16 Stores like Zara You Shouldn’t Miss Check out.

The Arab fashion industry has been under a lot of stress as the famous Zara stores have been closing down one after another. In Dubai, you can now no longer find any stores of Zara – not even their online website is accessible anymore.

For all those who cannot imagine life without being part of this fashion revolution that began decades ago and that has turned into a sort of a cult – finding stores like Zara may come as a blessing in disguise.

The good news is that stores like these are widespread throughout the world, so it would be very hard for someone to miss them out.

In order to avoid the risk of ending up deprived from enjoying high fashion at affordable prices, we have decided to present you with stores very much alike Zara stores.

More about Zara Brand:

– The stores were opened in 1985.

– Nowadays Zara is part of the Spanish company called Inditex, which also owns brands like Massimo Dutti or Bershka .

– According to Forbes, Inditex is one of the biggest companies in terms of market capitalization that has been founded in Spain throughout history.

– Stores like Zara can be seen all over the world as stores like Zara are present in 77 countries.

– Inditex SA is a fashion group that belongs to Amancio Ortega – a Spanish entrepreneur. This company has been founded by him and his ex-wife Rosalia Merem back in 1963.

– Stores like Zara are known for their worldwide success.

– The stores were named after the founder of the stores like Zara stores, Amancio Ortega’s daughter, who passed away too early at 25 years old.

– The biggest stores for Zara in Europe can be found in London (Oxford Street), Paris (Champs-Elysees) and Barcelona.

– Stores like Zara have also been accused of not being transparent about where the stores are producing their products – a very important issue nowadays as more and more people tend to be concerned about ethical shopping.

Controversies around Zara stores:

In 2017 stores like Zara have been accused of using models that were too thin, which was considered to be a very basic and an elementary mistake.

The stores like Zara were also criticized for having models that did not wear enough clothes at the end of 2016.

– Stores like Zara have been accused of using underage children in order to produce their stores’ products on several occasions during the last three decades.

If you are wondering what can be shops like Zara stores, make sure to read on and find out exactly what stores you might want to check out!

There are many stores out there with similar ideals to Zara stores when it comes to designing trends at low prices without skimping on quality or design choices. Here is a list of stores that have similar values to Zara stores, ensuring you can find the same high-quality items without compromising on the cost.

15 Stores Like Zara You Shouldn’t Miss Check-Out:

1. Bershka

Bershka is one of the stores like Zara stores that has gained a lot of fame lately. It is known for its affordable prices just as Zara stores are. Once entering into it, most people claim that they almost feel as if they were in the world of “Pretty Woman” movie scenes – everything looks so stylish and glamorous! Their main motto is to provide high fashion at an affordable price – something perfect for the modern times we live in!

2. New Look

New Looks stores are another best alternative to Zara stores that have been rising in popularity, as their unique clothing collections attract those looking for something unique and original. Also, those who do not want to spend a fortune but still wish to look stylish would find these stores perfect for them!

3. Next stores

These stores can be found throughout the UK and usually offer trendy clothes at affordable prices. They work mostly with fabrics of high quality – this way they manage both to keep their customers happy by providing them with high fashion garments and also satisfy those looking for deals on items such as coats, trousers or other accessories.

4. Camaïeu stores

These were opened back in 1981 and since then they have gained fame all across Europe – you can now even order goods from stores like Zara stores online. They offer a wide variety of items and have been gaining more and more customers throughout the last few years.

5. Mango stores

Mango stores are stores just like Zara stores that have been earning themselves a name in providing high fashion garments at affordable prices. The designs they propose are kept simple, yet stylish – this way they manage to provide their customers with items that can be dressed up or down so as to fit any occasion!

6. Promod stores

These shops may not be very well known in some parts of the world but you should definitely give them a chance if you want to find stores like Zara stores! Their main motto is focused on simplicity and minimalism when it comes to style – once inside, one will not be able to see very many items on display, but each and every one of them is a must-have!

7. Forever 21

Forever 21 stores are stores like Zara stores that have been rising in popularity ever since their opening. They can be found around the world and they offer very trendy, up to date designs that will definitely satisfy even the pickiest of customers!

8. Boden stores

These are stores just like Zara stores that have been offering high fashion garments for many years now, also at affordable prices. They offer items inspired by classic style combined with modernity and they can be found in more than sixty countries around the world.

9. Asos

Another best stores that have been gaining more and more popularity due to the wide variety of clothing offered by them. Their items are mostly aimed at younger customers so one can find whatever they need in stores like Zara stores here, whether it is casual wear or evening dresses – whatever the occasion, Asos stores will have an item for you!

10. Topshop

Other brands like Zara stores provide their customers with unique and classy styles, inspired by the latest fashion trends. These stores would be perfect for those who wish to stand out in a crowd and look stylish without breaking the bank!

11. New Look stores

These stores have been earning more and more fame recently, especially since they offer great deals on items such as coats, shoes or accessories. They go perfectly with the trend of stores like Zara stores due to their affordable prices and high quality products they propose!

12. Peacocks stores

These are stores just like Zara stores that have been rising in popularity lately due to the wide variety of items on offer. Women all over the UK choose stores like Zara stores because of the high fashion garments they propose at affordable prices!

13. Dorothy Perkins stores

One of the best alternative to Zara, perfect for those who want to look feminine and stylish without spending too much money on items such as coats or dresses! Men can also find here plenty of items that would fit their needs.

14. Everlane:

stores like Zara stores can be found here, offering fashionable items of very good quality at affordable prices. They offer a wide variety of items for women and men – from coats to T-shirts or from trousers to shoes!

15. Bon Prix stores

are stores just like Zara stores that can provide one with many different items such as coats, shoes or accessories, even if one is on a tight budget!

16. H&M stores

H&M brand is another popular brand like Zara that have been gaining more and more popularity over the years – this is due to the wide variety of clothing items they propose at affordable prices. Their stores can be found all over the world and they aim to make fashion accessible to everyone!

There are a lot more other brands like Zumiez offering excellent replacement options to Zara with more and more fashion options with unique styles. Pick the one that suits best for you.

While stores like Zara do offer affordable prices and modern designs, it’s important to be aware of the origins of their products. Many stores like Zara stores are carrying items made in sweatshops that exploit third world workers. It may not be illegal, but it is most certainly unethical.

Instead of stores like Zara stores, look for organic shops that use organic materials in their designs. Look for stores that are family-owned to ensure the money you’re spending is going back into the economy of your country. You can even try making your own clothes or teaching yourself how to sew! It might not be as cheap as buying new clothes from stores like Zara stores, but in the long run, you will be saving money and helping save our planet at the same time.