How to Type ° Degree Symbol on Mac?

How to type ° Degree symbol in MacDegree is one of the most used symbols in engineering, science and mathematics. It is even used to measure the temperature as well. But we don’t normally find Degree symbol on the keyboard we use. So in this article, I’ll let you know how to type degree symbol on your mac laptop.

type degree sign on macos

Where do we use Degree symbol?

As an engineering student, I know that we work a lot with the degree symbol. To denote angle of measurement or to represent the temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit degrees. During my college days I used to type for the degree symbol in Google and copy-paste the same in the documentations I have prepared.

General keyboards holds only most used special characters like @, !, #, $, %, ^, & and *. Degree symbol (°) is less used compared to any of the above special characters. Hence it is not included directly (printed) but using a few short-cuts you can type degree symbol on your mac book.

Degree symbol is not same as superscript. Size of the degree symbol is a bit smaller than the superscript symbol.

How to Type Degree Symbol on Mac?

If you ever wanted to type degree symbol on your Mac laptop, there are couple of ways to do so. Here is this detailed post, we will let you know all the options to type degree symbol in MacOS.

  • Method 1: Keyboard shortcut to Type Degree Symbol on Mac:

If you are using Class Mac OS or the latest MacOS laptops, you can type the degree symbol by pressing  ⌥ Opt+⇧ Shift+8. Just hold the Option + Shift + 8 keys on the editor or wherever you want to type the degree symbol and then release the keys to get Degree symbol on Mac.

Note: A few of the article on the internet suggests to use  ⌥ Opt+K keys to get the degree symbol on Mac. But using these keys, you will get a slighly larger zero symbol and it represents the superscript, not the degree symbol. So avoid using that.

You can also insert the degree symbol on Mac by enabling international in System preferences. Go to special characters from Edit menu or Input menu and use MacOS character palette. Instead of following all these steps, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut mentioned above to type the degree symbol.

  • Method 2: Copy paste Degree Symbol on Mac:

If you have changed the default keyboard shortcuts, then the above method will not work. So alternatively, you can just type Degree symbol keyword on Google search and copy-paste the degree symbol you will get from the search results.

type degree symbol on mac

As you can see in the above image, just copy the degree symbol from the first search result and paste it to wherever it is required.

Bonus : Type Degree Symbol on Other Devices:

  • On Windows: If you are using Windows OS, you can use this keyboard shortcut to get the degree symbol – type Alt+248 or Alt+0176
  • On Ubuntu or Linux: There is another shortcut available for Ubuntu operating system to type degree character – Ctrl+⇧ Shift+UB0 
  • Android: On Android mobile, just select Numbers and Characters option from the keyboard and you will find degree symbol there.
  • iOS: Type 123 to get the numberic keyboard and you can type the degree by tapping on the 0 (zero).

Little out of topic, but people use degree sign for astrology as well :p 

How to Make Degree Sign on Mac Keyboard – Conclusion:

As mentioned earlier, degree sign is one of the widely used one but you will not find directly on the keyboard. We have given an exhaustive list to make degree symbol on Mac. We also provided a way to generate degree sign on various other devices as well.

I’m concluding this article on How to type degree symbol on Mac here.If you are still facing any issues? Let us know through comments. We will be glad to help you out. Cheers!

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