How many people can watch HBO Max at once?

How many people can watch HBO Max at once – Every time you subscribe to a streaming platform like HBO MAX, the first question that strikes to mind is how many people can watch HBO MAX at once!

Usually, it gets a bit pricey to subscribe to a streaming platform by yourself. However, you can share the subscription with others on the condition of sharing money. So, coming to the main content of the topic, you would find the answer straight away from below.

how many people can watch hbo max at once

How many people can use HBO MAX at once?

The HBO platform permits up to 3 devices at once to watch from the platform. However, you should also know that you won’t have any hindrances or limits to logging in with multiple devices. But you can only watch three different show videos at once for one HBO MAX subscribed account.

So, is your mind already mingled? Don’t worry below you will find the profile and account-related information about the same and perhaps in a little more detail.

HBO MAX comparison with other HBO services.

So, as of now, it is clear for you that you can watch three different contents at max from the HBO account. And that does not matter if the users are viewing content from the same profile or have made a distinct profile for it. People consider HBO MAX subscription plans as much more advanced as compared to the past HBO offered services.

The main reason for their likeness towards HBO MAX is that up to three people can view different contents with the plan. However, the earlier plans like the HBO GO even though it allows the registration of three devices, enable two screens at a time to play videos. But with HBO max things are pretty different. You can register for devices as much as you want.

How many people can watch HBO MAX at once for ad-supported and non-ad-supported plans?

For HBO MAX plans there are two types of pricing available for the viewers. The first affordable MAX ad-supported plan is available at $9.99 monthly. And the original without ad-supported monthly plans are functional at $14.99. For both the plans, the limit per content at once is the same. That is, only three individuals can streamline HBO MAX simultaneously. But there are some structural differences between HBO MAX ad-free and ad-based plans-

  • The ad-based plan there includes a share of four minutes of advertisements per hour of streaming.
  • Those movies which get released in HBO MAX at the same time as their theatre release are only available for the ad-free plan.
  • The ad-based plan won’t include the facility of downloading content for further viewing in offline mode.

Overall, as a reality check, you should know that only a few videos on HBO MAX are accessible in the 4K streaming quality. And the rest are available especially for ad-based plans at 1080 p.

Where is HBO MAX available?

After knowing how many people can use HBO MAX at once! It is important to consider in which areas HBO MAX is available. Unfortunately, HBO MAX is not available in all regions.

The majority of the HBO streaming services are played across European countries. Mainly it has been played in Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and other western countries. The UK is not included in the list of European states where HBO MAX has often been streamed. However, HBO Max can be syndicated via third-party TV providers.

What are HBO MAX profiles?

HBO MAX profiles are different from your HBO account. While your HBO account can be accessible for up to three people to stream videos but HBO MAX profiles the number can extend to up to six profiles. The HBO MAX profiles are not restricted to a particular account. You can open your profile on multiple accounts. The profile helps you to add series to the watchlist, mark as favorite the shows you like and which are different from the other users of the same account. And based on your profile liking all the separate added profiles on your account will get distinct personalized recommendations.

How to add profiles to the HBO MAX account?

After knowing how many people can watch HBO MAX at once! You must know how to add maximum profiles to your subscribed account so that the HBO team can offer you a more customized result. Below you will find two ways for adding HBO MAX profiles.

Way no. 1. (Adding to the adult profile).

  • Step 1. For adding an HBO MAX profile, you first have to open the HBO MAX app. Then directly tap on the profile icon. The profile icon is available at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then click on the switch profiles section.
  • Step 2. If you want to add an adult profile then click on the add adult section.
  • Step3. Then you will be instructed to input the person’s name from where you have to select the colour ring. The color ring helps you in separating a particular profile from another.
  • Step 4. And finally, click on the save option.

Way no. 2. (Adding the kid profile).

The second option available to you is adding the kid’s profile. For that follow the following steps-

  • Step 1. For adding an HBO MAX kid’s profile, you first have to open the HBO MAX app. Then, again click on the profile section followed by switch profiles.
  • Step 2. For adding a kid profile, you have to click on add kid.
  • Step 3. For first-time users of kids’ profiles, you have to enter a pin sent to you. This pin works as functionality in locking all the mature contents.
  • Step 4. After that, you have to input the child’s name followed by choosing a child profile colour ring. You will also be asked to enter the birthday. Once done, select next.
  • Step5. There’s an option called parental control also available on the site. It helps you in rating the content you want to show your kids. Once done, then just click on save.

What is streaming on too many devices error refer to?

Every time your account exceeds the enlisted limitation of streaming for more than three devices, you will get an error notification like streaming on too many devices. If you receive that message when you are not using your device for streaming. Then anytime you can check which of the devices are using the account for watching the series. Here’s, how to track other devices that are using your HBO MAX account-

  • Step 1. At first, you have to sign in to your HBO MAX app from your tablet, phone, or desktop.
  • Step 2. If you are using your phone, then click on the profile icon appearing on the front page. Followed by that, visit the settings option. There, tap on the upper left corner.And in case you are using a computer, then you have to directly click on the upper right corner from where you have to pick the profile icon.
  • Step 3. Select the manage devices option. In that section, you will find a list of the devices that have been used for accessing the HBO MAX account.

What are devices that HBO MAX supports?

HBO MAX contents luckily can be streamed in almost all types of screen sizes and distinct devices. Some of the main device types where HBO MAX videos get featured are-

  • On Android TV.
  • From the 4th generation onwards, it is supported on Apple Televisions.
  • All versions of android tablets and iPhones support HBO MAX.
  • The Amazon Fire TV.
  • All types of Apple iOS devices including iPad touch, iPhone, and iPad are supported for HBO contents.

Tricks to use HBO MAX content for more than three people.

As opposed to the few assumptions available online, you don’t have any limitations on the number count for logging in to the HBO MAX account. However, though you can log in to maximum devices at the same time the problem comes in times of streamlining for more than three screens. So, here’s the solution.

Download the HBO show on your devices.

One of the popular strategies you can apply to watch video content other than the streamlined ones is just by downloading the video. Yes, you always have the option to download videos when there are more than three individuals to accommodate.

So, just fulfil the procedure to download HBO videos-

  • Step 1. You first have to own the HBO MAX app on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2. After that, you have to select the series episode which you want to download.
  • Step 3. Then, just tap on the download button.
  • Step 4. As soon as your download gets completed, the show content will be available for you to watch anytime you want. One can even watch the downloaded content when they are offline.

Final words!

Among the very few most popular streamlining services available all over the world, HBO MAX ranks the list. With some of the awesome shows like Young Sheldon, Paradise lost, etc viewers never miss the opportunity to subscribe to the amazing platform. But the main question that lies is: how many people can use HBO MAX at once! And the answer is three for streaming simultaneously.

Lastly, at the end of the article, the problem of three people using it at once has also been resolved through downloading the contents. So, don’t have a second thought if HBO MAX is available in your region, and just pay a subscription to it, for enjoying the out-of-the-box shows and movies.


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