3 Simple methods to Text someone from Different Phone number

How to prank text someone with a different number – if you are looking for a temporary or permanent phone number other than your original one to text someone anonymously, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will be walking you through a few tricks using which you can text someone from a different number for free.

If you send a text message to someone, your mobile number will be displayed on the messaging application and almost all the mobile numbers we use can be traceable. There are even a few applications like Truecaller which displays the person details based on the mobile number.

text someone with different number

So to protect your identity for sending a text message your to use a new number. There are many online services that can assign a temporary mobile number for free. You can even get a permanent online mobile number with paid services. These are very helpful for business purposes. You can receive calls and text messages via apps in these cases.

How can you Text Someone from a Different Number?

Here are the three simple methods to send a text message from a different phone number.

Method 1: Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the best ways to get a new number to send anonymous text messages. All you need to do is, create a Google Voice account linked to your google account and start sending messages for free. It is that simple. But Google voice services are currently available in the US and Canada for free. Use Hangouts if you are outside the US.

Let’s see the process to get a number with Google Voice.

  • Download Google voice App on your Android device.
  • Once installed, open the app and sign in with your Google account.
  • Read the terms and services and finally Tap on the continue button.
  • Click on the search button to choose your number.
  • Search for the city name and pick the number you like out of available ones.
  • Tap on the select button and follow the instructions.

There are other advantages you will get with Google Voice account. You can even reassign or add multiple numbers to your account and forward all the messages to a new number.

Method 2: Get a second phone number from Online services:

Create a temporary disposable phone number online without revealing your original number. Sites like number proxy can give you a new phone number using which you can make calls or send text messages. You can use this number to text someone, or to provide on a dating website, or posting an ad, etc. Get a local number without giving up privacy with the services.

Using these proxy numbers you get, you can send and receive text messages and calls. You can even forward messages to your original number. Once you are done with using the services, you can stop, and instantly the number goes out of service.

Make sure to use these services in a legal way as they can detect your IP address to trace back if any legal complaints.

Method 3: Get a new SIM card:

The easiest method is to get a new phone number. Walk-in to your nearest Telecom Store and get a new mobile number.

If you just need a new number to prank your friends, then you can choose this option. Just walk-in to your nearby store to get a new SIM card with a new number. As this number is a new one, you can prank with your friends easily.

You can even take a mobile from your friend, and send a text message to another one. They will not be able to identify as this is a new number for them.

Is it legal to send text messages to someone with a different number?

It is all fine to prank your friends with different phone numbers until it doesn’t affect the other person. Make sure to abide by the law for doing such pranks. Frauds or harassment is strictly not allowed with these methods. These are purely for educational purposes or for doing some funny pranks with your friends.

All the mentioned methods, whether it is offline or online, keep track of who is using the services. When something happens, they can easily trace back to their original identities.

Reasons to send a text message from a different phone number –

  • For business purposes – communicate to your customers with a different number than your real one.
  • To prank your friends – this is the most common reason one wants to send an anonymous text to prank.
  • If someone has blocked a real number, you can use temporary mobile number services to send messages to them.
  • If you wanted to lodge an anonymous complaint, then you can use the untraceable number.

To conclude, you can use these methods to send text messages to someone who blocked you or if you want to have a prank call/text with your friends.

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If you have any queries or you’ve used any other best services to text someone from a different phone number, let us know through the comments. Cheers!