5 Simple Tips to Improve Alexa Page Rank

Alexa rank is one of the popularly used metrics to calculate your website rankings. Previously Google page rank used to be a top ranking tool for giving rankings to sites. But now Google announced that they may not update Google Page Ranks anymore. So all eyes are now focused on Alexa rankings.

There are other metrics also available like Moz Rank, Quantcast, Domain Authority, etc. but they all update ranking once in a month. Unlike these tools, Alexa updates both global and country rankings every single day.  So that’s why it got an enormous response from Webmasters and bloggers.

improve alexa rank of a website

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a California based web informative company which is acquired by Amazon in 1999. It is one of the coolest product for web developers from Amazon. It helps the business and marketing to reach their right audience and grow your business. It is proved software for marketing and sales growth for many companies.

Alexa is aimed at building a high-class web engine to help people on how to get traffic to their blogs, how to do SEO, how to find good marketing strategies, what are the highest paid keywords, etc. along with a lot more other interesting metrics.

Lol : Alexa rank of alexa.com is 3,586

How Alexa Calculates Rankings:

The algorithm which they use to calculate rankings is a very simple one. It is completely based on the number of visitors for that site who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers.

The traffic is based on page reaches and page views. Page reach is the number of Alexa toolbar installed visitors visits the site in a single day. Whereas page views refer to how many times a particular URLs/ Pages visited by Alexa users. Alexa clearly defines that if a particular visitor visits the same URL multiple times in a single day, all those views are considered as one.

Alexa rankings are completely in contrast to google page ranking. In Google page rank, if your page has a high number in ranking then it means it is doing well. But here in Alexa system, the lower your ranking number, the better it is performing.

Alexa ranking is mainly focused on traffic from the people who are installed in the Alexa toolbar only. So blogs whose topics are related to tech stuff or blogging tends to rank well than other niche websites. Because most of the bloggers install Alexa toolbar to check their blog rankings. So they tend to get better rankings. Focus on traffic from people with Alexa toolbar to boost your rankings.

5 Simple Tips to Improve Alexa Rankings:

  • Write Often, Publish at least one quality post per day

It is one of the good sign that why people considers the ranking system of Alexa. For better rankings, you need to update your blog every day. No one loves to get into rarely updated or dead blogs. Fresh content can boost your rankings at an enormous rate. Do publish 2-3 posts per day to observe better improvements in the rank.

  • Install Alexa Toolbar

As we’ve mentioned earlier, traffic from Alexa toolbar installed users helps you to get better rankings. Assume that you visit your own site 15-20 times a day so that it helps you to perform better. Alexa toolbar is available for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Spend your 5 minutes to install it to your browser. Tell your friends also to install this toolbar. Here is the download link: www.alexa.com/toolbar

  • Place Alexa rank widget in your website

Alexa rank widget shows the current rank of your website. Having it on your website leads to rank better. For that, you have to register your site/blog in alexa.com and have to paste the code which they’ll give in our website source code.

  • Write about Blogging tips or share your blogging experiences

Writing about blogging is one of the main strategies to get a better Alexa rank. Most of the bloggers would have definitely installed Alexa toolbars to check their rankings. Hence write about blogging and attracting the bloggers helps you a lot. If your website’s main picture is not blogging, at least write about your blogging experiences.

  • Be active on social media

Most of the new bloggers will be active on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Facebook groups are much useful for bloggers to get to know about blogging. So target them, post your articles over there. Those groups will be having strict moderation so don’t post any spam posts. Coming to other social media platform, Google+, many of the normal users won’t use Google+ much. Only people from a blogging background uses it for driving traffic. So being active on Google+ will helps you much.


So these are the 5 simple tips which help you to improve your Alexa rank. If you have followed any other tactics and worked for you, just let us know through comments. Cheers!

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