75+ Cool, Creative and Funny WiFi Names for Your Network

Name of your Router WiFi network tells how crazy you are. A tough task after you bought a brand new router is to select a Good, Crazy and Funny WiFi names for your Network. You don’t need to think much on selecting a funny WiFi name. We will present you the craziest WiFi names people ever used. You can select anyone of these and set for your network.

funny wifi names

Here is the list of Cool, Good, Creative and Funny WiFi Names you can set for your Network SSID or Router. Few of the WiFi names are really crazy. People these days are using WiFi names for expressing their love to a girl you have crush and few ones are set their WiFi names even to complaint about their neighbours.

Good, Cool, Crazy and Funny WiFi Names

  1. No Internet
  2. Trojan45.exe
  3. You Need Curtains! I can see You
  4. Shut the fuck up
  5. Internet Buffering
  6. Virus Found!
  7. Disconnected
  8. Come up WiFi
  9. Stroke Me
  11. Dude! Get your Own
  13. LockedInAgain
  14. Shitternet
  15. Elder next door
  16. SearchingForNetwork
  17. This LAN is my LAN
  18. Error resolving Network Name
  19. Error While Retrieving SSID. Please restart!
  20. Will You Be My WiFi
  21. Connection failed
  22. I can SEE you
  23. Password IsSame
  24. Virus Alert!
  25. Turn Wi-Fi Off
  26. YouWishYouKnewThePassword
  27. xfinityWiFi
  28. Unreliable Network
  29. Why Fi?
  30. Just Try to Break In
  31. The Creep Next Door
  33. Titanic Syncing!
  34. Byte me til it Hertz!
  35. You are in a Wrong Place!
  36. Error: Reboot your Device
  37. I’m wi that fi in the night
  38. Broken Heart
  39. Hack me if you Can
  40. Stay OFF my Router
  41. Open Network
  42. Connect and Die
  43. Password *********
  44. 2 Girls 1 Router
  45. UnEncrypted WiFi
  46. Crazy Kidz
  47. Forget this Network
  48. NotYourWiFi
  49. WiFiE
  51. Never Give up. Keep Guessing!
  52. Invalid Password
  53. The Slowest WiFi
  54. Nuclear Launch
  55. This is Intentionally Left Blank
  56. Pretty hot right now
  57. $3 for 1 MB
  58. ????
  59. WeLikeItWhenYouWatch
  60. This is not the WiFi you are looking for
  61. Stay away from this space
  62. You have been hacked!
  63. KEEPiTiNControl
  64. My Name is Netsetter and I’m a Router
  65. Like a Virgin
  66. DoNotUseThis
  67. TrendyBlizz
  68. Choose a Better Network
  69. Guess who I’m
  70. Help! I’m Trapped in Router

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Cool WiFi Names:

  • TroyAndAbedInTheModem
  • The Y-Fi
  • C:\virus.exe
  • GirlsGoneWireless
  • CatchMe@909091998211
  • NothingToConnectHere
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 4 U

Funny Wifi Names -1:

Crazy Girls

funny wifi names

Funny WiFi Names – 2:


funny wifi names -2

Funny WiFi Names – 3:

You should go to the Doctor then!

funny wifi names -3

Funny WiFi Names – 4:

Movie mania at its peaks!

funny wifi names -4

Funny WiFi Names – 5:

Get off this space you kids!

funny wifi names -5

Cool WiFi Names – 6:

BTW whose LAN is this?

cool wifi names

Cool WiFi Names -7:

Am I living in the world of crazy people!

cool wifi names

Cool WiFi Names -8:

Does it really have no password?

creative wifi names

Cool WiFi Names -9:

Resource Not Found – Error 404!

Cool WiFi Names – 10:

Why So?

funny and cool wifi names


So these are the few Funny, Cool and Creative WiFi names we have found. If you have came across any other Funny WiFi names, do let us know through your comments. We will be adding more Funny and Cool WiFi names to this list. So keep an eye on this to get updated list of Funny WiFi Names you can use for your network Router SSID.

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