10 BEST Out of Office Messages for Outlook Auto Reply!

10 Best Out of Office Messages you can use Outlook or Gmail Auto reply – Good way to communicate with your email senders when you are Out of Office is to set a Auto Reply in your Outlook or Gmail with Out of Office Message. Your out of office message should reflect your dignity, responsibility and professionalism.

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What Needs to be covered on Out of Office Message?

  • Duration of your vacation – From this date to until this date
  • When will you return back – Mention tentative dates
  • Whom to contact for addressing any urgent issues
  • Purpose of the vacation (if it is work related)

Here we will be showing you 20 Best Out of Office Messages that you can reuse for your purpose.

best out of office vacation message

Professional Out of Office Messages:

Following email etiquette is never easy. Your email reflects your character and professionalism. If you work in such an environment where professionalism matters, then follow these set of ‘Professional Out of Office‘ messages.

Out Of Office Message -1 :


Thank you for your message. I’m currently out of office until 20th December, 2019, without limited to email. If you have any urgent queries, please contact me at +91-999999999

Thank you.

Robert Wilson

Project Manager

Out Of Office Message -2 :


I’m currently out of office with limited access to Emails or phone calls. I will be returning to office on May 21. For any urgent issues, reach out to [Person Name] at [Person Email ID].

Thank you for your message.



Out Of Office Message -3 :


I will be out of office till this weekend. I will be having limited access to emails but you can contact me with over the phone (+1-999999999) for any urgent issues.

Also, reach out to [Person] for impromptu response.


Warm Regards,


Out Of Office Message -4:


I’m sorry that I’m unable to respond to your email as I’m on vacation till this weekend. I will respond to this as soon as I’m in the office. Till then, reach out to [Person] for any urgent matters.

Thank you.



Out Of Office Message -5:


I appreciate your effort to email me. But I’m sorry to say that I will out of office till 24th May 2020. In my absence, please contact [John] for quick response. Thank you very much.



Funny Out of Office Messages:

Many people work in an office with joyful environment. In such places, you can add creativity and fun to out of office auto reply emails. So here are few Funny out of office message templates for you.

Out Of Office Message -6:

Hey There,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to read it or think about it until Aug 30th 2018 when I’m back from my vacation in Paris.

Meantime if it is an urgent work, send out a mail to [email protected] for a timely response.



Out Of Office Message -7 :


You have sent a mail in my vacation time. I will make sure that all your messages gets read and responded when I come back to work on August 30th 2019. After all, a history of unrelaxing vacations can be a scary thing.

If it’s urgent, reach out to John at [email protected] – I’m not scheduled to haunt them until later this year. Thank you and have a beautiful day!



Out Of Office Message -8 :

Trivia Time

  • Q1: Where’s John?

1. Out on vacation in
2. Right behind you
3. Space

  • Q2: When will John be back?

1. When hell freezes over gets a remake
2. Infinity + Never
3. Oct 2nd 2018

  • Q3: Is John sorry to miss your email?

1. So … so … sorry
2. Eh.
3. No comment.

  • Q4: Who should you contact in case of an emergency?

1. Your local pizza delivery joint
2. James at [email protected]
3. Justin Bieber

Answers: 1, 3, 1, 2


Tip: Set Out of Office message too early before leaving so that you won’t get any last minute tasks. :p

Out Of Office Message -9:


Out Of Office Message -10:

Yet another best Out of Office message I found on Twitter –


Here are the top 10 best Auto Reply Out of office templates I have collected. If you’ve come across any best Out of office messages, please comment below. We will add those as well to this article.

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