of developers helps it to improve over the time
  • App embedded with all the usage stats

Common Queries and Answers:

Here are the commonly asked queries about Psiphon app and Psiphon for Windows 10/8/7 version app. Before downloading the app, have a look at these questions and get your clarifications.

1. Is Psiphon app is free to use?

Yes, Psiphon app is free to use. You can just download the app from either Google playstore or desktop version from the given link in this article and starts using it.

However if you want to avail few premium features, then you have to go for Psiphon Pro version. All the versions are easy to use with user friendly GUI.

2. Can my ISP track my browsing History if I use Psiphon?

No, If you use it on your PC, all the internet traffic you browse through will be encrypted. No one can see or track what your browsing, not even Internet Service Providers.

3. Is Psiphon for PC is available for All OS platforms?

Currently Psiphon3 for Laptop is available only for Mac and Windows. It is not yet available for Ubuntu OS. However we can expect them it release Ubuntu version as well quite soon.

4. How to get updated version of Psiphon?

As mentioned in the article, If you open Psiphon app for PC, on the left side menu you can find ‘ABOUT’ section. Go through it and you can easily get it by clicking on ‘Get an updated version’

5. Why my IP address changes frequently when I’m on Psiphon?

Psiphon automatically detects the strongest servers available and connects to it. So it any of it goes to unavailable state, it will connect to the alternative available. That’s why IP address changes quite frequently.

However it won’t affect your internet speed. This will not make your internet speed slow down.

6. I’m getting ‘Connection failed’ messages again and again

If you are getting this error means, there are no servers active now to connect. Try updating your client to new version and then try again. This may helps.

7. Is Psiphon for Windows 10 is compatible for all the web browsers?

Yes, It supports almost all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

There are few more troubleshooting steps available on the official website. You can refer to it for more details.


Final Note: Psiphon is the best tool to access the internet without any restrictions. Without loosing your privacy, you can access everything on the internet.

So this is the detailed article on How to install and Download Psiphon for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop. Install it on your PC and enjoy the internet without any limitations. If you have any queries regarding installation of Psiphon for Windows 10 or any other version, do let us know through your comments. We will be glad to help you out. Cheers!


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