How to Schedule Mail in Gmail {3 Simple Ways}

Gmail is not restricted to just sending and receiving emails, but from time to time it has emerged with something new creative to attract their users. Gmail can be collaborated with many apps to experience a wonderful email service. Apart from giving more storage and faster system, Gmail’s security feature is also very powerful. Here we will discuss on How to Schedule mail in Gmail.

schedule emails in gmail

Scheduling an email will make you more reliable, professional and dependable. Also it can help those people who have client overseas and who have a different time zone. Just schedule mail in gmail as per the time zone of your client and you are done. So scheduling email is important and effective.

In this article we will guide you to schedule your mail and track them by using the Gmail service with a third party apps like RightInbox & Boomerang. So let’s get ready to send your first scheduled email for free with these two applications.

How to schedule Email in Gmail using Boomerang :

Boomerang is an excellent third party service to schedule and send emails for free of cost. You want to go for a holiday over the weekend and at the same time you have a send an important email. Don’t worry, Boomerang is there to rescue you. All you have to do is just schedule your email in gmail using Boomerang.

Here is the step by step guide to schedule emails in Gmail using Boomerang.

  • Open Boomerang website. There you can able to see option like ‘Add this to your E-mail’. Just click on that.
  • Once you click on that option, one pop-up will appear to add chrome extension. Please refer to the image below. If you disabled pop ups on your browser, just go ahead and unblock for that particular site.
  • Click on ‘Add Boomerang for Gmail to Chrome’ button in pop up. Once chrome extension is added, you will get a confirmation and on the top right corner you should be able to see Boomerang icon.

schedule emails in gmail-1

  • If you are logged into your Gmail account, this extension will be added directly into the account. Otherwise it will ask you to login to your the Gmail account.
  • Now go to your Gmail account, click on the Compose mail button at the top left side of screen.
  • Now just compose the mail by adding the sender email address, subject and body. You can see a send later option just below the send option as shown in the screenshot.
  • There are plenty of options available for you to choose date and time. After choosing the time and date at which you wish the send the mail, just click on the send later button. It will ask for few permissions. Click on Accept button to grant Boomerang to get third party permission.
  • Just click on the send button now. It’ll automatically sends the E-mail according to time and date you schedule.

Features of Boomerang other than Just Scheduling emails in Gmail

There are even more features you will get once you use boomerang. One of the feature that I would like to mention here is – Measure of responsiveness of your email.

Boomerang uses Artificial Intelligence on millions of emails to measure the effectiveness of your composed email. You will get insights about readability of email, Subject length, Words count and whether a receiver likely to reply on your email or not.

schedule emails in gmail-2

To enable Boomerang responsiveness feature to your gmail, add Boomerang chrome extension and while composing an email, you will find ‘Respondable‘ text at the bottom right corner. Just click on that and authenticate with your email. Just refresh the page to check the responsiveness of your email.

Another nice feature from Boomerang is Pause Inbox. Once you enable pause inbox for your website, you won’t get any new emails until you are ready to get. All messages will be paused till you disable pause option. You can even write an automatic email stating the recipient that your email is on pause.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail using RightInbox:

RightInbox is yet another great tool for Scheduling emails in gmail. It is used by more than 2,50,000 professionals to schedule their emails each and every day. Reputed companies like CNet, Mashable, lifehacket, CNN use RightInbox services.

Here is the step by step guide to Schedule emails in Gmail using RightInbox

  • Open the RightInbox website and there you will find an option like “Install now”. Just click on it.
  • Grant permission to the app and you are ready to use the feature.
  • Just like the boomerang, you will see send later button and you can schedule the mail as per your choice.
RightInbox has TimeZone support, Extensive customization, Seamless integration with Gmail and it supports Swift Input methods.

Conclusion :

Both RightInbox and Boomerang are easy to use and user friendly. You can a schedule a mail to be delivered even after a month also and both the sites gives you a facility to remind and tracking of your scheduled e-mails. You can schedule up to 10 mails per month for free using both the apps. But if you want to use advanced options and want to schedule more mails, you have to buy a subscription.

We recommend to be careful while scheduling any import emails. If security is an extreme concern for you, then you better not to use any third party applications mentioned. While installing the Chrome Extensions both applications asks permission to read, write or delete emails. So Boomerang and RightInbox can read, write and delete your mails.

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