How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Are you facing problems while syncing your Outlook calendar to Google calendar? As you know, staying organised produces the best results. In this technologically advanced world, you might be using Outlook calendar and google calendar to keep you updated with your upcoming meetings and appointed.

Handling two different applications could get messy. You might face incidents like double-booked meetings and missed appointments. You get annoyed if your schedule isn’t properly organized. Handling two different applications can be frustrating. You will probably be willing to sync Outlook Calendar to Google calendar if there is a big question mark in your head as you don’t know how to sync outlook calendar with google calendar.

Keep your worries aside; this article will guide you in light of a tutorial on how to sync google with outlook 365 calendar. Google and Microsoft outlooks are both the most prevalent mail and calendar apps used in today’s world by the majority of the people. Both the calendars make you able to look into calendars and add reminders, which proves very helpful for personal and professional works as they have the potential to keep you organized. So well, let us look more about to link google calendar outlook.

share outlook calender with google

Google calendar is included with the bundle of other google service applications such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google sheets. Google is a simple yet effective calendar application. Although its business version, known as G Suite, it is a free service app, requires a monthly fee, and offers email hosting and other vital features. It is an excellent calendar app and requires only a google account to do the job of reminding you of your important dates and appointments.

Syncing or sharing information between two different applications often comes with unnecessary complications. Indeed, there are several third-party applications and programs for the job in Exchange of money, but why to spend money if you can sync without spending a single penny. Follow this article if you wish to learn how you can sync outlook calendar with Gmail or even sync outlook calendar with android.

How to Sync Outlook calendar to Google calendar:

Method 1: Share outlook calendar with google by sending an invitation 

Even though google calendar and Microsoft outlook calendar are fundamentally different applications, they share one thing in common: they both support iCal. iCal is a generally accepted format to exchange scheduled information between two other apps or programs. You can also hit the subscribe to an Outlook calendar in google if you are equipped with a valid ICS link with its help. So, let us know more about how to add google calendar to outlook. 

 It would be feasible if you did the following steps to share the outlook calendar with Gmail.

Step 1: You need to send a calendar sharing invitation from Outlook.

  • Open Microsoft outlook and shift to the calendar view 
  • Go to the navigation pane and right-click the Calendar you want to share and select Sharing permissions from the context menu, or you can share Calendar on the home page( in manage calendars group)
  • Click add on the permissions tab of the calendar properties dialog box.
  • Type your Gmail address into the add box in the add users window and then click okay.
  • Choose the level of permissions you wish to offer( View all details is default one) and click okay.

Your job is done with Outlook as the calendar sharing invitation makes it way to the Gmail account you chose as input.

Step 2: Now you should add an iCal link to Google Calendar.

  • Log into your Google account and open Gmail.
  • Open the sharing invitation in google Gmail and right-click on the “this URL” link near the bottom and select copy link address or similar command depending on the browser you have used.
  • Now switch to the google calendar app and left-click on the plus sign, which is present next to other calendars.
  • pop-up menu appears; on the pop-up menu, select From URL.
  • Paste the link you have copied from the sharing invitation (the link should end with the .ics extension) into the calendar box’s URL and left-click Add Calendar. A notification will appear, notifying that the Calendar has been added.
  • Navigate your cursor to the top left corner over the back arrow and left-click on it to exit settings. You will observe the Outlook Calendar is added under other calendars. You can customize it by renaming the Calendar and changing the color scheme according to your wish.

Your outlook calendar now should sync up automatically as long as you remain subscribed to it. Generally, it takes a few moments for updates to appear in Google Calendar.

Method 2: Sharing Outlook calendar with Google by publishing it online

If you don’t want to spend you crucial time in sending an individual invitation to each person, you can publish your Calendar online and then attach an ICS link to it. The broadcast feature is accessible in almost every application, including, Office for 365, and ExchangeExchange accounts. Suppose publishing fails to work appropriately in a locally installed pc outlook app. If your administrator imposed restrictions on your corporate 365 accounts, you could always make use of for the job. 

In order to publish a calendar in on the internet, follow the below steps.

  • Step 1- Open the Calendar on your desktop.
  • Step 2- Click the Settings ( gear icon), which is in the upper right corner of your calendar app.
  • Step 3- Now, in the settings pane left, click on the View all Outlook settings located at the bottom.
  • Step 4- click Calendar> Shared calendars on the left.
  • Step 5- On the right pane, under Publish a calendar, choose the Calendar you want to publish
  • Step 6- Select the level of permission you want to provide between these three options: “View when I am busy,” “View titles and locations,” or “View all details.”
  • Step 7- Click on the publish button.
  • Step 8- Within a moment, The ICS link will pop up in the same window. Copy it and use it to sync your outlook calendar with your google calendar.

Method 3: Import outlook calendar to Google

Another method of syncing outlook calendar to google is through importing and exporting its events. The process of import and export isn’t a child play as you expect from Microsoft. The process involves two significant steps:

1) Exporting Calendar from Outlook.  2) Importing iCal file to Google

Moreover, this process has its limitations of importing only a snapshot of your outlook calendar. The calendars won’t sync on their own, and further changes that you make won’t appear in google calendar; thus, this process restricts future editing. 

  • Exporting Calendar from Outlook

Step 1- In Outlook, select the Calendar that you want to export 

Step 2- Now left click file and save Calendar (File> Save Calendar) 

Step 3- When holding as dialog window pops up, type name according to you choice in the File name box or leave as default one

You will notice a summary of what is going to be saved at the bottom of the window. If you are okay with defaults, hit the save option, or further customize with More options located at the bottom.

Step 4- Specify the following information in the window that pops up

From the Date Range drop-down list, choose stated dates and synchronize the desired date range

 ( Note: If you thought of exporting the entire outlook calendar, then note that the resulting iCal file may become pretty significant in terms of memory, and it will more time while uploading it)

? From the Detail drop-down list, choose the quality of information you wish to save: Availability only, Limited details (availability and subjects), or Full details. 

? When you are done, click on okay 

Step 5- Go back in Save as window and press save.

  • Importing iCal file to Google 

Step 1- Open google calendar on your device

Step 2- Click on the settings menu icon located at the top right corner and select settings

Step 3- Select the import and export option on the left

Step 4- Now, under import, click on Select file from your computer and navigate the iCal file that you have exported previously with the help of the browse option.

Step 5- Select the Calendar you want to import the events to. The default selects the primary Calendar to which events are imported.

Step 6- Now, finally, click on the import button.

After completing, a notification will appear saying how many events have been imported, and upon exiting settings, you will observe them in your google calendar.

How can you import a Google calendar to Outlook? 

So far, we were discussing how you can sync your Outlook Calendar to google calendar.  If you wish to do the reverse, you want to view your google calendar on Outlook but don’t know how to do it. Don’t worry, and this article will surely help you to do so. Follow the below set of instructions to import a google calendar to Outlook.  

If you want to see your google calendar events and reminders on outlook calendar, you will first require to subscribe to that particular Calendar on Outlook. 

Step 1- Go to the left-hand menu in a google calendar.  

Step 2- Navigate to the Calendar that you wish to export and click on three dots menu icon located next to it.

Step 3- In the list menu that appears, click on Settings and share.

Step 4- Google Calendar options menu will be opened. Click on the integrated calendar option on the menu on the left.

Step 5-Select and copy the URL that is displayed under the Secret address in iCal format. This is the URL that Outlook requires to import your Google Calendar.

Step 6- Save the URL address in your clipboard and open the Outlook app

Step 7- Press the calendar icon and click on the Add calendar option in order to add an external Calendar.

Step 8- Now, you need to click Subscribe from the web from the left-hand menu.

Step 9- Paste the URL that you have copied from Google calendar into the fill inbox. Customize your Calendar by giving it a name, color, and icon, then finally click on import to import it into Outlook.

Now you can have a overview of your Google Calendar events and alerts in Outlook. Moreover, any new events that you add to google calendar will also appear in Outlook but may require few moments for syncing. But this method is unidirectional, which means if you add an event in Outlook, it won’t appear in Google calendars. 

How can you sync outlook calendar on android and ios devices?

The in-built calendar app of smartphones can display both google and outlook calendar. The procedure to do is relatively easy. All you need to do with this is that follow the below set of steps to sync outlook calendar on Android and iOS devices. 

  • Step 1- Open the in-built Calendar on your smartphone.
  • Step 2- Tap on the open calendar menu
  • Step 3- Go to settings in the menu.
  • Step 4- Then press on “Add a new account.”
  • Step 5- Choose Microsoft Exchange
  • Step 6- Enter your Outlook login details and sign in.

Once signed in, your outlook calendar will be synced to your android/ ios devices. Selecting the outlook calendar will make you able to see all reminders were added to the outlook calendar. 


Here are some frequently asked questions by the professional people like you who were in search of a method to sync outlook calendar to google calendar

  • Does Outlook have a calendar app?

Not exactly; the Outlook doesn’t have a separate calendar app. Outlook offers calendar service in its app directly. You can access Calendar from there.

  • How do I make my account private account?

Many users have asked these questions as you publish your Calendar online to export it, so the solution is you need to follow particular instructions and uncheck the ‘Public’ option.

  • Can I add other email accounts to sync all of my calendars?

Yes, you can. You can add multiple emails for syncing the calendars. You need to follow some set of instructions to do so.