10 Best Alternatives to Wordle

Looking for creating a word cloud for your professional needs? Then you must go through these 10 Best alternatives to Wordle for creating awesome tag clouds.

Word clouds are fun and ideal for eLearning professionals and look for methods to visually represent texts and make students think creatively about any topic. Whether its content within a learning course or the learners’ writings, the word cloud plays a significant role everywhere.

Now, if you’re not aware of this term Word Cloud, the word cloud is a novelty visual representation of different phrases of data you put in the form of text; these data are generally single words and not sentences. These phrases appear in the cloud in various sizes; the more the repetitiveness of a single word, the bigger it appears in the cloud.

The only problem is there are so many similar applications that work in the same concept of word clouding, and it becomes challenging to find the one that works best and meets your needs.

Wordle is a popular application and helps create a word cloud without knowing graphic designing or arts and turning a boring presentation into interactive art. Also, it requires Javascript to create Word clouds, but is there any alternative to it?

wordle alternatives

10 Best Alternatives to Wordle:

In this blog, I have mentioned ten best alternatives to wordle so if you’re interested in something similar, keep reading the blog until the end.

#1 Wordart.com

Wordart, also is formerly known as Tagul, is our first site like Wordle or wordle alternative. It is a web service that enables us to create tag/word cloud and is one of my preferred tools for generating word clouds for my project.

Wordart.com creates remarkable images and one of the best wordle alternatives you can find on the internet.

There are many features in wordart.com which you won’t find in Wordle like choosing personalized shapes and an option for multiple fonts.

You can log in to wordart.com by just registering your email, and it’s free to use.

#2 Edwordle

Edwordle is a tool similar to Wordle, where you can generate an initial cloud from the input text or an existing one, and it is among the best sites like Wordle.

You can create custom visualization by adding or deleting words, recoloring, re-font, moving, and rotating your tags with Edwordle.

You don’t need any email id or user details for logging in, visit the website, and use all the services.

Overall, the interface of the website is simple and doesn’t require much hassle to understand things. You can paste the words you want to create a word cloud or type it on the website. And wait for the magic to happen.

#3 ABCya word clouds

ABCya is our third wordle alternative, which has a much better interface than Wordle and many differences to look for.

There are numerous customization options available at ABCya online website, and making a word cloud has never been easier than this.

Though both sites are very similar, ABCya is more towards attractive interfaces and works great with children; there are much better and cool fonts options, colours, layout, etc.

To export your work in ABCya, you can download it in jpeg or print it if you want to.

Like Edwordle, you don’t need any email registration or login details; you can visit the website and get all the services online for free.

#4 Word it Out

WorditOut has the option to create a word cloud with three different modes. Normal text where you have to type or paste any text or file and tool will automatically select it for creation depending on your frequently used words. No filter will create the same text or tags that you paste or type. And the last is the table where you can paste spreadsheet files or make a table and generate word clouds using the text or file.

Overall, WorditOut is an attractive web application for users; its more prominent texts and so many visual options make it a lot different than other Word cloud applications out there.

The best part is you can make word clouds on t-shirts, Cars, cups, or any object or merch where you want to print your art with; all the differences you find on the website and style options available on WorditOut is worth trying out.

#5 VocabGrabber

VocabGrabber is another site like Wordle and wordle alternative, that has one of the phenomenal website experiences that makes it perfect for the students to create a word cloud.

In VocabGrabber, you can type tags or paste your word file with over 20000 characters at a time; you can change the font, theme, and colour and bring in your style for the Word cloud. And with all words being published on the website, it picks the most important and relevant terms and transforms it into a word cloud depending on the context.

It is free to use and has a very straightforward website overview that makes it simple to create what you’re looking for.

#6 TagCrowd

TagCrowd is another site like Wordle and wordle alternative. It has a very straightforward and similar interface like Edwordle, where you don’t have to log in or give any email address and paste the word/tag in the box provided and click on visualize, and get your word cloud done in a snap of time.

TagCrowd displays the cloud depending on your number of words used, more the number of words used, larger the size it’s going to be than the other, and allows you to see the frequency of the words that you won’t find in any other Worldly alternatives. You can have access to all without art and design knowledge along with changing layout, size, and color.

TagCrowd works with many other languages, along with English.

#7 Tagxedo

Tagxedo is one of the most intriguing and famous tools for creating a word cloud and one of the best Wordle alternatives you can use.

It gives its users one of the best experiences while creating word clouds, though it is in beta version now, and soon will be upgraded to a premium subscription.

It has a 30-day free trial and offers sufficient functionalities for free versions like choice over 30 themes, 30 fonts, and 30 free shapes to choose from, making it one of the best alternatives for Wordle.

You can turn any speech, slogan, love letters, articles to a great looking word cloud and let you share in the social media to showcase your work to your friends and followers.

#8 Imagechef

Imagechef is a group of imaging units, and its word cloud tool included in it makes it one of the best alternatives to Wordle.

It is a free website that offers some of the outstanding features and themes, making the whole process of creating a word cloud easier and intriguing.

Though Imagechef has nothing special or unique to offer than Wordle, there are many more options in terms of font size, colours, and themes, which you can surely try to get some different perspective regarding your art.

And I’m sure; if you’re looking for something similar to wordle or wordle alternatives, you won’t regret sure.

#9 Make Word Mosaic

From my personal experience of using Make word Mosaic, it is one of the best creative platforms for students who often create word clouds. If you have used Wordle before, try to make a word mosaic and give it a try, there is a higher chance that you won’t use Wordle again, which makes one of the best wordle alternatives.

You can try out numerous options to make your word cloud look more attractive and stylish; it provides multiple colour options, font types, and themes and lets the whole process of creating a word cloud a lot easier.

It doesn’t stick to just one format or theme, making the user more curious about their work instead of expecting the same design all the time, which further makes students try out different options and experiment with their art.

#10 ToCloud

ToCloud is another free and Wordle alternative that helps in creating unique word clouds in real-time.

One difference I loved is that, previously, in all the applications, you have heard of the process where the word that is repeated is being sized according to it. Instead of choosing the number of repetitiveness, it selects based on a weight associated with them; the most decadent word represented by the user is in the giant form in the word cloud.

ToCloud is also a popular web 2.0 tool and has been used by many blog and website owners to bring in the difference they always wanted too and impress their visitors; you can try to get the same.

Wordle Alternatives – Conclusion.

These are the ten best wordle alternatives and sites like Wordle that are worth trying out if you’re looking for something similar.

Wordle is an excellent application until you have a JavaScript, and for rest, you can try out the ten sites like Wordle mentioned.

Art in particular for everyone, and everyone has their way of representing what looks good for them, and trying out these sites like Wordle can give them a broader perspective to their word cloud art and help them decide the best option. Hope we are able to help you with sites like Wordle. Keep visiting www.techtipsunfold for awesome tech updates.

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