15 Super Cool Wall Mounted PC Ideas With Pictures

Wall-mounted PC is one of the coolest trends globally in system modification in the last few years. And there is no limit to what you can do if you can get a little innovative with your computer’s design.

If you’re a gaming computer fan and have a special bond with those RGVs popping out of the computer, then you know how sick wall mounted PCs are. And if you’re willing to spend $1300+ for that, you deserve to be proud of your console.

There is a motive why the gaming industry has shifted with PCs of glass-sided panels, and bringing those parts mounted on a wall with RGVs, has its pride and aesthetics, which is okay to show off and showcase your exquisites.

Cool Wall Mounted PC Examples:

I’m not sure who was the first person who thought of building Wall-mounted PCs, but today in this blog, I will tell you about 15 cool Wall-mounted Pc Examples that will provide you with good ideas to know how you can build your customized Wall-mounted pc.

#1 Chris Howell wall-mounted PC

wall mount pc

Our first example today is one of my favorite Wall-mounted PC, and the best part about this whole modification is that this model shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune on hardware to make it look more creative and aesthetic.

This is an example by Chris Howell and was shown on Bit-tech.net back in 2015 when wall mount Pcs were in trend everywhere around the globe. Chris Howell has pulled off his steampunk styles Pc very well, with custom copper paintwork in power supply, fan blades and hard drives make it rawer and rustic to make it an overall best in the list.

#2 Modderator wall mounted PCwall mount pcs

The Modderator wall mounted pc showcased by Techpowerup is one of the famous Wall-mounted Pc examples on the internet, the combination of red and black makes it the best variety and an aspirational wall mounted Pc for most of the gaming fans out there.

In this Wall mounted Pc, Modderator has used an Intel Core i5-6600K Boxed, with MSI Z170A Gaming M5, MSI GeForce GTX 971 Gaming 4G, Seagate desktop hard disk drive of 2TB, a Raijintek triton AIO CPU cooler, among all other components.

Modderator started with a wooden board by making sketches on it by where the parts will initially go and placed the components depending on the planning done.

If you’re someone who wants to take inspiration and get something similar to what you look at in the picture, you can follow the process explained on the website in detail.

#3 Vladimir Marton wall mounted computer

great wall mount pc pic

Vladimir Marton built this unique-looking mount Pc, and he posted his building procedure in 2018 for the website guideare.com; he explained every single detail from project duration to selection of components.

The combination of black and red gives one of the Coolest looks that most of them dream of; he also experimented with different RGV colors, which he explained in detail on the website.

The system’s specification includes intel core i5-8600K 3.6GHz, Corsair Hydro H115i Pro RGB Water Cooling, Asus Rog Strix 1070 8G GDDR5 Gaming, and Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz including other components.

He later mentioned that it took him over one month to build the whole wall-mounted computer in the blog.

#4 Streambuild mounted PC

one of the best wall mounted pc example

Streambuild is again one of the coolest looking Wall-mounted Pc you would see on the internet; the combination of light blue and black makes it unique and brings its style.

One of the best things I loved about this wall mount Pc building process is that he explains that this Pc is for someone looking for a budget option and wouldn’t afford much money to spend on, and everything is explained taking the budget into consideration.

And if you’re willing to spend 1200$ on a Pc then, how you can make the visuals represent the hard work you’re putting in.
Like Vladimir Marton’s computer, he explains the process of creating your parallel computer, which helps get the idea of overall building in more depth. If you’re someone who loves a light color combination and wants to make something similar, you can check the website’s process.

#5 Guru3D Rig

super cool wall mount pc design

The combination of Green and Black by Guru3D rig makes it one of the best-looking Wall-mounted Pcs on the internet. This was published on the website of Guru3D rig back in 2016 by Hilbert Hagedoorn which cost him roughly $2700 including all the hardware and water-cooling parts.

This Wall-mounted Pc has used Intel Core i7-5820K 6-Core 3.3GHz CPU, Asus X99 ATX LGA2011-3 Sabertooth motherboard with 32Gb 1.1 memory Avexir Blitz, 4Gb Strix Asus Geforce GTX 980 among other components.

Overall if you have a total budget of around 2500 to 3000 USD, this is something that you can take inspiration from, this is on the little costlier side, but can be one of the best investments for the Beast looking model for your Wall-mounted PC.

#6 Feros wall mounted PC

wall mount cpu like design

Fero’s wall-mounted Pc is another beast model with the color combination of grey and black, though the RGVs lights can be modified with the color you love the most. This is overall quite unique with the colors that we usually see.

This is little towards professional-looking Mounted PCs that will cost you a lot compared to the first model that we have discussed.

This includes components of 2 GTX 780- EVGA SC, 16Gb DDR4 2400 crucial balistix sport, one 4Tb storage, and one 1Tb storage.

The aluminum frame used in the model is around 6lbs.

#7 Show4Pro Wall-mounted PC

wall mounted pc design

Show4pro was featured on overclock.net forums back in 2013 when very few knew the concept of Wall-mounted PCs and would easily cost you a fortune of money. Also, this is one of the oldest build logs of mounted PCs you can find on the internet.

The combination of colors of red, blue, and black together makes as a whole a beast-looking computer that you can take inspiration from if you want to build something similar to Show4pro.

The planning of the components and designing the model makes them different from the options I have shown you before.

#8 u/Vicoooo’s Pc build

wall mount pc case

This is another example similar to Chris Howells as discussed in the first point of the blog, where you don’t need to have insanely crazy set up to make a cool-looking wall mounted Pc.

The model by u/Vicoooo’s proves that there is no need for a fortune of money to build a similar setup mounted PC.

u/Vicoooo’s is a Reddit user whose layout was insanely appreciated on social media, using the color combination of black and white it helps him create pleasing aesthetics in his overall layout.

#9 HearmeRoar 160 Mounted PC

wall mounted pc case

A compact build Wall-mounted Pc by HearmeRoar160 was showcased by techpowerup.com back in 2017, where he explained how he got inspired by other Wall-mounted Pc trends and made his customizable Mounted PC.   

For wall mounting, he used an aluminum z hanger bracket which was roughly 100 pounds with 17 by 28 dimensions, which allows him to display the mount like a painting.

HearmeRoar160 mounted Pc has a specification of intel core i7 6700K 8M 4.0GHz, G.skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB DDR4 ram with MSI Gaming Z170I Gaming Pro Mini ITX Intel motherboard, MSI GeForce GTX 1060 DirectX gaming video card, along with other components.

#10 Recoil P Wall-mounted PC

wall mounted pc build

Recoil P made this another aesthetic-looking combination of blue and black Wall-mounted PC, it is the example of dedicated hard work and aspirational mounted Pc setup. This model of Recoil P was showcased on overclock.net back in 2014, which is also among the oldest and best build models you can find on the internet.

His main system specifications are Gigabyte EX58-UDP5, Intel Core i7 920, 2.66 GHz, with Aqua computer Cuplex Kryos Delrin CPU water block and other custom liquid cooling setup with parts from the monsoon, Phobya, and more.

#11 JalfreziJeff Mounted computer

best wall mounted pc ase

This is the mounted computer that took JalfreziJeff two years to create something similar that you can see in the picture; the combination of light blue, black, and red gives a distinctive look among the ones I have shared in the list.

All components in this wall-mounted Pc are mounted to a frame covered in carbon fiber, which enhances the computer’s overall looks.

Cool LEDs are placed underneath the computer baseplate of each component.

JalfreziJeff has experimented with many RGV colors, which you can see on the website, and apply it for your Mounted Pc.

#12 FerosRigs

cool wall mounted build design

This computer by FerosRigs had posted quite a few versions of his system on the Imgur website, where he got showcased back in 2016 during the days when Mounted PCs used to be very popular globally. And he named this version as Charlie build.

The combination of blue, black, and red color makes it very cool, and aesthetic looking wall mounted Pc.

You can take inspiration from the build type and configuration to get an idea about your customized mounted PC.

The planning of the components and designing the model makes all the difference among the options I have shown you before.

#13 Carreragtboy build mounted PC

wallpaper build mounted pc

Carreragtboy wall mounted Pc is another example of a simple. Yet, compact build examples, the combination of blue, black, and red makes it look more professional and crisper with RGVs popping out.

The Pc specification is not that strong, so if you have less budget and want to build something similar you can consider the specifications that go with, i5-4460 3,2 GHz, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX650 2GB, 2x120GB SSD makes it best for the working condition and overall performance. (This is not for high-end specification)

This might seem a bit low with the specification, but you can always change depending on what works best for you.

#14 Eissack Representation

wall mounted pc - final pic

Eissack’s charcoal wall mounted PC is the best example for someone who is looking for something simple with the best setup combination. The color combination of black, charcoal and white gives quite a different look than usual colors we see in Wall mounted Pcs of red, black, and blue.

Eissack was showcased on imgur.com in 2017, with all the necessary specifications of i7-4770k with 4by4 GB G.Skill DDR3-2166 motherboard, with cooler master 750W.

You can consider this example if your budget is moderate and want to have a bare-looking wall mounted PC with aesthetic colours.

#15 MarksmanGuy bumblebee wall PC

wall mount pc

Marksmanguy built one of the best professional-looking Wall-mounted PC, back in 2016 which cost him a fortune of money for the overall setup.

His setup got showcased on imgur.com where he explained the whole process of building a wall-mounted PC, and what it takes to make it as a whole.

MarksmanGuy’s mounted PC is the most detailed and cleanest looking PCs you will go through on the internet, with the combination of Yellow, blue, and black color it gives a very Cool and exciting looking overview. It makes it stand out from other Mounted PCs which can easily make you amazed the first time you see this Wall mounted PC.

This is far most the best-looking examples for Wall-mounted Pcs you can consider and, on the website, Markmanguy has showcased every detail you should know if you’re thinking of building something similar.

Wall Mount PC’s – Conclusion.

So, these are the 11 cool Wall-mounted PCs you can look at for examples with pictures; I’m sure these examples will help you get your Wall pc built and give you sufficient knowledge of what you have to create.

Everyone has there own taste for looks and aesthetics, and I’m sure these 15 examples with pictures will help you decide what you like and how you’re going to customize your wall-mounted PC.

There are millions of blogs and videos on how to build a PC, but for me, this video of Bitwit is the best that you can consider if it helps.

There is some final consideration that you should take care of while you’re building your wall pc.

  • Pre-drill the holes for wall mounting.
  • Attach the motherboard in the base and take care of the screw length.
  • Stabilize the graphic card by mounting it in the case.

Rest enjoy the process and comment down about your newly modified PC. We would love to hear your responses.

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