20 Best Buy Now Pay Later Sites like QVC

Sites like QVC – With online shopping at our fingertips, we are now more addicted to shopping. Be it clothes, cosmetics, home appliances, or office appliances, we have been pampered and spoiled by the ‘Clearance sales, the summer sales, the festive sales, and the list keeps increasing.

Well, what other better way to shop than to swipe, compare, have easy payment options, get delivered at the doorstep, and return if not satisfied with the product. The origin of these online shopping sites was the home shopping networks, which initiated the idea of shopping from home. It has become a massive success, and buy now pay later sites like QVC have been continuing to make shopping more accessible to a further extent.

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1986, Quality Value Convenience (QVC) is a television and multinational corporation specializing in home shopping. It started its online – commerce in 2007, which became a massive success because of factors like broad categories of products from shoes, clothes, jewelry to the office, and home electrical.

buy now pay later sites like qvc

They also have an easy pay option where one can shop items without paying immediately. It means they can shop and pay in monthly installments without any extra charge. They have more of such payment options, which have made QVC one of the leading buy now and pay later sites.

20 Best Buy Now Pay Later Websites like QVC:

QVC is a giant capturer of the home shopping market, but consumers also prefer other sites like QVC for home shopping.

Here are some of the accessible paysites:


Evine is also a site like QVC (Quality Value Convenience) and is a highly preferred home shopping site and television network owned by EVINE Live, with its headquarters in Minnesota. The website also has a wide range of products from within the home to outside home products.

Their new arrival section contains attractive products ranging from gadgets to rending shoes and clothes. Their ValuePay option is also what makes them popular among customers. With value pay, one can buy with a credit card, PayPal, or Evine credit card and pay for their purchases after several months.


While sites like Evine and QVC are sites that offer choices over different categories of goods, Shop Lc is a little selective and focuses on items like home décors and men and women accessories.

A 30-day easy return policy backs the purchases made here, i.e., if one is not satisfied with the purchase, they can conveniently return the product within 30 days and get their money back.

They have an auction section as well, where products are available at as low as $1. So don’t forget to keep a constant eye on that section.


This site has everything a household might need from electronics that you might want to gift, bedding, outdoor furniture, and home decors. Also, there is no other concern like a membership fee, or over-limit fees or fees for the bills due. You can shop at your hearts’ content without bothering much about the budget.


Buying gifts for loved ones becomes difficult at times, don’t they? After gifting them a few times, we have no clue what to give them. That’s when the Shopping Channel comes in handy, similar to stores like QVC.

Just as the name suggests, one can get absolutely anything here. They have a broader focus on fashion, lifestyle, electronics, décor, and jewelry. So if you have to splurge yourself or gift your special ones, this is a one-stop shop. It also happens that we tend to choose something beautiful as a gift but fall short on the amount to be paid. Shopping Channels credit program will come to your rescue in such situations.


Gettingtons’ variety of products is similar to sites like QVC with easy pay, and they will urge you to get shopping immediately. They have everything you need to make your house a home, from sportswear to baby products, you have over 350000 products under one umbrella, making it one of the largest online stores.

In addition to the variety in their products, they also provide a ‘Buy now and pay later’ program. Rather than showing the lowest monthly amounts, you can pay, then make a now and later comparison. For example, if you spend $ 350 now, you have to pay $30 a month.


FlexShopper indulges you in shopping from over 85000 products under the category of electronic appliances, tires, mattresses, and other pieces of furniture.

They have a slightly different system for easy pay. On this website, you have to apply first. Once you have been approved, you will be provided a spending limit to conduct your shopping. Once you shop, you will have to pay off the installments by weekly payments rather than monthly payments. The product’s payment process will be extended for a year, meaning that you will own the product once you clear the payment within a year.


As the name suggests, this is a popular TV channel network where you can shop for your home from your home. Its vast collection makes it easier for you, whether you are on a shopping spree for yourself or looking for a gift. They also have an easy payment option, but it is based on the product’s price.

Expensive items will have larger installments spread over a more extended period, while comparatively cheaper products will have small installments spread over a short period. This provides financial support to buy products of their choice without being very concerned about the price.

8. MDG

This is another website that provides you credit facilities for shopping through their buy now, pay later policy. Like FlexShopper, you will have to fill out an application, and once you get approved and receive your spending limit, you can shop from the website.

But unlike FlexShopper, you officially own the product when you buy it, not when you complete paying the installments. The website has products ranging from mattresses, electronics, appliances, and furniture.


From your room décor to your kitchen, to your drawing room, to your garden; this website has products for inside and outside the four walls. The buy now pays later option for shopping of products here is slightly different from those mentioned above.

You have to get your cart filled first, open a credit account with the website then, and you are good to go. The monthly installments that you will make for the product can be close to $20 per month. It might seem costly compared to other websites, but it is relatively cheaper than paying the entire amount at once.


Zebit specializes in home décor, kitchen products, and electronics primarily, but it also provides fashion products. This is another website that proudly boasts of its 0% interest on purchases. You also don’t have to bother about your credit score when applying for credit from Zebit, as it is not required here.

You need to apply and wait to get approved. Once the approval is done, you can shop at your hearts’ content from the home decors to slightly priced electronics without worrying about credit. With a minimum monthly installment of $20, you can shop at your hearts’ content.


This website’s product variety ranges from home supplies to furniture, bed and bath supplies, unique toys for kids, and gifts for family and friends, quite similar to sites like Evine. Its credit system is identical to that of Country Door. Here you have got shopping first, and then while checking out, you have to open a credit account to begin the approval process. Here also you have a monthly installment process. The amount of installment is, however, $10, which is lower than Country Door.


As the name might suggest, this website specializes in clothes, accessories, and jewelry for both men and women, even though they also offer products for home décor. The ‘buy now pay later‘ option similar to websites like QVC for shopping for products here goes as follows.

You have to get your cart filled first, open a credit account with the website, and you are good to go for getting your family member’s gifts or filling up your children’s wardrobe without worrying about spending a large amount of money.


This website has everything you need from grillers for the kitchen to patio sets, bed and bath products, and furniture. Its credit system is similar to that of Country Door and Ginny’s. So, you have to go shopping first, and then while checking out, you have to open a credit account to begin the approval process.

Here also you have a monthly installment process. The amount of installment is $20, but it is better than spending large amounts during the purchase.


When you are in the mood to stock up your closet with party wears, beach wears, or church attires, Ashro is your place. Like Midnight Velvet, this also provides apparel for both men and women.

You have to go shopping first, like Seventh Avenue, and then while checking out, you have to open a credit account to begin the approval process. Here also you have a monthly installment process. The website is also a site like QVC with easy pay as it provides monthly payments for as low as $20, depending on how your application is viewed.


AfterPay is another shop from home app dealing primarily in fashion from numerous brands. This website’s easy payment procedure is slightly different from the rest as it has a particular schedule designed for payments.

Unlike others who offer to settle the charges monthly, AfterPay divides the amount into four equal installments. It means that every two weeks, you have to pay one installment. However, it means that the payments will be slightly higher, but you also do not have to worry about paying interest simultaneously, as your payments will be cleared.


Monroe and Main is another store like ZVC with countless options on fashion and accessories like a handbag. The ‘buy now pay later’ option for shopping for products here is that you have to get your cart filled first, open a credit account with the website, and you are good to go. The monthly installments that you will make for the product can be close to $20 per month.


Unlike other ‘buy now pay later‘ websites focused on home décor, appliances, clothing, home practicalities- Swiss Colony offers you to choose food through a credit line. How to register for the credit line? Well, you have to open a credit line with them during the checkout phase of buying.

The minimum payment of credit can be as low as $ 10. The products that Swiss Colony has to offer range from cookies, gummies, candies, toffee, nuts, sausages, and beef logs also.


  • Are all the alternatives free?

Not all the alternatives for Etsy are free. Some are available free while some are paid versions that require either one-time membership or monthly or annual subscription.

  • Are they safe to use?

Yes, the sites are totally safe to use. Except for some minor information such as your Cache and cookies, only to show you personalized ads, they don’t track your personal data from your device.

  • What is the Payment method?

The payment method for subscriptions differs according to the website. It can be a credit card, debit card, wallet, or any other payment method.


The mentioned above are some of the most famous home shopping online sites like QVC with various products and very user-friendly payment methods. Through different credit choices on every website, easy payment and buy now pay later are a few of the main reasons for customer preference, as people can conveniently shop without bothering to spend too much of their money at one time. We hope that the website will suffice your need to find the best home shopping networks.