15+ Apps like Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware You Should Definitely Try Out!

Norton Mobile Security - Antivirus & Anti-Malware

Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware, one of the popular and best apps in TOOLS category owned by NortonMobile. Norton Mobile Security is available on Google playstore to download and install for free.

Here in this detailed article, we will see what are all the alternative apps available to Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware. If you want to try out similar apps like Norton Mobile Security, this is the right place for you.

We did a complete research and came up with a list of 15 best Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware alternatives you can directly install on your smartphone. In this blog post, we bring you our 15 favorites.

Top 15 Best Alternative Apps like Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware:

Norton Mobile Security, arguably, the most popular and leading app in TOOLS category. But are you bored of Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware or you feel like any of the features missing in this app? Don’t worry. Norton Mobile Security is not the only app available in TOOLS. There are tons of other alternative or similar apps available on the internet. Here are a few best ones you should try out.

We have handpicked these apps based on the popularity and ratings of the users. So without much ado, let’s check out the top 15 sites like Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware with each one in detail and it’s features highlighted.

1.Zemana Antivirus 2020: Anti-Malware & Web Security:

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Zemana Antivirus 2020: Anti tops the list of best sites like Norton Mobile Security with its popularity. It beats the other apps with the stunning interface and is more relevant to Norton Mobile Security in TOOLS. It has whopping 500,000+ app installations in Google Playstore with 4.6-star ratings.

Here is the detailed description and features of the app for you – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]* (We just added Web Protection feature and its totally FREE!)
Level up your Android device with Zemana Antivirus 2019: Anti-Malware & Web Security.
Join Zemana Antivirus Security community and:
✔ Get you antivirus cleaner
✔ Scan your Android device 5x faster
✔ Efficiently remove adware
✔ Destroy malware
✔ Preserve your private data, with our famous anti-keylogging protection*
✔ Block malicious websites (NEW & TOTALLY FREE)
Zemana Antivirus & Security has been tested and certified by #1 Antivirus testing house AVTEST.
This app has been developed by a team that believes that malware has no place in your mobile experience. It is designed to solve that problem and to help you have a malware free journey.
With Zemana Antivirus 2019: Anti-Malware & Web Security your Android device will get the most efficient antivirus and privacy protection. It is a lightweight security app that has no impact on your battery life and it’s easy to use.
★ Web Protection Feature (NEW)
Protects you from malicious websites (Chrome Browser only)
★ Real time protection
Automatically scans newly installed applications. There is no need to initiate manual scan in order to stay safe. Your Android device is protected 24/7 from virus, malware, trojan, spyware, adware, keylogger and any other security threat.
★ Automatic DB updates
Keeps your Android device stay in sync with the up-to-date threat database so you stay protected from the latest security threats.
★ Anti–Keylogger protection*
Detects and blocks malicious keyboard applications, password managers and malicious SMS applications(NEW) that are able to track everything you type.
★ 24/7 Technical Support
Stay worry-free. If a threat emerges that doesn’t want to go away, our engineers will connect to your Android device and clean up the malware manually.
★ Antivirus cleaner
Keeps your Android device clean from viruses with its brand new Cloud Scanner. Read more here: https://blog.zemana.com/release-notes-enjoy-new-zemana-mobile-antivirus-cloud-scanner/
Install Zemana Antivirus & Security FREE and scan your Android device with the fastest and most effective antivirus scan and your Android device will always be malware free.
► Upgrade now to Premium version of Zemana Antivirus & Security and protect multiple devices in your household with an advanced and proactive antivirus security solution.
Zemana Antivirus & Security is available in 16 languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Vietnamese, Bengali, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Bosnian, Croatian, Korean, Hungarian
* Some legitimate keyboard applications are modified by hackers which gives them access to track everything you type; due to the anti-keylogger, they will be detected and blocked by Zemana Antivirus & Security as malicious.
Check out our latest blog post:

  • App Installations: 500,000+
  • App Rating: 4.6 star

2.AVL Pro Antivirus & Security:

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AVL Pro Antivirus & Security is one of the most practical and useful Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware alternative app. It is constantly evolving with some useful features as well as user interface enhancements.

AVL Pro Antivirus & Security is developed and owned by AVL Team and this app is currently available on Google playstore under Editor’s Choice and TOOLS sections.

Just go through the AVL Pro Antivirus & Security app details and install it for free – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]What is our vision?
Mobile Security has been on the hot list for quite a while and there comes different kinds of mobile security tools. In the last 2 years, AVL Team did only 2 things, one is developing a world’s top local anti-virus engine for mobile and the other is bearing with so many kinds of boring and unprofessional so-called mobile security apps.
Then, AVL Pro comes, in which we are trying to concentrate on the App Security and System Security. AVL Pro is willing to provide you a new level of mobile security experience.
What is AVL Pro?
AVL Pro means it will protect you and promote your mobile security. Last but not the least, it will make you a “Pro” of your own mobile security.
AVL Pro is unlike any other mobile security tools, it is a heavily armed security framework based on the AVL engine. It acts like a radar with microscope which gives you an insight of the security details and tries to help you become an expert of your own. You can use it to identify the security threats among your looks-good apps, and also you can act like a mobile malware analyst to catch the bad guys.
What AVL Pro brings you?
APP Identification
Identify apps and classify threats into different levels, including “Malicious” and “Risky”. Malicious means trojan apps, rogue apps and Risky means hack-tools, suspicious ad-ware sdk, etc.
APP Analyzer
Analysis the insight of an app, which explore the APK package , disassemble the DEX binary, and analysis the Opcode data. And then provide you comprehensive information of each app, such as certification, installing info, package files, activity, may-used URL, may-used SMS numbers and so on.
Plug-in system
Plug-in architecture makes the core of the AVL Pro, which means you can assemble your own AVL Pro to satisfy personal security needs. And it’s open for your security ideas and e-mail us.
What AVL Team can do for you?
We apologize for any bugs and inconvenience. We fight your bugs as light speed, we cherish your 5 stars and we take your 1 star as motive power.
May the force be with you and mobile security live long and prosper!
Website: www.avlsec.com
E-mail: [email protected]
google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/111040231992087385127/posts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AVLTeam[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 500,000+
  • App Rating: 4.1 star

3.Secure WiFi:

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The most talked-about app, Secure WiFi, has also got the top 3 place in this list. It is extremely useful to fulfill TOOLS category needs. It is available to download for free on playstore.

Here is the detailed description of the app for you – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Sprint Secure Wi-Fi automatically encrypts your data when you connect to an unsecure Wi-Fi network. As soon as an unsecure Wi-Fi network is detected, Secure Wi-Fi enables a VPN connection to make sure no one can steal your passwords, hijack your login, or monitor your activity. Once the phone disconnects from the unsecure Wi-Fi network, the VPN connection automatically turns off.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 50,000+
  • App Rating: 3.7 star

4.Family Protection — Kaspersky Security Cloud:

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Another prominent application solution that won the hearts of millions of users on the playstore is Family Protection — Kaspersky Security Cloud. With 100,000+ installations and 4.6/5.0 star user aggregate ratings, it is one of the top apps in this category.

It is one of the most similar apps we found on the internet as an alternative to Norton Mobile Security. [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Get all our best Android security under one account & boost your online safety
Kaspersky Security Cloud comes with our complete range of premium security apps designed to work beautifully on your Android devices. From essentials like antivirus and malware protection to new features that let you lock your apps, extend your battery life and monitor your home Wi-Fi for intruders, our security protects you at home and on the go. Plus you get personalized alerts and new security sent straight to your devices. It’s your full security solution, under one account.
Why you need it
One account, many features
Access top-rated antivirus, privacy tools, VPN, home Wi-Fi protection, parental controls* and lots more from a single account and protect all your different devices. Includes features specially designed for your Android devices, like App Lock and Battery Life.
Cloud means performance
Our cloud-based analysis blocks threats in real-time. Plus we use cloud technologies to ensure your devices stay speedy and you get the most up-to-date protection.
Protection the moment you need it
When online dangers threaten you, our adaptive technology automatically responds to keep you safe. It blocks threats, adjusts your settings and alerts you to take action.
Remote security management
Because the service is linked to your My Kaspersky account, it’s easy to manage your security and settings – or manage security for family members* – from anywhere you can get online.
What you get
Real-time antivirus
– provides instant protection against viruses, spyware, malware & more
Instant threat detection
– automatically examines files & websites to detect & block threats
Home Wi-Fi security
– alerts you when unauthorized devices join your home network
Personalized alerts
– sends you warnings, news and tips based on your online habits
Secure and smart VPN
– automatically detects unsafe public Wi-Fi and switches on protection
Account check
– searches your accounts for data leaks and advises you if issues are found
Battery saver
– helps you identify & halt data hungry apps so you can extend your battery life
Permission checker
– lets you identify & change app permissions that could put you at risk
App lock
– allows you to protect individual apps with PIN code & fingerprint security
– prevents spam text messages reaching your devices
Safe browsing
– alerts you if you attempt to visit websites identified as malicious
– defends you from phishing sites & emails
Password management
– allows you to securely store, manage & autofill your passwords
Kids protection*
– helps you protect you kids online & beyond with a range of powerful tools
Family protection*
– install & manage security for your family from anywhere you can get online
Remote management
– manage all your security needs through an easy-to-use interface
Automatic updates
– get new security sent straight to your devices as soon as it’s released
*Family edition only
Owing to legal restrictions on the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Kaspersky Secure Connection cannot be installed in Belarus, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Pakistan and Qatar.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.6 star

5.Security & Antivirus Guard:

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You may have already heard of Security & Antivirus Guard as it is massively popular among the android users as the same app as Norton Mobile Security. It is compatible with the Android mobiles and available to download for free on Google playstore. One of the core advantages of this app is you will get a seamless experience with it’s responsive and fast interface.

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

6.Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner:

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Very similar to Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware, this app is also available on both Google playstore as well as the iOS app store. Just go ahead and download the app now to enjoy all its awesome features. It brings a lot of enthusiasm with its unique theme and UI.

The Internet is full of great stuff. But we often ignore the great apps like Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner in that. It is one of the full-packed awesome app. Install it now and enjoy the features [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Protectstar™ Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner
★★★★★ Free protection against espionage apps
★★★★★ Engine based on artificial intelligence (AI) with heuristic detection methods
★★★★★ Detection of known spy apps, Backdoors, Billing fraud, SMS fraud, Call fraud, toll fraud, commercial spyware, Denial of service (DoS), trojan downloaders, phishing, Privilege escalation, ransomware, RAT, rooting, trojans, and more that are often used by governments or law enforcement agencies
★★★★★ Detection of spies, SMS, monitoring apps, and GPS trackers
★★★★★ Protectstar™ apps are preferred by more than 2.000,000 users in 123 countries
Anti Spy has been developed to scan Android devices for potential spies effectively.
Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), real-time signature updates, and heuristic detection methods, users are proactively protected against spyware and dangerous stalkerware.
Antispyware Scanner
Anti Spy is based on the intelligent Deep Detective™ technologies that protect hundreds of thousands of our users every day against hackers and targeted espionage attacks.
The intelligent algorithms detect fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Adware, LeadBolt, Sms-Thief, Backdoors, Rooting, Sms-Fraud, Key Logger, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Ransomware, LokiBot, AirPush, etc.
Whether foreign spies, hackers, spouse, friend, boss, or a colleague, with just one click on the “SCAN” button, potential spy apps and hidden spyware processes are detected. In only a few milliseconds, Anti Spy compares all process and app signatures with many thousands of anti-espionage algorithms.
Spyware removal tool
Are you looking for an antispy mobile app? This anti spy mobile app is all you need. Our scanner cleaner protects your device against any intrusion. Is someone spying on you? Let Anti Spy handle that. Block virus spyware, prevent unauthorized tracking and surveillance monitoring by our anti-malware app. The spyware detection algorithm helps you get rid of the spyware and know spyware details. Our privacy scanner takes you to incognito against any vulnerability.
Intelligent protection against espionage & Against (un) known spyware
Anti Spy detects not only known spy apps, but also Spy-, SMS-, and GPS trackers, as well as monitoring apps often used by governments agencies in some countries.
The AI engine monitors the behavior of apps and processes. Any opportunity to spy on you using spyware, trojans, and other malware are proactively prevented.
Thanks to the real-time scanner and heuristic scanning methods, even unknown spy headers are reported.
An ideal combination
Anti Spy is perfect for use in combination with existing security solutions such as antivirus scanners and is suitable for excellent privacy protection in conjunction with Camera Guard™ and Micro Guard™.
Guarantee from Protectstar™
Protectstar™ Anti Spy does not collect any personal data of the user on any medium. The app is also ad-free. Like all our apps!
+ Free protection against espionage apps
+ Engine based on artificial intelligence with heuristic malware detection methods
+ Anti Malware features: Detects spyware and various types of malware
+ Detection of known spy apps, that are often used by governments.
+ Detects fraudulent elements like HiddenAds, FakeApps, Sms-Thief, Rooting, Exploits, BankBots, Anubis, AgentSmith, Ransomware, etc.
+ Detection of spies, SMS- and GPS trackers
+ It also detects hidden and disabled spies
+ Whitelist: Adding trusted apps to the exception list Regular updates
+ No root rights required
Features of the optional PRO edition:
+ Real-time Protection
+ Priority real-time updates
+ Set up an automatic background scan at specific days and times
+ Enhanced heuristic anti-spy engine to detect more unknown spy apps
+ Enhanced AI Cloud (Artificial Intelligence Cloud)
+ Detects suspicious malware on Android TV[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.3 star

7.Bitdefender Central:

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Another best app makes into the top 10 list is Bitdefender Central. Bitdefender Central app resembles Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware in many ways, the UI and content especially.

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.3 star

8.Green Guard – Phone Cleaner, Battery Saver:

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It offers nearly as many features as Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware with some stunning content with great outfit. It’s a fantastic Norton Mobile Security alternative and popular among android users.

Read more about this app from this space – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Green Guard will give you a totally new optimization strategy for your Android phone,features includes Junk Files,Memory boost,Battery Saver,CPU Cooler and Useful Features,it which can optimize your android performance.your phone will be cleaner and faster than anytime before, even on non-root devices.
▶ Is your phone always heated?
▶ Your device started to freeze, lag and performing slowly?
▶ Your Battery started to run out faster than ever before?
▶ Smart Battery Saver- Battery draining quicker than ever?
▶ Effective Speed Booster & Smart Cache Cleaner-Lacking space for new apps and photos?
● Junk Files
● Memory boost
● Battery Saver
● CPU Cooler
● Similar Image
● Notification Cleaner
● Video Manager
● Clipboard Manager
● Network Monitor
● App Manager
● Phone Info
★ Junk Files
Cache Junk, APK Files, Memory Junk, Residual Files and File Junk are normally Android files that are automatically generated day by day when using your phone, they will slow down your device and occupy your SD card and phone memory.
Our target is to free up your phone space, give you a Green Space! Just one tap to scan your phone and customize the junks you want to delete, hundreds of cache and junk files will be found and deleted by your own operation.
★ Memory boost
Boost applications that are running in the background and clean up your RAM (memory) to boost up your device’s performances with one tap.
★ Battery Saver
By analyzing battery usage, we will find those applications which are draining your phone battery, they are running in the background and consuming your power out. Our target is to give you a Green Battery! Just one tap to extend your battery time easily.
★ CPU Cooler
Green Guard monitors CPU temperature and detects apps that are overheating. By killing heavy resource consuming apps, you can reduce CPU usage, lag or laggy issues as well.
★ Useful Features
▶ Similar Image — It is Lightweight, fast and simple app which allows you to remove similar photos to save storage space in easy and comfortable way
▶ Video Manager — Quick filtering of the same video resources on mobile phones
▶ Notification Cleaner — Too many junk notifications in your phone, and make your phone annoyed, just use the powerful notification cleaner of virus cleaner to oganize notifications
▶ Clipboard Manager — It is simple and powerful application to manage your clipboard, keep history, fast access to your notes in history, etc.
▶ Network Monitor — This is a mini network monitor for your phone,It monitors the upload and download speed per second
▶ App Manager — Easy to batch uninstall unwanted Apps. Scan and clean redundant APK files
▶ Phone Info — Real time monitoring of device info
If you have any questions about Green Guard, please email us at:
[email protected].[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

9.ZoneAlarm Mobile Security:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacMobile security & Antivirus protection from Malware, ransomware & WiFi attacks
ZoneAlarm Mobile Security for Android provides you with the essential layers of defense you need, but don’t get from free solutions.
Get your 7-day free trial of ZoneAlarm’s enterprise grade technology.

Why do you need [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]a mobile security app?
We’re are the main target of cyber criminals –
Why? Because we’re using smartphones more than any other device.
We’re not safe –
Smartphones are so convenient, therefore can easily lead us into believing we’re safe from cyber attacks. That’s no longer true! Phishing attacks, for example, are 3 times more successful on smart phones.
Hackers’ motivation –
Our relaxed and trusting attitude towards our phones is the exact reason why hackers are focusing their efforts on creating various types of viruses.
What can we lose?
Hackers can steal your photos, videos, bank app login, or office network access credentials. They can even take control of your microphone.

Where attacks are taking place
Unprotected mobile phones are vulnerable to attacks in three ways:
Apps –
We love them, but download the wrong one and you can unleash a destructive virus
WiFi network –
You’re on WiFi and unaware of a hidden hacker in the middle of the session intercepting your data.
Operating system –
It’s the heart and brain of our phones, so if compromised, a hacker can take full control of your camera, microphone, data, and more.

The solution –ZoneAlarm Mobile Security
– The best pure security app for mobile devices.
Here’s why:
First line of defense: Apps

Antivirus protection –
Scans for malware infected apps.

Anti-ransomware –
Uses behavioral algorithms to stop attempts to take your
device hostage.

Zero-day attacks –
Protects you against new and unknown malware.

Microphone misuse –
Issues rapid notification of a suspicious use of your microphone.
Second line of defense: Network

Anti-Phishing –
Real-time protection from phishing attacks across all apps: email, messaging, and social. Any link you click on is instantly inspected and blocks any attempt to redirect you to a phishing site. The Anti-Phishing capability is powered by Check Point’s ThreatCloud™, the industry’s largest collaborative network and knowledge base for cyber attacks.

Safe Browsing –
Blocks browser access to malicious sites established to steal your information, infect your device with viruses, or root/jailbreak into it — based on the dynamic security intelligence provided by Check Point ThreatCloud™.

WiFi Network Security –
Detects malicious network behavior and Man-in-the-Middle attacks, automatically alerting you to disconnect from a malicious network.

Anti-Bot –
Blocks data such as photos, documents, credentials etc. from being stolen and sent to malicious hackers.
Third line of defense: Operating system

Device shield –
Alert you of suspicious processes and settings that can compromise your safety.

Break alert –
Alerts you if someone has gained control over your operating system.

Your experience is our priority

100% privacy –
We don’t collect or share your personal information.

No ads –
Our app is hassle-free. You won’t see ads, even during your trial.

Low device resources –
Minimal effect on battery life.

Interactive user interface –
Our app is sleek, fast, and easy-to-use.
ZoneAlarm is the consumer products business unit of Check Point Software Technologies, the world’s leading cyber security company. As a ZoneAlarm customer, you benefit from the same advanced technology securing large, global enterprises.
For more information visit:

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 3.7 star

10.Trend Micro ID Security & Privacy Guard:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacLooking for simple and powerful identity theft protection app? Get ID Security from Trend Micro NOW!
Trend Micro
Trend Micro Incorporated
, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our innovative solutions for consumers, busin[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]esses, and governments provide layered security for data centers, cloud workloads, networks, and endpoints. With more than 6,000 employees in 50 countries and the world’s most advanced global threat research and intelligence,
Trend Micro
enables organizations to secure their connected world and shield their privacy. For more information, visit www.trendmicro.com and protect your identity with Trend Micro ID Security best theft prevention app.
ID Security
checks if any of your personal information has started circulating around the Dark Web👁🗨, a collection of websites on an encrypted network carefully hidden from popular web browsers and search engines. Criminals use the
Dark Web
to buy, sell, and distribute personal information and ID stolen from the victims of data breaches that affect user’s privacy and protection of card identity and make it real hard to make identity theft protection and identity protection with right apps for theft security and theft prevention .
ID Security Key Features:
Trend Micro’s provides the best protection and data handling practices to ensure your data is handled in accordance with the highest security standards.
ID Security
is a top notch identity guard🕵, it first hashes the data you enter on the app (essentially converting the text to an irreversible number) before sending it through an encrypted connection to check it against Trend Micro’s Dark Web database and apply theft security.
ID Security
encrypts your hashed personal data we monitor to add an additional layer of identity theft protection🔐. If
ID Security
finds that data collected from the Dark Web matches the data you enter, we will alert you so you can take action to protect your ID and shield your privacy and card identity and identity protection and theft prevention.
Email Checker
See if the email address you use for online accounts has appeared on the Dark Web due to a data breach. If it finds your address, the app shows exactly which accounts suffered the breach so you immediately know which passwords to change for best identity protection and theft security.
Credit Card Checker
Find out if someone has stolen your credit card number💳 and put it on the Dark Web, protect your card identity.
Password Checker
You should not only use unique passwords for all of your accounts but also choose passwords that nobody else has ever used.
ID Security
can see if you have used a password currently in circulation on the Dark Web, with this identity guard🕵, you will shield all your sensitive information with theft security and theft prevention.
Dark Web Personal Data Monitor
ID Security
works as a Identity  guard that can scour the Dark Web for sensitive personal like information your bank account numbers, driver’s license data, social security number, and passport details and then immediately alert you if they ever appear and make sure the best identity theft protection from Trend Micro ID Security best identity protection🔐.
GDPR Compliant
Trend Micro
take your privacy seriously and complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to protect your data and ID. Read Trend Micro ID Security’s data collection notice here:
Quickly check if your personal data has reached the
Dark Web
with just a few taps[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

11.MobiClean – Mobile Cleaner & Battery Saver:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacGet strong protection and smart optimization of your Android device with the MobiClean app. It comes decked with fantastic optimization features like
Mobile Cleaner, Game Speed Booster, AntiMalware, RAM speed up, CPU Cooler, Photo Management, and Battery Saver.
Key Features Of Mobi Clean App:
1. Dee[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]p Cleaning- Junk(trash) and cache cleaning
Here are Features of the
mobile cleaner app
that are darted to clean your phone.
a)🔥Mobile Trash Cleaner – A fast cleaner to wipe out the trash
Intelligent and quick scanning of your complete device so that additional space can be created. It finds out and deletes all the junk files that hamper the performance of your Android device. This may include app cache, APK files, residual files, temp files, etc.
b) 📷Duplicate Photo Remover – A smart way to delete unwanted photos
Managing the photos was never this easy. Create more space by deleting the photos that look the same or are blurry and hold no good use in your gallery except for occupying space.
2. Key features of Mobile Cleaner app that can speed up your Android
Speed up your Android with
RAM Speed up and Game Speed Booster
a) 🚀RAM Speed up – A one-tap operation to boost the device’s speed
Increase the operating speed of your Android phone in just one tap. It kills the unnecessary processes that keep the RAM busy. This feature is an excellent way to get a visibly boosted device.
b) 🎮 Game Speed Booster – Boost the speed of your game in a tap
Who wouldn’t want their game to be free of interruption? This feature of the mobile cleaner app offers an amazing gameplay experience by killing the background processes. No lags, no glitches, sheer fun.
3. Advantageous features of the junk file cleaner app
MobiClean comes with other supportive features that can help you get a 360-degree optimized device.
a) 👑AntiMalware- A robust security system
This feature keeps your phone completely out of reach of all the infections that can degrade your phone and hamper the sensitive data on it.
b) 🔋Battery Saver – A system to hold the battery consumption
You can enjoy a prolonged battery duration by using the
battery saver
feature. It elongates the battery duration by keeping it at a fixed level for a certain time. This makes sure that the battery is not consumed in the unwanted processes.
c) ❄️CPU Cooler – A temperature regulator for Android devices
Heating and Android device goes hand in hand. Such problems are very common in Android devices. Protect your Android device’s internal assembly from suffering through high or irregular temperature levels.
MobiClean is a single entity that can maintain the overall functionality of your Android device and that too very quickly. This junk file cleaner app is the staunch program that will optimize the performance of your Android device.
An extensive mobile cache cleaner app that comes embedded with intuitive features like
Trash cleaner, Game Booster, AntiMalware, RAM speed up, CPU Cooler, Photo Management, and Battery Saver
. An intensive pocket cleaner exclusively for your Android device. Download now[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

12.G DATA Mobile Security Light:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacG Data AntiVirus free is now G DATA Mobile Security Light for Android!
Use our reliable malware scanner to check your device memory or downloads for malware such as Trojans, viruses or spyware, and analyze the authorizations of installed apps to detect suspicious behavior and phishing,
with no negat[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]ive impact on battery life or device performance.
► Seamless security
Since November 2017 G DATA Mobile Security for Android has detected every malware in the last five AV-TEST test series.
And the best thing is that you can use this app to try out the full version of G Data Mobile Security for Android for a full 30 days, free of charge and with no obligation! Enjoy using the many additional features such as comprehensive parental controls for protecting your children when surfing, playing games and learning on the Android smartphone or tablet.
If you then want to continue using the functions in the premium version, such as the excellent anti-theft protection, parental controls, protection against phishing and when surfing and active protection against malicious apps, you can easily purchase a license in-app, either for 1 year (EUR 13.40) or 1 month (EUR 1.67, automatically renewed monthly until canceled). The trial period ends automatically after 30 days. However, the LIGHT version will still provide complete virus protection and show you the permissions for all installed apps.
The following features in the premium version will cease to be available at the end of the trial period:
• Advanced Scan
• Phishing protection / protection while surfing
• Parental controls
• Theft protection (lock the device and wipe data remotely, plus notification, location and device lock in case the SIM card is changed, and location when the battery is low)
• Password protection for apps
The following functions will remain available on expiry of the trial period:
• Protection against dangerous apps (checking for malware before and after installation plus on-demand system and memory card scans)
• Authorization checking
This app uses the Device Administrator permission for theft protection[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 3.9 star

13.Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacWebroot antivirus, internet security, and identity protection
Webroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile Free keeps you secure when browsing, shopping, and banking on your Android™ device. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
► Automatically scans apps for malware and viruses
► Set[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ] it and forget it – continuous protection without interruptions or slowdowns
• App Inspector – Scans all apps and identifies those that can harm your device.
• More info on Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile: http://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/products/android
• Troubleshoot issues with installation or logging in: https://answers.webroot.com/Webroot/Login.aspx?pid=11&login=1&app=vw&solutionid=1925
• Need support?: http://www.webroot.com/us/en/support/support-hom[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 3.5 star

14.Xumi Security:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacXumi Security is designed to provide users with control over their device security helping them to take corrective action, restrict access, to their device and safeguard personal information.
Xumi Security is designed to check for and resolve known security vulnerabilities. Xumi Security empowers us[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]ers to protect sensitive information stored on the phone.
Mobile devices have become a primary tool for a multitude of business and personal applications, such as payment, banking, storing passwords, sending private emails and managing our security systems. They are also very vulnerable to malicious applications that are a serious privacy risk.
Xumi Security does not require a subscription, or upgrades, and is add free[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000+
  • App Rating: 4.6 star

15.Malwarebytes Call Protection:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacMalwarebytes Call Protection
Block scams and protect your privacy, for free! Malwarebytes Call Protection provides free protection against scam calls and text (SMS) messages.
Call Protection helps you avoid scam calls using crowd-sourced data. SMS Protection protects against texts from known bad pho[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]ne numbers as well as messages containing scam links[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000+
  • App Rating: 4.1 star

Similar Apps to Norton Mobile Security – Conclusion:

Checking out the random alternative apps to Norton Mobile Security on the internet is not the wisest thing you can do. That’s why we have come up with the exhaustive filtered list of best and popular similar apps available on the internet for you. We have curated 15 best TOOLS apps that are same as Norton Mobile Security.

Norton Mobile Security has been extensively popular worldwide, however, it doesn’t mean that there are no downsides of it. It doesn’t even mean that there are no Norton Mobile Security alternatives that are as decent as this or even better than Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware app. There are many apps available with all the features available in the Norton Mobile Security app and even with a better user interface.

So try out these Norton Mobile Security – Antivirus & Anti-Malware alternative apps and share your experiences. We are concluding this article on Top 15 best alternate apps like Norton Mobile Security with this. If you have any other similar app in mind, do let us know through comments. Cheers!

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