The Complete List of Ok Google Commands

Can’t even imagine our lives withoutGoogle assistant - ok Google Google in modern days. We rely on Google for almost everything that we need on the Internet. Now, with Google’s Ok Google (Assistant) App, things became much easier for us to search. you can use Ok Google voice commands to send messages, get help with trivia questions, and, yes, you can even find out “weather forecast in your city!”

And, with the latest update from Google, the voice assistant’s response will sound more natural than ever. Google voice commands make your things much simpler than typing all your queries on your smartphones.

OK, Google – How To Activate & Use

You can now download the Ok Google app from the Google Play store. Here is the download link:

[appbox googleplay]

There are two ways to say a command.

  • With newer Android devices, just say “OK Google,” followed by a question or task. For example, if I wanted to know the weather, I could say “OK Google, what’s the weather report today?” and immediately Google Now would provide the forecast.
  • Tap on the microphone button in the Google search bar, and skip the “OK, Google” portion of the conversation. If the search bar isn’t on a home screen, swipe right from the primary home screen to see Google Now.

If “OK, Google” isn’t working for you, make sure that the feature is enabled. Head to the Google Now app, go to Menu > Settings > Voice > “OK Google” detection.

We searched high and low for a complete list of “OK Google” commands but came up short. So we put one together ourselves. Below is a list of commands we have verified work on Android.

The Complete List of Ok Google Commands :

The basics

  • Open [app name]. Example: “Open Facebook.”
  • Go to [website]. Ex.: “Go to”
  • Call [contact name]. Ex.: “Call Soulmate.”
  • Text or Send text to [contact name]. Ex.: “Text Rohith I’m eating fast :p “
  • Email or Send an email. Ex.: “Email Manager subject Hi message I’m running late, sorry.” You can also add CC and BCC recipients.
  • Show me my last messages. This will present a list of recent messages, and read them to you, giving you a chance to reply.
  • Create a calendar event or Schedule an appointment. Ex.: “Create a schedule to Go on a walk tomorrow at 6 a.m.”
  • Set an alarm for [specific time, or amount of time]. Ex.: “Set alarm for 5 a.m.” Or “Set alarm for 20 minutes from now.”
  • Set a timer for [X] minutes.
  • Send Hangout message to [contact name].
  • Remind me to [do a task]. Ex.: “Remind me to attend the webex session at 5 PM”.
  • Show me my pictures from [location]. Ex.: “Show me my pictures from Taj Mahal.”
  • Show me my calendar.
  • When’s my next meeting?
  • Post to Twitter
  • Post to Google+
  • Start a run.
  • Show me emails from [contact name].


  • Basic search queries. Ex.: “IPL points table.”
  • Define [word].
  • Synonyms for [word].
  • Etymology of [word].
  • What is [phrase]? Ex.: “What is YOLO?”
  • What’s the phone number of [business name]?
  • What’s the weather like? Alternative phrases such as “Do I need an umbrella?” or “Is it going to be hot tomorrow?” will return weather forecasts.
  • What’s the stock price of [company name or stock ticker]?
  • Math calculations. Ex.: “What is 2.65 percent of 2,045?”
  • Who is [person’s name]?
  • How do I [task]? Ex.: “How do I fix a hole in my wall?” :p
  • How tall is [person, landmark, building]?
  • Show me pictures of [object or person]. Ex.: “What does Mount Everest look like?” or “Show me pictures of cute kittens.”
  • What sound does [animal] make? Ex: “What sound does cat make?”


  • Take me home.
  • Take me to work.
  • What’s the traffic like on the way to work?
  • Map of [city or a specific location in a city]. Ex.: “Map of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.”
  • Where is [business name or location]?
  • Directions or Navigate to [address, name, business name, type of business, or other destination].
  • How do I get to [destination] by [walking, bike, bus, train, etc.]?
  • How far is [address, city, or other location]?
  • Where is the nearest fast-food restaurant? or near-by hospital?


  • Sports updates. Ex.: “Who is the winner of IPL 2016?”
  • Sports scores.
  • Show me the trailer for [movie title].
  • Play me a video of [random idea]. Ex.: “Show me a video of cute kittens fighting.”
  • Find out what song is playing. What is this song? or Who is this?
  • Listen to [type of music, playlist, song, artist, album]. Ex.: “Listen to workout playlist.”
  • Movie show times. What’s playing? or Movies nearby.
  • If a song is playing, ask questions about the artist. For instance, “Where is she from?” (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)
  • Play [X song] by [X artist] on Spotify.

Random tips and tricks

  • Show me gift ideas for [holiday, special occasion].
  • How to stop hair fall?
  • Give me a love quote.
  • What does the fox say?
  • How many calories are in [food item]?
  • When will my package arrive? (This assumes a tracking number is found in your Gmail account.)
  • Do a barrel roll.
  • Roll a die.
  • Flip a coin.
  • What is your favorite color?

Control phone and adjust settings

  • Take a selfie.
  • Take a picture.
  • Turn on my flashlight.
  • Turn on/off [Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC].
  • Find my phone. You can do this on a computer using Chrome to find, and play a sound on your lost phone.
  • Increase/decrease brightness.
  • Increase/decrease volume.


  • Translate [phrase or word] to [language]. Ex.: “Translate where is the washroom to Hindhi.”
  • Show me [honeymoon, India, France, etc.] destinations.
  • Looking for [food type, restaurant name].
  • When viewing details for a restaurant, you can say “Show me the menu” to bring up a menu.
  • What time is it in [city name]?
  • Currency conversion. Ex.: “How much is 1000 Euros worth in dollars?”
  • Is my flight on time? Assuming your flight information is in your Gmail account.
  • Show me my flight info.
  • What does flight [airline and flight number] land/take off?
  • What time does [business name] open?

If you find any other command missing from our list, Please comment below. We’ll include that also to the list. Cheers!


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