How to Stop Flash Messages in Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Jio?

It’s not someone’s favorite thing to receive continuous messages from your mobile operators. Getting spammed by the operators on caller tunes, discounts, recharge pack offers may irritate you. So, the time can end for you when you have to tolerate these annoying messages. You can know how to block flash messages network-wise when they randomly pop-ups on your screen. For that follow the write-up till the end.

What are flash messages?

Flash messages are not like your regular SMS which gets saved on your sim memory unless you decide to delete them. The flash messages are like sudden pop-ups on your mobile screen. For ignoring the message you can’t tap on the dismiss or ignore option.

And to know more about the details of those messages you have to tap on the popup so that it comes on your main screen. Below you will learn about how to stop flash messages on idea, vodafone, jio or airtel sim on Android!

Can I see old flash messages again? 

Though flash messages are one-time pop-up SMS, which do not get saved on your phone memory. But once you decide to revisit your old flash messages, you then have to install the true caller application. It is only with the true caller app that revisiting your old popup message sounds possible. But that also is possible for one time. For that, in the call log of the app, you have to tap on the three-dot menu option. And finally, you will get the flash messages.

The precondition for retrieving old messages.

So, there are two preconditions on visiting the old flash messages. The first one is obvious, you must have the true caller to access the old messages. And secondly, for retrieving the one-time flash messages, you have to ensure that the person sending you flash messages must also have the true caller preinstalled.

How to stop flash messages in Android? 

Now it’s finally time for you to figure out how to block flash messages in three network services. Those annoying messages won’t be an unwanted guest for your Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel services if you know how to turn them off!

How to block flash messages for Vodafone users? 

Vodafone network services which last year have partnered with the Idea team never failed to send you regular spamming messages. Therefore, below stepwise learn how to stop flash messages in android! by using toolkit popups.

Method 1:

  • Step 1. Once you insert your Vodafone (Vi sim) you have to install the SIM TOOLKIT application on the mobile device.
  • Step 2. After unlocking the app you have to tap on the available flash feature present there.
  • Step 3. An activation option will be available for you. From there you have to select the deactivate button. It will help to block incoming flash messages.
  • Step 4. When you have deactivated the coming of flash messages, you have to confirm your last action by tapping OK.

Method 2:

For Vodafone sim users, there is an additional way to solve the problem of how to stop flash messages in android! This process is by sending Sms to the operators with a request to disable the flash messages.

For requesting so, you have to Sms CAN FLASH if you are prepaid sim users. Once you type the code you have to send it at 144. And for the postpaid sim users, you have to type the same message but at a different Sms number. This time you have to send CAN FLASH at 199.

(Note: don’t forget to add a space between CAN and FLASH).

So, the above way will solve your flash message problem, if you are a Vodafone sim user. But if you are an Idea user, know below how to block flash messages for toolkit pop-ups-

  • Step 1. Launch the Idea Power application on your smartphone. Once installed, visit the app.
  • Step 2. From the home display page of the app, you have to choose the Idea to flash feature from the application.
  • Step 3. From there choose the activation option of the idea flash app. Now tap on the deactivation feature from there.
  • Step 4. Tap OK when you complete the last step to finalize the flash message blocking process.

Also, there is another way of stopping flash messages. At 1925, you have to SMS, NO INFO. Or else dial the number on your phone keypad *121*46# for stopping flash messages.

How to stop flash messages in Android for Airtel users? 

  • Step 1. Download either Sim toolkit or Airtel services app from the play store of your android phone.
  • Step 2. Then navigate to the home page of the airtel service app. There you have to tap on the Airtel Now option.
  • Step 3. There choose the start or stop menu. And finally, tap on the stop option.
  • Step 4. Once done, you have to hit on the ok button, which will confirm the final action.

Or else you can also Sms to the number 58234 and their message STOP ANOW for deactivating the sim flash messages of your Airtel SIM.

How to turn off flash messages for Reliance Jio? 

Compared to other sim providers, turning off messages for jio sim providers can seem tricky for you. It is so because here directly you won’t complete the process of how to block flash messages! But indirectly to pause all annoying flash messages you can uninstall my jio app from the android device. So, though it might be simple for you to uninstall my jio app, still below get directions on how to do so.

  • Step 1. Open the settings on your smartphone.
  • Step 2. There, find out my jio app from the apps section. Once you find out about the app you have to choose my jio app for uninstalling the app.
  • Step 3. Complete the process by finally pressing the uninstall option.

Though the above method of deleting my jio app can help you to get rid of those unwanted pop-ups. But still, it won’t completely terminate the incoming of those popup flash tool kit messages. Therefore, to completely turn off those flash messages, you better contact the customer care phone number.

Final words!

Flash messages are a great means of advertisement for the sim operators about convincing the customers on recent plans. But for you, it’s not something you should tolerate. It’s in a way of invading the privacy of your mobile device without asking for your approval. Therefore, to avoid all those processes you can try the above steps on how to block flash messages! It will stop bothering you from your happy phone times!

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