Best Picture Settings for your Vizio TV | Guide

When it comes to advanced features and excellent picture clarity, Vizio tv is no doubt an all-time winner. People trust it because it has incredible models to offer with compelling performance. Whether you are watching the news, playing games on streaming apps, or anything else, this smart TV leaves no place to complain. Manufacturers keep it at the default setting or you can say store settings such that it looks cool in the showroom. Their pre-set settings may not suit your home environment or your personal preference.

Hence, we have crafted this article with all the necessary information about the best picture settings for Viziotv you need to know. Whatever you do on the TV you will get an amazing experience by fixing the setting levels.

How to find and adjust Vizio picture settings?

  • Turn on your Vizio TV and head to the on-screen menu by pressing the Menu button.
  • Use the arrow button to put the highlight cursor on the Picture option. Now select OK.
  • Next figure out Picture Mode through the same arrow button of your remote. Press the OK button again.
  • Here you will see different settings including picture mode, backlight, brightness, contrast etc. You can adjust their levels by clicking the arrow buttons.
  • If you don’t want to do it one by one, you can set it at Factory Set Picture Mode. However, this may not suit exactly your preference.
  • When you are done, go back to the previous page or Vizio Picture Settings through the Back button.

Vizio Picture Settings Options

Those who have recently bought the latest video TV model or have not tried adjusting picture settings before should not skip this section. It explains every mode and settings in detail so that you can know better whether you really want to change them or not.

  • Calibrated mode suits a brightly lit room.
  • Calibrated dark mode is best where the room is darker.
  • Standard mode so adjust the picture to go well with energy star requirements.
  • Vivid mode, as it suggests, provides a vivid picture.
  • Game mode delays and optimizes the visual settings to look better on game console output.
  • For a computer display, setting it in computer mode is good.
  • Backlight is for adjusting LED brightness.
  • Contrast helps you to change the whiteness of the picture.
  • Tint is responsible for providing a hue to the picture.
  • Brightness fixes the black level of the picture.
  • Sharpness improves the image quality of non-HD content.
  • Color temperature makes the image look warm or cool.
  • Black detail changes the overall average brightness.
  • Active LED zones work on the contrast ratio.

After understanding these terms, it becomes easier for you to adjust the level and know the exact picture requirements. You may notice other terms as well like motion blur reduction, picture position, reduce signal noise, etc. Try adjusting the toggle by moving it left and right and you will get to know how it works.

General Picture Settings

You can see general settings across different models of Vizio TV. A slight change in naming may occur but the rest of them are present.

  • Make sure to keep picture mode at Cinema or Movie rather than keeping it on vivid or dynamic mode.
  • Keep the backlight at 100% for daytime use. A little adjusting will not harm picture quality.
  • Set brightness, tint, and color level at 50%. If the scale is number based, adjust the toggle in between.
  • You don’t need sharpness but if it is present at some level, let it be like that. If it gets blurry, you can increase it up to 50%.
  • Fix hue at 0%.
  • Gamma at 2.2 number level or 0% is okay.
  • How to adjust picture size or overscan is up to you. Sometimes, it is also called the aspect ratio. It’s recommended to keep changing the level until you get to see the TV name and clock on the screen while the corners have space around them.

Advance Vizio Picture Settings

  • Eco Settings

Eco settings do not have much to do with the picture quality but it is more like accessing the device. Other televisions turn off when you turn them off and do not hear you until you turn them on again. On the contrary, Vizio TV goes under Quick Start Mode when you switch it off. It means that you can still cast from a smartphone, give voice commands, and more. However, when you switch Eco Mode on, it starts acting like a normal TV and does not listen to you after turning it off.

  • HDR settings

You can leave HDR settings as it is because most HDR contents you play have a default adjusting option. However, you should know that HDR contents are a bit darker which may not suit your personal requirements. In this case, raise the backlight value along with the Gamma value. Make sure to keep the backlight value up to 100 and then only change the Gamma setting if you need to. The latter one should not exceed 1.8.

You can adjust the picture mode to calibrated dark if you want. Keep the HD mode at 2.1 level to allow full bandwidth.

You can also alter the color temperature and black detail to get the most desired effect.

  • Dolby vision

Video TV models do not allow you to change this setting. They self-adjust according to the content when you play.

  • Gaming settings

If you are more into gaming, use the Vizio TV model P series because it’s AMD FreeSync premium and 120 fps features for 4K. It has low lagging to deliver a smooth gaming experience. You can also lower the game latency feature from the game engine for any picture mode.

When you are playing games on your TV, ensure to keep the color temperature as listed below.

Red Offset 130
Green Offset 130
Blue Offset 130
Red Gain 139
Green Gain 116
Blue Gain 129

If You are using the Vizio TV v series then you need to change the settings to PC gaming. keep the HDMI mode at 2.1 while calibrating the computer and color to 4:4:4.

SDR or Vizio picture calibration

Calibrate the picture settings as listed below. The contrast, brightness, and color level should be at 50 because moving beyond or before this level can ruin the image.

The target for color temperature should be 6500k to deliver warm image quality. The best practice is to leave this setting level as normal so that it can self-adjust and give you the best-filtered image.

The tint setting is not of much use. If you want to, you can keep it at zero but only do this if you wish to remove the wrong color.

Gamma settings balance the reflection lights and brightness of the visual. We recommend keeping it at 2.2 for the best effect.

Alter the backlight settings only if you don’t find the image as bright as expected. There is no fixed value for this setting because it will depend on your surroundings. Keep altering until you get the perfect brightness.

Quick Tips

If you have adjusted the Vizio picture setting but still have problems while watching the content, then you can try out these tips.

  • Your TV is properly connected with all the connections like its external devices, internet, etc.
  • Try to view programs through the game console or other sources.
  • Switch your TV off and unplug it. Press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds.
  • Finally, plug the cords again and turn it on.


Q: What is the best picture setting for Vizio tv?

A: Although they come pre-set, you can alter the settings depending on your environment and the content you play. Ideally, you can keep brightness, contrast, and color at 50 while tint and sharpness at 0.

Q: Which are the most advanced picture settings?

A: We have already mentioned the general as well as advanced picture settings for vizio TV series. Here are some more advanced picture settings.

  • Smooth motion effect
  • Color enhancement
  • Adaptive luma
  • Noise reduction
  • Smart dimming
  • Backlight control

…And more!

You can calibrate your television while keeping these settings off to avoid interference.

Q: Should I calibrate the eco settings?

A: When you edit the picture settings to get the best-desired effect, the system’s default calibration interrupts and irritates you often and delays your task. To avoid this issue, you can calibrate the eco settings.

Summing Up

Vizio TV is best in its own place which lets you enjoy every piece of content in the best quality. This article guides you to calibrate and change the Vizio TV picture settings. Therefore, you don’t need to compromise with the image experience while watching the TV.

If you feel we have left something important, let us know via comments. We would love to discuss and help you on the topic.