WhatsApp Wiki – How to Use Wikipedia on Whatspp?

WhatsApp Wikipedia – How to use Wikipedia on WhatsApp:

The world is transforming to digital now. In every field new trends like AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Automation are evolving. Whatsapp Wikipedia is one of the trend. This new automated service of providing news, information, wikipedia articles etc., are carried out by special Artificial Intelligence Algorithms termed as Chatbots or simply just bots.

This trend is so famous that, the editors at FORBES call it as the new age Chatbot Revolution.

how to use whatsapp wiki

There are thousands of chat bots on Telegram. The chat bots are free to use, and you can chat to them by simply sending them a message, as if they were a human user.

“A chatbot is an artificial person, animal or other creature which holds conversations with humans. This could be a text based (typed) conversation, a spoken conversation or even a non-verbal conversation. Chatbot can run on local computers and phones, though most of the time it is accessed through the internet.”

What is Duta – WhatsApp Wiki:

Bots are relatively quick and easy to make, but developers still struggle to market them. In recent days, there is one Bot company that prime focus is on WhatsApp bots is emerging. Duta, with it caption – Bringing the internet to the next billion.

Duta is integrating with FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more social media networks. Recently top investors funded the company that helps it to evolve in AI industry.

How to use WhatsApp Wiki:

Steps to activate WhatsApp Wikipedia Search Engine Bot On your phone :

Getting the services of WhatsApp Wikipedia Bot by Duta is very easy. Follow the steps below and enjoy the basic services right now:

  1. Add this number +18589518938 to your WhatsApp contact numbers just like any other contact. These numbers keep change. So you can get these numbers from Duta website.
  2. Create a group named whatever you want, Preferably Duta or MyGroup and add the above created contact number to it.
  3. Then you’ll get a message from Duta that you’ve subscribed to Duta services.
  4.  Now you can use Wikipedia, Cricket news and many more services in Whatsapp. You need to add the corresponding WhatsApp number to your group.

Following are the services offered by Duta and its corresponding WhatsApp numbers you need to add:

  • Get all sports updates – Cricket, Football, Tennis, WWE etc. in various Indian languages.
  • You don’t need to go for different sources for news. WhatsApp wiki does this for you if you add News WhatsApp number.
  • You can get unlimited entertainment updates – Hollywood, Bollywood and other cinema updates.
  • You can even play quizzes and games
  • Update with lots of devotional prayers and news
  • Get the PNR status of the ticket and train details
  • Weather report in a particular area
  • Stock price of a company
  • Daily Horoscope etc.

Refer to this short video for step by step process:

Following are the WhatsApp numbers:


Football +18722388839
Cricket +917825828686
WWE +919840872051
Sports +917448833741
NBA +16157074614
Tennis +917338985489
FormulaOne +917338932859
Chess +18722381466
Hindi cricket +919043011921
Tamil cricket +919840268617
Malayalam cricket +14704477176
Kabaddi +917448897685
Hockey +917395916578
Rugby +18169087811


World News       +919840685279
Tech +917338959412
India News +919840759276
Nigeria News +919043017006
Ghana News +16157074712
Modi News +18314009758
Trump News +17028864281
Hindi News +18722384701


Bollywood +14045794834
Hollywood +919500194542
Kollywood (Tamil) +12673428473
Jokes +919043009121
Fashion +13464015710
Indian Deals +919500129874
Nigerian Deals +919087047931
Trivia +16236662946
Advice +18722381829
Daily Quote +61497577626


 Salman               +917338962695
SRK +919840618038
Aamir +18722369317
Hrithik +14704459636
Sunny Leone +12518882648
Anushka +13169906713
Deepika +917550031735
Katrina +917550033576
Priyanka +917540067646


    Cricquiz Add +919043007176 
to your contacts.
Then add the contact
to your group.
To play, type name of
the game into your group.
e.g. jumble


Shirdi Sai Baba +917550043796
Vivekananda +18722388963
Quran +13462327549
Gita +917540099217
Gurugranth +13169280578
Ramayana +917550043780
Balaji +917871908688
Ganesha +919840807274
Bible +14046448876
Jain +917397685699
Panchang +18722387456
Dalai Lama +917397315513
Gandhi +917397328476


Wiki (wiki Gandhi) Add +18722512977 
to your contacts.
Then add the contact
to your group.
Weather (weather london)
Time (timeat singapore)
Translate (translate french happy)
Daily Horoscope (astro ddmmyyyy)
Dictionary (dict superb)
Calculator (calc 60+30)
Currency Price (finance inr to usd)
Stock Price (finance bmw)
Movie Showtimes (movie 400001)
Train Status (train 12780)
PNR Status (pnr 4567894506)


This is the complete list of automation WhatsApp numbers I found on official website. You are updating it with more services on timely basis. Follow official Duta Blog for more updates.

So hurry up! Get the amazing services of Duta right now. WhatsApp Wiki, Horoscope, Daily news updates, Weather reports, Cricket scores and many more! Feel free to comment if you are struck somewhere. We will be glad to help you.

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