Top 22 Apps like Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal, one of the popular and best apps in HEALTH_AND_FITNESS category owned by MyFitnessPal, Inc.. Calorie Counter is available on Google playstore to download and install for free.It is currently under the Editor’s Choice section of Google playstore with 50,000,000+ installations and a stunning 4.5-star rating from the users.

Here in this detailed article, we will see what are all the alternative apps available to Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal. If you want to try out similar apps like Calorie Counter, this is the right place for you.

We did a complete research and came up with a list of 22 best Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal alternatives you can directly install on your smartphone. In this blog post, we bring you our 22 favorites.

Top 22 Best Alternative Apps like Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

Calorie Counter, arguably, the most popular and leading app in HEALTH_AND_FITNESS category. But are you bored of Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal or you feel like any of the features missing in this app? Don’t worry. Calorie Counter is not the only app available in HEALTH_AND_FITNESS. There are tons of other alternative or similar apps available on the internet. Here are a few best ones you should try out.

We have handpicked these apps based on the popularity and ratings of the users. So without much ado, let’s check out the top 22 sites like Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal with each one in detail and it’s features highlighted.

1.Bitesnap: Photo Food Tracker and Calorie Counter:

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Bitesnap tops the list of best sites like Calorie Counter with its popularity. It beats the other apps with the stunning interface and is more relevant to Calorie Counter in HEALTH_AND_FITNESS. It has whopping 50,000+ app installations in Google Playstore with 4.7-star ratings.

Here is the detailed description and features of the app for you – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Bitesnap is a fun and easy way to track what you eat. It saves you time by recognizing what’s on your plate.
Check out what our users have to say:
– “I LOVE THIS is really keeping me on track i have never ate this well on other calorie app there’s something about taking a picture that really helps keep track of your intake”
– “Incredibly easy to use, remarkably intuitive, and great functionality. Best food journal type app I’ve come across because of its combination of ease of use and features.”
– “I think its genius. It makes logging food so simple and it even breaks screening down into percentages. All the stars!!”
Keeping track of your diet has never been this easy. Bitesnap figures out the foods in the picture, letting you track calories and nutrients without the hassle of entering items by hand. Ditch your text log and get the full picture of your diet by seeing what you eat.
Whether you’re trying to lose weight, eat more healthily, or just want more insight into your diet, Bitesnap can simplify your life by making logging a breeze!
Try it today to start building healthy eating habits.
– Log your meals in seconds with our advanced image recognition
– Track calories, macros and micronutrients
– Stay on track with customized targets based on your weight loss goals
– Log past meals in a single snap with past meal recognition
– Scan barcodes for packaged products
– Quickly copy frequently eaten meals with our smart suggestions
– Share your log with your trainer or nutritionist with free export to CSV
– Keep a visual diary of your meals[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 50,000+
  • App Rating: 4.7 star

2.Mike’s Macros:

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Mike’s Macros is one of the most practical and useful Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal alternative app. It is constantly evolving with some useful features as well as user interface enhancements.

Mike’s Macros is developed and owned by On The Regimen and this app is currently available on Google playstore under Editor’s Choice and HEALTH_AND_FITNESS sections.

Just go through the Mike’s Macros app details and install it for free – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Mike’s Macros is an app designed by Online Fitness Coach Mike Vacanti which includes following:
1. Calorie and Macronutrient Calculators for fat loss, muscle gain, and body recomposition that have been tested on thousands of clients.
2. Food tracking, absolutely FREE of charge.
3. Different macros for training days versus rest days.
4. Secure storage for your progress pictures as you get leaner, stronger, and accomplish your fitness goals![/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 50,000+
  • App Rating: 4.3 star

3.My Macros+ | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker:

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The most talked-about app, My Macros+ | Diet, Calories & Macro Tracker, has also got the top 3 place in this list. It is extremely useful to fulfill HEALTH_AND_FITNESS category needs. It is available to download for free on playstore.

Here is the detailed description of the app for you – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]No matter if you want to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle My Macros+ is the diet tracking app for you.
As featured on
• Good Morning America
• DailyBurn
• Mens Health
My Macros+ is the only diet tracking app made by a fitness professional. Created after years of frustration with the diet tracking apps that the market had to offer, we are proud to bring you the complete diet tracking solution.
With 5+ million foods, tracking food is quick and easy. Add your food in as little as 3 taps to the screen.
• HUGE food database – 5+ Million Food Items to choose from!
• Barcode scanner – scan and quickly track your food
• Set your nutrition goals by gram
• As many nutrition goals as you want — Supporting things like carb cycling, high/low days and much more
• Track and monitor your body weight with beautiful graphs
• See nutrition breakdowns for each day, meal and individual food
• Have as many meals as you want — No more being stuck with only Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack
• Input custom food straight off the label — My Macros+ converts and stores it properly for you to make using it in any serving size quick and easy.
• Track Water — Log your water in cups, fluid oz, ml or gallons
• Quick Food Access — Look through lists of your favorite foods or those that you have eaten recently to track even faster.
• Built in food from your favorite brands and restaurants
• All foods are completely customizable — Enter your own food in any serving size or edit a preexisting food to be any serving size you want.
• Syncs between all iOS platforms
— Reach Your Goals —
• Beautiful daily nutritional reporting system
• Graph your weight over time to easily track your progress
• Macro calculator to help get you started on the right track
— Make Progress Together —
• View your friends meals in real time through our My Circle feature
• See your friends foods and recipes to get ideas for your own diet
NEED HELP WITH YOUR DIET? We’ve got you covered
• Our Macro Coach feature is an optional monthly subscription that allows you to use our artificial intelligence system to help you reach your goals
• Fill out our initial questionnaire and receive your initial macro goal
• As you progress towards your goals our system will dynamically update your macro goals for you to make sure you stay on track towards your goals
A MM+ Pro level membership is an optional monthly subscription that unlocks even more powerful features right inside My Macros+
• Diet summary — An in-depth breakdown of your diet, body weight and favorite foods over any range of time
• Spreadsheet export — Get all of your data in CSV format for even richer analysis
• My Macros+ on the web — Access MM+ through any web browser on[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 50,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

4.21-Day Vegan Kickstart:

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Another prominent application solution that won the hearts of millions of users on the playstore is 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. With 50,000+ installations and 3.8/5.0 star user aggregate ratings, it is one of the top apps in this category.

It is one of the most similar apps we found on the internet as an alternative to Calorie Counter. [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]This must-have recipe app designed by nutrition experts offers the chance to put the healthiest diet to work for you! This evidence-based program has everything you need to get started on a plant-based diet: meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, daily videos, nutrition tips, cooking demonstrations, and more.
– Delicious, healthy, all-vegan recipes
– Preparation made simple with high-resolution step-by-step photos
– See the ingredients for each step you need with just a tap
– Ability to mark your favorite recipes to come back each time with ease
– View recipes full-screen, with step-by-step instructions
– Recipes from all over the world
– Daily messages to inspire you and keep you on track for 21 days![/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 50,000+
  • App Rating: 3.8 star


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You may have already heard of Senza as it is massively popular among the android users as the same app as Calorie Counter. It is compatible with the Android mobiles and available to download for free on Google playstore. One of the core advantages of this app is you will get a seamless experience with it’s responsive and fast interface.

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.5 star

6.Dining Note – Simple food diary:

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Very similar to Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal, this app is also available on both Google playstore as well as the iOS app store. Just go ahead and download the app now to enjoy all its awesome features. It brings a lot of enthusiasm with its unique theme and UI.

The Internet is full of great stuff. But we often ignore the great apps like Dining Note – Simple food diary in that. It is one of the full-packed awesome app. Install it now and enjoy the features [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Let’s start a good eating habit by writing the food you eat every day.
You can also write a simple diary with who, when, and where you ate.
1. Write breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. Write snack, coffee and water, number of drinking.
3. Write exercise.
4. Photo attachment.
5. Password setting.
6. A variety color theme.
7. A simple monthly statistics UI.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.5 star

7.Simple: Fasting Timer & Meal Tracker:

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Another best app makes into the top 10 list is Simple: Fasting Timer & Meal Tracker. Simple: Fasting Timer & Meal Tracker app resembles Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal in many ways, the UI and content especially.

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

8.Food Diary:

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It offers nearly as many features as Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal with some stunning content with great outfit. It’s a fantastic Calorie Counter alternative and popular among android users.

Read more about this app from this space – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Food Diary is the best food journal to track what you eat everyday easily.
It is a food log to record what you eat and when, to be more conscious of your eating habits, you can use this food tracker anytime and anywhere because Food Diary is Simple to use. Just click, type what you eat, time comes up automatically/you can change it if you need to, with Food Diary you can track your diet with a few clicks
With Food Diary you can track your daily diet, log everything you eat and drink as well as keep your exercises, activities and medications with this food journal .
Food Diary Features:
– Easy and simple to use : food journal helps you adding entries easily with a few clicks.
– Backup your data easily : you can backup your food journal data also you can restore it later.
– Built-in Calendar : our Food Diary provides you a calendar to jump to any day you want to see your food tracker history or edit it.
– Easy navigation between days: if you want to see or edit your food tracker history just swipe to the right
– Has exercice, medication, supplements, food journal : Food Diary offers you other entries types such as medication, supplements, exercise ….
– Now option : if you are exploring your food log history and you want to come back to the current day just click the small calendar icon in the top bar.
– food log Autocompletes entries to quickly enter common meals
– Share your daily food records with your friends via facebook, whatsapp, twitter or any other app easily
– Daily Reminder : Our food journal offers you a reminder to remind you at a specific time to add or update your food tracker, and you can activate or deactivate it through the settings page, also you can change the food log reminder time.
– And more features
Food Diary and your private life :
What personal information do Food Diary collects from the people that use it?
Food Diary does not collect information from the users.
When do Food Diary collects information?
Food Diary does not collect information from the users.
How do we use your information?
We do not send your information or use it at all.
Some graphics in the food journal Icon and the graphic-art are taken from
Food Diary is based on an open source app, and licensed under the GNU General Public License
Download Food Diary and start living a happier and healthier life today!
Please if you like Food Diary don’t forget inviting your friend to try Food Diary.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.3 star

9.Stupid Simple Macros IIFYM Tracker:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacWelcome to the easiest diet you’ve ever tried. Eat whatever you want, as long as it fits with your food macro plan it’s part of your diet! Stupid Simple Macros is the most efficient way ever to track your macro-nutrients and help you bulk up, lose weight, or do both at the same time!
Why count macro[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]s vs what you do on every other diet? Counting macros is one of the easiest ways to reach your fitness goals by simply tracking your fat, protein, and carb levels. Stupid Simple Macros makes tracking these macros super easy. And best of all, you set your own macros levels, so you can eat whatever you want as long as you reach your daily macros! If it fits your macros (“IIFYM”) you can eat it!
Or you can customize your food grid for a Whole Foods Plant Based diet (WFPB) and see what a different it makes in your life.
• Easy-to-use food icons for logging your daily macros.
• Barcode scanner with an extensive 500,000 food database for quickly adding foods.
• Take daily private before and after selfies to motivate your progress. Share them with friends when you’re ready.
• Track your progress overtime and easily change your daily goals.
• Sync between devices for free.
• Food bank conserves calories for special events.
• Create custom foods and meals that will show up on your daily Food Grid.
• Set up warnings for when you approach your macros limits
• Helpful reminders for logging your daily macros.
• Change your portion sizes on the fly.
• Automatically convert to metrics with the touch of a button
• Clean layout for reviewing your daily foods and adding daily notes
• Daily water tracker
• Email your food history to anyone you’d like.
Try it today, it’s free to download! You have nothing to lose but the fat! Brought to you by the developers of Stupid Simple Keto, the popular and easy-to-use Keto diet tracker[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

10.DietWiz: Meal Planner, Recipes & Keto Diet Tracker:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacAre you going to choose the keto diet? paleo diet plan? low carb diet? sugar free? dairy free? vegetarian? Whatever diet plan you choose, we’ve got you covered!
That’s right, choose any diet plan from our list, pick the foods you love, and we’ll create a fully customized weekly meal planner for you [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]+ our grocery calculator will generate a grocery list to go with it.
Need some help with a meal tracker? Fear not. We’ve got daily tips and reminders to help give you a hand.
Looking for a keto diet tracker? Join tens of thousands of happy members who are already planning and successfully tracking their weekly menu with our keto diet tracker.
At the end of the day, the best diet plan is always going to be the one that YOU can stick to.
Meal Planner and Keto Diet Tracker – Top DietWiz Features:
• Diet plan & diet tips for any goal – lose weight & feel healthy
• Keto, low carb, paleo diet plan and more diets & plans
• Grocery calculator for easy shopping
• Keto calculator – see your daily macros, nutrition & calories
• Meal planner – eat healthy food with delicious recipes for any plan
• Personal Diet Tracker – we calculate your BMI, calorie intake & body measurements and help you reach your goals.
• Customized Meal Planner – are you following a low carb diet, dairy free, vegetarian, paleo diet plan or the ketogenic diet? It makes no difference to us. Whatever your diet plan, we have you covered!
• Weekly Menu Creator – when you eat the foods you love, sticking to your meal plan is going to be fun. We have a huge range of healthy recipes, from keto breakfasts to your Grandma’s apple pie. Choose your recipes and we’ll create a meal plan just for you!
• Grocery Calculator – we sort, group, and combine items on your shopping list and utilize the grocery calculator to organize your grocery list by categories to help save you time at the grocery store.
• Calorie Counter & Keto Calculator – your weekly meal planner is accompanied by all the calorie and nutrition information you need. Our keto diet tracker and keto calculator will also calculate your macros & net carbs helping you stay committed and on target.
• Regularly Updated Goals – track your results on your progress meter and watch the numbers drop! As you start eating well and dropping pounds, we carefully adjust your meal planner until you reach your ideal weight.
What are you waiting for?
Get Your DietWiz Today!
Subscriptions are available on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Subscriptions are billed the total fee from purchase date. We offer three price tiers: Monthly for $9.99, quarterly for $21.99 and 12 months for $44.99. Manage subscriptions in your Google Play Account Settings. Subscription automatically renews at the end of every period unless you cancel anytime up until 24-hours before the end of the subscription term.
Your subscription will be processed by Google Play using Google payments. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of a billing period your premium membership will not be removed until the end of the current billing cycle. Refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of term.
Read our full Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy at
DietWiz – Eating Right Made Simple[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 3.9 star


Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacTrainerize is an online personal training platform that empowers fitness professionals and studios to better connect to their clients when training them online or in-person.
By combining both a trainer and client side experience, Trainerize allows fitness professionals to stay connected with their c[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]lients and manage their coaching business from their smartphones anytime, anywhere.
At the same time, Trainerize helps clients achieve their fitness goals by keeping them engaged with their trainers. Trainers help clients stay committed to their program through customized and comprehensive training plans and progress reports.
Both fitness professionals and clients can use the app, however fitness professionals need an account on to enable clients access to the app. Clients can only use the app if they are working with a trainer that uses Trainerize.
– Build and deliver customized training plans built from workouts containing exercise pictures/videos for online and in-person fitness training
– Look up client training plans and progress stats, manage workout calendars, check clients in for workouts, and track current workouts
– Deliver meal plans or get access to professional meal planning tools right in the app
– Keep a full client contact list database and train them in-person at anytime
– Edit client workouts on the fly
– Add full client body stats including caliper body fat measurements
– Upload client progress photos
– Add new clients from the mobile app
– Message clients in real-time
– Connect to add-ons to extend your business and services (eg. MindBody Online, Evolution Nutrition, YouTube, PayPal, Skype, Facebook, Twitter)
– Access training plans, follow and check-in to workouts
– Schedule workouts and stay committed by beating your personal best
– Access meal plans if your coach sets them up
– Message your coach in real-time
– Track body stats and take progress photos
– Review past progress stats and graphs
– Set push notification reminders on days with scheduled workouts
– Connect to Withings devices to sync body stats instantly
IMPORTANT NOTE: This app is a companion app for businesses that use Trainerize. An online account is required. If you’re a client, ask your trainer for your account details so you can login to this app. For more information visit our website[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 3.8 star

12.See How You Eat Food Diary App:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacSee How You Eat – Your easiest food diary ever
1. See your daily meals at glance
2. Easy and simple to use
3. Regular meals mean you’re not constantly hungry
4. Feel more energetic
5. Get to your healthiest weight
6. Become more aware of your eating habits
With this food diary you can see at a glanc[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]e all the meals you’ve had that day, compelling you to make healthier choices. Photographing your meals encourages you to change your eating habits. Meal reminders help you to eat regularly and you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day.
• You’ll see at a glance all the meals of the day
• Photographing your meals encourages smart choices
• Stay energetic throughout the day
• Weight controlling becomes easier
• Lose cravings for unhealthy foods
• According to studies keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss
• People who keep food diary report they make smarter choices, eat more vegetables and pay attention to portion size
It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to feel better, be more energetic, to lose weight or manage your weight, it helps you to succeed. It’s the easiest way to track your meals… and to eat regularly!
Health Revolution Ltd develops simple and easy-to-use nutrition app concepts for mobile platforms. Our mission is to help people discover the basics of healthy eating in a way suitable for today’s hectic lifestyle. We are against crash diets. We stand for permanent balance. Our vision is a world without dieting[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 3.5 star

13.KetoDiet: Keto Diet App Tracker, Planner & Recipes:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacKetoDiet App the original low-carb app from
Keto Diet is not just about losing weight at any cost; it’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Apart from reducing your carbohydrate intake, you will learn why it’s important to follow a whole foods based approach and include healthy fat[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ] sources like olive oil, fatty fish and pastured meat in your everyday diet.
A healthy low-carb diet is an effective weight loss tool as it will keep your blood sugar level stable and your appetite under control. Apart from fat burning effects, a low-carbohydrate lifestyle can additionally improve health conditions including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and inflammation, all of which increase the risk of developing heart disease.
The ketogenic diet appears to be useful adjuvant to treatment for health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 Diabetes, epilepsy and even some types of cancer.
How is Keto Diet better than other apps?
• Free content added daily including recipes, articles, expert advice and more.
• Accuracy is crucial for a low-carb diet. For that reason, we don’t crowdsource nutritional data. All nutritional data in Keto Diet are based on accurate, verifiable sources, rather than user-generated contributions or other unreliable sources.
• We keep your data private – Keto Diet never sells or shares your data in any way.
More than just an app! is one the top low-carb websites. More than two million people visit us every month.
• Thousands have already joined our Keto Diet Challenges to stay motivated while following a healthy low carb diet
• Facebook support group to help you get started and answer any questions you may have
What is Keto?
When you follow a ketogenic diet by reducing your carb intake to less than 50 grams of carbs a day, your body will start producing ketones in the liver. You will enter ketosis and start using fat and ketone bodies as energy source. One of the main benefits of ketosis is its ability to suppress appetite. While your ketone levels will increase, your blood glucose levels and insulin levels will drop, leading to satiety. You will naturally eat less and the number of calories eaten will drop.
Keto Diet App Highlights
Keto Recipes
Keto Diet includes 300 low-carb, paleo & primal recipes plus over 650 FREE recipes from our integrated keto blog.
• Detailed and accurate nutritional facts
• Detailed and accurate nutritional facts
• Optional ingredients offer more flexibility
• Serving size adjustment
• Favorite recipes to quickly find them
• Set you carbohydrate limit and goals
• Built-in Keto calculator to determine your ideal macronutrient intake
• Update your weight, body fat & measurements to track your progress
• Sign up for a Keto Diet account to sync across multiple devices
Planner & Tracker
Plan your keto meals with our intuitive diet planner. Create your own diet plan with:
• Hundreds of included meals
• Quick 1-ingredient keto snacks
• Your own custom meals
• Restaurant meals
• Branded products with barcode scanning
Track every aspect of your keto diet progress:
• Weight & body fat
• Body stats
• Carbs & other macronutrients
• Water intake
• Mood and energy
• Blood, urine and breath ketones
• Blood glucose
• Blood lipids
The Keto Diet approach thoroughly explained. Discover the science behind the ketogenic diet, and find out what ketosis is. Learn why this dietary approach works best and what to eat and avoid on a keto diet. All backed up by scientific references.
Free Meals & Expert Articles
Continuous updates from our integrated Keto Diet Blog, including FREE recipes, diet tips, success stories, guides, diet plans and weekly expert articles[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.6 star

14.Calorie Counter & Carb Manager – Freshbit:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacFreshbit – The simple & powerful Calorie Counter and Carb Manager.
Whether you’re trying to lose weight via a Keto diet or just have a well-rounded diet (eating the right vitamins and minerals) we help you achieve your goal. Freshbit helps you understand the impact of what you eat on your body as it[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]’s always better to eat the right food than to take medicine or supplements. Freshbit, one of the highest 5-star rated Calorie Counter and Carb Manager apps, helps you become your healthiest version of you!
Powerful app – 3 tools in one app
★ Don’t use three separate applications to calorie count, track water, and log exercises. Use Freshbit’s powerful database and do all three at once. We have 300,000+ foods, 800+ exercises, and pre-set water amounts for you to choose from.
Super easy to use
★ Striking the right balance between providing many powerful features while keeping things simple is what makes Freshbit different from all other Calorie Counting apps. We talk to our users daily and update the app frequently to make Freshbit Calorie Counter and Carb Manager as easy-to-use as possible.
Visualize your success
★ All intake results have graphs, charts, or even emojis! to visualize your data and make numbers easy to understand for you. Foods have photos to help you search and find the right food. We turn boring data points into fun and colorful visuals, Calorie Counting, and tracking diets has never been this easy.
Ensure a well rounded-diet
★ Being healthy isn’t just about eating fewer carbs and calories, it’s also about taking enough vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients your body needs. We track 20 different nutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Fibre, Iron, Magnesium, etc.) for every food to give you a comprehensive picture of what you eat.
Customize to your needs
★ Set custom goals for your diet, choose daily targets for calories, fat, protein, and carbs to reach your Keto or custom goals. Create your own foods, mix different foods & ingredients to create your own recipes. Track Net Carbs or Total Carbs. All of this can be configured within the app, to create a tailored experience just for you.
Dozens of surprising features
★ Use Freshbit’s Nutrient Guide to learn more about all 20 nutrients tracked in the app (what it is, what it’s good for, what happens if you take too much, …). Create custom daily/weekly reminders to help you stay on track. Use the shopping list to help your grocery shopping. Freshbit offers these features and more!
You talk, we listen! We consistently take feedback and update the app to provide a better experience to our users.
[email protected]
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.6 star

15.Fastient – fasting tracker & journal:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacFastient is an easy-to-use fasting tracker that beautifully displays your progress before, during, and after a fast. Features of Fastient include the ability to track your daily achievements and journal symptoms, mood, weight, and more. Fastient users have the ability to add and edit previous fasts.[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]
– View your progress in a beautifully-designed completion bar
– Simple home screen to quickly view your current stats
– View your weight loss as a graph anytime, fasting or feeding
– Edit the start time of your fast (i.e. last night after dinner)
– Easily add an end goal to your fast
– Cancel your current fast – will not add to your stats
– Access Fastient from any device, on any platform
– Import previous fasts from other tracking apps via .csv file
– Jot down thoughts, feelings, and cravings in a simple note
– Use quick-tag emojis to instantly express your current mood or symptoms
– Your data is secure; delete your data and account whenever you wish
Premium Features
– Add progress pictures
– Quick-tag emojis
Fastient works seamlessly with various types of fasts. Popular fasting regimes include:
– Intermittent Fasting (IF)
– 16:8,20:4, or 36-hour fast
– One Meal a Day (OMAD)
– Alternate Day Fasting (ADF)
– Extended Fasting (EF)
STCCR Web Design is always looking for feedback, feature requests and suggestions! Please don’t hesitate to contact Ross, the founder and creator of Fastient at [email protected][/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.6 star

16.Macro Counter – Track Macronutrient Intake & Goals:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacThis App provides an easy and intuitive way for you to keep track of your daily calorie and macronutrient intake. You can also save your favorite meals and check your History to see how you did in past days.
Don’t know the nutritional values of the food you just ate? No problem! Make a quick Databas[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]e search and voilá! All set[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.5 star

17.Strongr Fastr Workout, Meal and Diet Planner:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacStrongr Fastr tells you what to eat and what workouts to do in order to meet your fitness goals- including
lose fat and build muscle
/ tone as well as weight loss, bulking, or maintaining your weight.
It gives you a
healthy meal plan
and matches you with a
workout routine
. The meal plan
meets your [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]macros
, ensures you get the right amount of protein and calories and is
fully customizable
– swap any meal out for another one- Strongr Fastr makes sure the replacement is healthy and meets your macros too. You get simple recipes and a simple
grocery list
to make shopping and meal prep easy.
The exercise routines fit your schedule, goals, and equipment and can be
weighted or bodyweight
and can include
. Pre-loaded routines include Greyskull LP, 531 BBB, 531 Triumvirate, 531 Building the Monolith, GZCLP and GZCL Method, Texas Method, Madcow 5×5, PHAT routine, PHUL routine, Lyle McDonald’s Generic Bulking Routine, PPL routines, all of which are proven bodybuilding or powerlifting routines.
Why Strongr Fastr?
Our meal plans are
clean, realistic and flexible
and the nutrition targets are based on the core tenets of flexible dieting and bodybuilding nutrition- making sure they have the right amount of calories in protein. Our healthy recipes are tasty but simple and don’t require a bunch of strange, expensive health-food, making it
easy for you to stick on plan
Clean eating
has never been easier. The routines have all been used by millions to help build muscle and burn fat. Strongr Fastr is your mobile personal trainer that
takes out all the work
and research of creating your own exercise program and meal plan that’s tailored to your goals. It helps you get fit,
build muscle, increase strength, and lose weight – faster
Meal Planner-

Healthy meal plans built around your macronutrient targets
– it determines the targets for you or you can input your own
• Database of hundreds of easy,
quick, healthy, clean recipes

Add your own recipes
• Fully customizable-
swap out any meal
to another that meets your macros (IIFYM- if it fits your macros)

Personalized by your grocery budget
• Includes organized shopping list
• Supports
group meal planning
• Automatically adjusts your nutrition targets over time
• Supports standard, vegetarian, vegan, keto, low carb, paleo diets and dietary restrictions including dairy, lactose, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, fish, and shellfish
Exercise Routines:
• Get matched with a workout program that meets your schedule, goals, and equipment needs
• Choose from any of the preloaded routines including: Greyskull LP, 531 BBB, 531 Triumvirate, 531 Building the Monolith, GZCLP and GZCL Method, Texas Method, Madcow 5×5, PHAT routine, PHUL routine, Lyle McDonald’s Generic Bulking Routine, and PPL routines
• Ability to
incorporate cardio

Video instructions
show proper form
• Progressive training plans combine fat burning & muscle building

Automated progression
– ensures that you keep progressing
See Your Progress Overtime:

Progress charts
of weight loss/gain
• Progress charts for individual exercises and volume
Advanced Features:
• Edit workout routines, including the ability to add periodization with multiple training cycles, automatic progression of exercises, or autoregulated progression of exercises
• Input your own nutrition targets (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber)
Workout routines and macro recommendations are free. Upgrade to premium for the meal planning functionality- includes a free trial.
Support: [email protected]
Business Inquiries: [email protected]
Any problems or feature suggestions? Let us know! We’re good listeners.
FB: StrongrFastr
IG: StrongrFastr
Twitter: @StrongrFastrAp[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

18.Easy Diet:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacEasy Diet App
Application that organizes your life for the better and control the weight with ease by following the calories system.
Advantages of the application:
1- Guiding you with the calories your body needs daily.
– The application requests from you some information to determine the calories y[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]our body needs daily according to the plan that you need either for weight gain
Or lose weight, or even maintain the current weight.
2- Searching hundreds of famous eastern and western foods.
– Easy Diet application allows you to search in hundreds of famous foods locally and internationally to add them in your day so that the application calculates their own calories
And advise you on the average calories you took and alert you if you exceed your plan.
3- Remember to drink water.
– The application alerts you by notifications at different times of the day to drink water and not to forget the prescribed portion your body needs of water.
4- An integrated workout program with a caloric count.
– The application provides an integrated workout system that focuses on all parts of the body with several specialized exercises. All exercises are calculated calories in the sense that while completing
Exercise The application tells you the rate of burning that you did through exercises and then it adds calories to your day so you can eat the ambition by the number of calories
Scorched without fear of affecting the plan.
5- Propose local and non-existent foods.
– The application allows the possibility to suggest foods that are not present until they reach us and we inspect and add them when they meet the conditions of transmission and the accuracy of the information where we are
In the Easy Diet family, it examines all proposals to ensure the accuracy of information and the non-repetition of foods in the application
6- The app provides valuable information about nutritional values.
– The application allows you to identify the nutritional values ​​of foods and provide you with information about proteins, carbohydrates and fats in case you follow a diet regimen
It is based on an element of different nutrients.
7- Technical and advisory support.
The Easy Diet family is based on receiving your questions and inquiries, as well as your suggestions about the application through direct communication via WhatsApp, Instagram, or even
On Facebook to provide you with the necessary support or answer any question you need about the application or system.
In short, the Easy Diet application is the best choice for a better healthy lif[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.3 star

19.Keto Calculator – Low-Carb Macro Calculator:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacKeto Calculator is designed to help you determine your ideal food intake (macronutrients) for the ketogenic diet as well as other types of low-carbs diets.
Keto Calculator is based on KetoDiet Buddy (, an open source keto calculator ([bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]m/ketodiet/keto-calculator) for low-carb diets.
Keto Calculator is – and will always be – free. You can help us by leaving a review.
Free means:
– no subscriptions
– no adds
– no sign-ups
– complete user privacy
What is the Ketogenic Diet?
Ketogenic diet is high in fat, adequate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Generally, the macronutrient ratio varies within the following ranges:
60-75% of calories from fat (or even more),
15-30% of calories from protein, and
5-10% of calories from carbs.
The exact amount of fat and protein is a matter of individual goals, needs and activity levels. Typically, most people on ketogenic diets don’t consume over 5% of calories from carbohydrates.
In most cases, people following a keto diet won’t need to count calories. However, as they approach their ideal weight and their weight loss stalls, calorie counting can be helpful for fat loss[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

20.Start Simple with MyPlate:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacPICK YOUR GOALS
– Set goals within food groups (Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein Foods, Dairy)
– Choose from a variety of food goals or use the ”Pick for me!” feature if you want ready-made goals and tips
– Sync up to your smartwatch (or do it all on your mobile device)
SEE PROGRESS AND GET SUPPO[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]RT
– See daily progress in each food group as you meet your goals
– Get simple how-to tips to help you meet your goals
– Select options for notifications and reminders
– Visit the MyPlate 101 section for more information about healthy eating
– Earn badges as food group goals are completed
– Collect a variety of badges such as first goal complete, daily-streaks, food group badges, and the ultimate MyPlate badge
– Post your badges on social media to share your success and encourage others
Pick goals, see progress, and celebrate success starting today. Download Start Simple with MyPlate!
– Join challenges to stay motivated and try new goals
– Visit the challenges section to see upcoming challenges and view your progress
– Be on the lookout for periodic “popup” challenges
– Earn unique badges that are only available from completing challenges
Pick goals, see progress, and celebrate success starting today. Download Start Simple with MyPlate[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 3.8 star

21.MunchLog Calorie Counter & Meal Planner (BETA):

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacDon’t miss out
on what truly separates this app from
other inferior apps
in the market!


Everything related to food, neatly wrapped in one stylish app

Health At Your Fingertips
Easily log your food & water intake, track your calories and macros and get customizable water[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ] reminders and food suggestions

Prepare Recipes…
The way it’s meant to be done: no clutter, no multiplications/divisions for custom servings or foreign unit systems, and automatic ingredient substitution

Storage Manager
Stay aware of what’s in your fridge, with expiry and quantity tracking

Meal Planner
A recommended feature by ANY health coach! Easily create meal plans and selectively share them with your household!

Educate Yourself
We offer a free health guide series as well as weekly articles to make sure you’re well informed


Household Cloud Sync
Automatically backup and sync between multiple users. Your spouse will never have an excuse to forget those groceries!

Storage Analyzer
You will know exactly which recipes you’re able to make and for how many servings, with an algorithm that’s aware of food substitutions and the quantity of your stored food!

Smart Storage
Track stored food and automatically fill what’s missing from your fridge, freezer or pantry!

Recipe Finder
Search for recipes shared by the community by ingredients (including their possible food substitutes!)

Why get an All-In-One application?
You need only ONE AWESOME SERVICE to manage anything related to food.
Such a service never existed… Yet! Instead, you ended up using multiple health apps and subscribe to multiple blogs for daily reads.
Does this sound familiar?
Log your calories in one app 1, download recipes in app 2, use a grocery list in app 3. No wait, app 3 doesn’t have sync: try app 4. Drinking water is good, download app 5 to notify you. But wait, app 5 costs money to stop sending ads, and app 1 doesn’t let you log more than 5 foods per day unless you pay, and app 3 doesn’t download recipes, it just redirects you to a blog online to read the recipe. But at least it’s free… Now app 4 requires a premium account for cloud sync!
Isn’t it counterproductive to do the same work over and over again? Isn’t it expensive to use many apps that end up bloating your phone?
→ With Munchlog, you get the features of
applications while paying a fraction of the price and doing a fraction of the work! 😎

Why THIS application?
We’re not a large profit-making company, we’re in it because we had a vision, a dream, and we care to make it come true… We dare you to find an app that can outperform Munchlog in terms of features and speed!
Designing Munchlog is truly our passion and hobby! 💖
~~ If you have any ideas for us to improve ~~
Tell us what you want, what you really really want
NB: is now available to browse articles/recipes more easily (more functionality on the way) and we’ll definitely be working on an iOS version once the website is fully integrated.
Any time we need permission because of an action you want to make (such as when taking a photo of your recipe), we’ll ask for it, including:
Temporary photo storage
We use your approximate location to take into consideration expiry of some foods in hot climates
Download recipes, articles, sync…
When recipe timers ding, or when we need to get funky! ^[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000+
  • App Rating: 4.8 star

22.Vegetarian Keto recipes by Recipeno:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacLooking for
vegetarian low carb recipes
to kick-start your vegetarian keto diet? Want to know the net carbs, fat and protein intake per meal? Download our free vegetarian keto diet app and start preparing your meals today! Our recipes are based on the vegetarian and keto diets, combined together and[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ] they contain
vegetarian food choices, including eggs & dairy
, but
no soy
, and, at the same time, are
low in carbs & high in healthy fats
Vegetarian Keto recipes
by Recipeno is an easy to use free app, accessed even when offline, in which you can find
detailed vegetarian low carb recipes
, create your
shopping list
& view
recipe nutritional facts
Vegetarian Keto recipes by Recipeno app
free features
• 100+ vegetarian low-carb recipes – more added every week
• View net carbs, protein, fat and calories per recipe
• Adjust the servings of a recipe and view automatic recipe ingredients adjustments
• Select your preferred measurement (gr / oz) unit for recipes ingredients
• All measurements (e.g. teaspoon, cup, small tomato) are automatically converted and displayed in grams or oz too
• Exclude recipes based on food allergies (lactose, eggs, gluten, nuts, peanuts, sesame, mustard and celery)
• Browse our vegetarian keto recipes by meal type (breakfast, side dish, main dish, snacks, desserts, no-cook, oven baked, sauces & dips, breads, pizzas and more)
• Create a list of your favourite vegetarian keto recipes
• View preparation & cooking time per recipe
• Add recipe ingredients and your own items in your shopping list and share it
• View your shopping list per recipe or in total – summed up
• Search for recipes using a key ingredient as a keyword
• Access our app even if offline
• Calculate your personal keto macros, with our keto calculator
Some of our favourite recipes are:
✔ Vegetarian keto 2-ingredient tacos
✔ Vegetarian keto 90 seconds bread
✔ Vegetarian low-carb feta & goat cheese pocket
✔ Vegetarian keto tomatoes with eggs / strapatsada
✔ Vegetarian low-carb cherry tomatoes & halloumi skewers
✔ Vegetarian keto avocado cocoa mousse
✔ Vegetarian keto artichoke dip
✔ Vegetarian low-carb Greek salad
✔ Vegetarian keto baked parmesan zucchini frie[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000+
  • App Rating: 4.8 star

Similar Apps to Calorie Counter – Conclusion:

Checking out the random alternative apps to Calorie Counter on the internet is not the wisest thing you can do. That’s why we have come up with the exhaustive filtered list of best and popular similar apps available on the internet for you. We have curated 22 best HEALTH_AND_FITNESS apps that are same as Calorie Counter.

Calorie Counter has been extensively popular worldwide, however, it doesn’t mean that there are no downsides of it. It doesn’t even mean that there are no Calorie Counter alternatives that are as decent as this or even better than Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal app. There are many apps available with all the features available in the Calorie Counter app and even with a better user interface.

So try out these Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal alternative apps and share your experiences. We are concluding this article on Top 22 best alternate apps like Calorie Counter with this. If you have any other similar app in mind, do let us know through comments. Cheers!

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