250+ Druid names with Meaning for Male and Female

Deciding names for babies is the most fascinating task one can ever imagine. While it’s creative but for some, it can also prove challenging and confusing. Especially for the followers of druidism who believe in the immortality of the soul and after death they pass to another body, you will find many interesting druid names.

The mention of the druid character is also in the fantasy playing game Dungeons and dragons. From this article learn some unique 250+ dnd druid names, funny druid names, male and female druid names and more.

best druid names

Who are the druids?

The iconic fantasy-playing game druid and dragon represent druid characters. It is said that the druid has accomplished their names from the pre-Christian Celtic priests also known as the druids.

They as per the advanced dragon and dungeons game have both the healing as well as the attacking spells. Scroll down below to discover some of the funny druid names, creative boy and girls druid names, etc.

Some in general druid names for boys and girls with meaning.

25+ female druid names generally used are mentioned below:

  1. The Greek-oriented Druid name is Valmoira which means having a powerful destiny.
  2. The second female Druid name is Shadi which is a Parsi-oriented name. It means bringing happiness.
  3. The third is Osburne which is the Norse-oriented name, The meaning for the name is a divine bear.
  4. The fifth name is Marable. It means the ultimate queen.
  5. The next druid female name is Latin based. The name is Faustina. It means fortunate.
  6. You can also name your baby Gaine. The meaning of the name is an indigenous individual.
  7. Kyrie is also a good suit. It means the lord.
  8. If you name your daughter, Noorie it means the light.
  9. The same meaning of light is also in the name Oriana
  10.  Name your baby Salali which means a tiny little squirrel.
  11. A Celtic name Tlachtga stands for a hill of the ward.
  12. The twelfth name is Hebrew oriented. It is Sallyanne. The meaning of the name is a glowy princess who blossoms.
  13. The next on the list of druid female names is Veleda. It means motivating intelligence.
  14. You can also name Wynna or someone who is fair.
  15. The Hebrew druid name Milcah means queen.
  16. The Druidia or someone from the druid community or the oak tree.
  17. The Hebrew name Amaris stands for Promised by God.
  18. An Irish basename Aoife is known as the charm or the beauty.
  19. The Greek name Dryade is meant as the tree.
  20. The Egyptianname Ganna is also known as heaven or paradise.
  21. The heavenly meaning is the same for the French-based Druid female name Celestina. 
  22. Another Gaelic name for You is Chossach. It means the same as a druidess.
  23. The Italian name Krisfina means God will amplify.
  24. In Etruscan, those who attend a religious event are known by the name Comma. 
  25. The Gaelic name Brenonna means those who are strong as well as virtuous.

Bonus druid females’ names:

Two mostly used female names are- Bryrona which is an English name for from the depositories. The second most used name is Fidelma which stands for the faithful.

Now let’s have some druid male names which are commonly used by people.

  1. The Irish name Amergin means the melody of birth.
  2. Balfor or the pasture
  3. Another of the Gaelic Druid male names is Ballar. The meaning of the name is showing off.
  4. The old Irish Cathbad is the meaning of court of King Conchobar or the chef of Druid.
  5. Irish Gael means Gaelic person.
  6. The Welsh-based name Taliesh is also known as the Radiant brow.
  7. The Druid name Emrys stands for immortality.
  8. The Dubtech is also known as black or dark.
  9. The African-inspired name Aiche means elegance.
  10. God’s server is a Hebrew name Adriel. 
  11. A name inspired by a fictional character is known as Lochru. 
  12. The Welsh name Myrddin means the sea sort.
  13. The Greek name Boreus means those who are linked with nature. It is also known as the north wind.
  14. The Greek male Druid name for justice is Dike. 
  15. Those who are adaptable to the ongoing condition are known as the Cypress. 
  16. Those who are denoted as warrior druids are called the Iapetus.
  17. The Irish name of the ruler for the sea is known as the Lir. 
  18. The Greek name for sound is Echo.
  19. Those who rule the underworld are named with the Irish name Aed. 
  20. The sea sort in the Welsh is called the Myrrdin.
  21.  The tower of strength is also known by the name of Twegadarn.
  22. The sympathetic lord or the Ithel.
  23. The aggressor from the war or the name for Gavin.
  24. The purest water is also known as Kenn. 
  25. Those who carry light are also known as the Lug.

Top 70+ DND druid names

For the Dragon and Dungeons player here is a list of sixty DND druid names with meaning.

Dnd druid name Meaning.
Bryonia From the barns.
Celestina Heavenly.
Cossack Druidess.
Tlachtga The ward hill.
Sin The Hebrew word means the bush.
Vilamoura Whose destiny is strong!
Gawl A Gaelic person.
Lochru A druid seer.
Taliesin The radiant brow.
Aglain. The healing art.
Ari. The eagle
Cathbad. The high ranking druid as per the legends.
Cerdan The master druid.
Caílte. The nephew of the legendary hero Fionn.
Chulainn. The powerful one.
Cian. Those who endure.
Cumhall. The leader of druid warriors.
Daegal. Who is brave and selfless.
Dian. Divine
Diana  Female druid name for the divine.
Camelot. A royal city.
Fion Mac cumhall The son of Cumhall.
Lugh. A druidical God.
Amergin. Those who are born out of music.
Conan A wolf or hound.
Diarmuid. The fiercest member from Fianna.
Diviciacus The dweller of Burgundy region.
Emrys. Associated with the druid lore., immortal
Merlin. Another name for Emrys.
Dubthach. Those having a penchant for poetry or music.
Erwan. The bard or poet from Berton region, France.
Fintan. A character from fish folk tales.
Finn. Fair and gentle.
Fionn. A warrior
Golmac. A member from the druid army.
Iseldir. A potential druid chieftain.
Gwenc’hlan. A song from the famous Dougan Gwenchlan.
Kian. A famous song is still sung today.
Mogh Those having enormous power.
Mordred. Gentle by heart.
Nuada The cloud maker.
Oisin. A druid poet.
Osn A tiny deer.
Ruadan. Red-haired.
Oscar Spear for the almighty.
Tadg. Bard.
Taliesin. The shiny forehead.
Aoife. Beauty.
Bequille. A kind-hearted warlock.
Aria. Music.
Boudicca. Member from the warrior clan.
Caoimhe. Precious.
Dryad. Oaktree.
Ella. Bright light.
Flidais. Temperament or wisdom.
Freya. Lady of the lake.
Emma. Druid priestess.
Isolde. The rule of ice.
Joyce. Joy, delightful.
Kara. Beloved.
Jenny. Delicate, soft.
Ellen. Beauty.
Kenneth. The half-elf.
Liath. Grey.
Morgan’s. The dweller from the sea.
Muirne. Mother of mac gumballs.
Niamh. Bright.
Ogma Roots.
Relbio Red fierce nature.
Sadhbh. Sweet.
Sefa. Fully trained.
Sloane. Little raider.
Balfour Grass or pastor.

Other than the above names, some of the most used druid names are Cypress, Mairead Lewis, Brighde, Earnan Dunne, Jekylle, Macclken, Herjorz Letceron, Ballar, Enwynn, Torphyra, Ilijor, Zylsys Bila, Ihzi, Jorg, Harper, Piper, Brody, Qo Uo, Selby, etc.

The list of male and female funny druid names with meaning.

It’s time to tickle your funny bones with some of the funny druid names. Let’s explore them.

  1.  The rise from the peak or the female druid name for Penn.
  2. Llara or who acts with reason, meek
  3. The curious lord or Idris.
  4. Those who dwell near the alder tree river are also known as Garnock.
  5. The old face chap or Hen Wayne.
  6. Those who reside near the rapid stream are known as Trent.
  7. The furniture craftsperson or carpenter is Sayer.
  8. Those who work on the farm are called sior.
  9. Those who have the strength equivalent to a lion, Leonard.
  10. Romney or the dweller of the rapid stream river
  11. The tumult or outcry in the name of Tristan.
  12. The Dunham which means the black man.
  13. Floyd the druid name which means hollow.
  14. The great-sounding moniker or the Drusus.
  15. Hamza which means steadfast. 
  16. Those who have lots of strength are called Hamza. 
  17. The heroic spearman or the Jerry.
  18. The merciful figure or the Miles.
  19. Palebo in names of lighting. 
  20. Kasey means showing braveness during a battle.
  21. The King or the Rex.
  22. Those who avenge Titus.
  23. The Uzziah or the strengthful Yahweh.
  24. Those who also achieve victory are called victors. 
  25. The born fighter or Xavion.
  26. The sea of strength or the Zale.
  27. Yves or the Knight of a lion. 
  28. The monkey king or the Valin. 
  29. The stormy tempered thunder.
  30. A noble person or Patrick. 
  31. A soldier or Milo.
  32. The supreme or the Magnus.
  33. The ruler or the Rajan.
  34. The wealthy ruler or the Ulric.
  35. Jasper or the carrier treasurer
  36. Aven or the flora in the mountains.
  37. The Augury or the indicated important events.
  38. For those who are firmly strong.
  39. Logan means the descendent of the warrior class.
  40. The claw is also known as Onyx.
  41. The rose or the Rhosyn.
  42. The strawberries or the Syfy.
  43. The field bindweed or the Taglys.
  44. Teim or the thyme.
  45. Ywen or the yew.
  46. Stormy or an individual with inconsistent character.
  47. The whirlpool or vortex. 
  48. The Dune dweller or the Doane. 
  49. A blond baby or the banning. 
  50. The ruler from the marine is called Morgan. 
  51. The cutest angel or the Cherub. 
  52. The riddle-based language or the enigma. 
  53. You can name your kid Jojo or someone with a good raise.
  54. The resident of the dune is called Doane.
  55. The Duer or the brave.
  56. The old story character or the Evrei.
  57. The Maddox or the benefactor’s son.
  58. The tiny tot or the Pawl.
  59. The Fraxinus or in the name of the ash tree.
  60. Nergis or the Turkish version of female Druid name for a daffodil. 
  61. Jonquil or the old pattern daff.
  62. The Helygys or known as lesser-known willowherb.
  63. The Melenllys or the utmost celandine.
  64. Lol I Mai, or the valleys Lili.
  65. The Miaren or the briar.
  66. The Rhedyn is also known as the fern.
  67. The parsley is also called Persli.
  68. The sage or hermit is also known as Saets. 
  69. The face is like Jasmine or Siasmin.
  70. The orchid or the Tegeirian. 
  71. The broader level plantain or the Llyriad.
  72. The ash or onnen.
  73. The giant tree or the Pren.
  74. The medlar tree or the Pren Ceri.
  75. The Gwern also said as the Alder. 
  76. The lighting environment is known as Fulgur.
  77. The ultimate spring or the Fons. 
  78. You can also surely call your baby boy Filius or my son.
  79. The Merry festivity is also known as the Festivus.
  80. The wilderness or the Friends.
  81. If you want to name your child Famosa it means fame.
  82. The Fabularis or the mythical.
  83. The beech tree or the Fagus.
  84. The sickle or the Falx.
  85. Another name that means fame is Fama.
  86. The Iron like or the Fera. 
  87. For describing a tawny yellow guy you can call him Fulva. 
  88. The Frater means brother.
  89. The Flos is another name for the flower.
  90. Those who are strong are called Firma. 
  91. For Flavens which means golden face.
  92. The Flumen or the stream.
  93. The Fero means bearing something.
  94. The flour or Farina.
  95. The Fabella of the little story.

Five other funny druid names mostly used for girls and boys are Fero means bearing something. Fidelis or faithful. The Fides or trust. Finis boundary and lastly the gust or the Flamen. 

Sum up!

Your name decides a lot about your personality. And all these Druid names have the potential of developing the intense personality of the name holder. So, for your kid to decide on a meaningful druid name and help them build a prominent future.

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