10 Sites like StubHub for Cheap Concert & Sports Tickets

Top 10 Sites like StubHub – Love music? Or are you a sports enthusiast? We know how great it is to have your favorite band play in your city or how lucky one feels to get to attend the Big ball game. Sometimes we want to witness a Gig but have to hold ourselves back because all we have in our wallets are dead flies.

It’s even more frustrating when we got tickets but can’t go because of some past commitments we forgot about totally. Don’t worry. Websites like StubHub got you covered.

sites like stubhub

What is StubHub?

It is an online trading platform for event tickets. Users get to buy, sell, and pawn tickets for upcoming events. Like any other ticket website, you get to print, download or get the receipt mailed to you.

StubHub is safe. It has its FanProtect Guarantee, where you get a full refund for any fraud or illegitimate ticket transaction you make.

Here we are with similar websites like StubHub:

  1. Ticketmaster.com
  2. SeatGeek.com
  3. Vivid seats.com
  4. Viagogo.com
  5. Livenation.com
  6. TickPick.com
  7. EBay.com
  8. TicketNetwork.com
  9. TicketCity.com
  10. RazorGator.com

Let’s cover each platform in detail. Each of these listed websites is completely legit and trusted by millions of customers.

1. Ticketmaster

They have been around since 1976. It is a reliable platform to get those NFL or NBA tickets for the game you were forward to. It has millions of users who buy and sell their tickets for sports events, concerts, and Broadway shows. Ticketmaster is partners with event owners spread across 29 countries. Hassle-free sale and purchase are one of their main objectives, along with fraud protection for buyers and due diligence for sellers to check their ticket’s validity.

They came up with some relatively new concepts like Smart queues, Waitlist, and Ticketmaster SafeTix. Ticketmaster is competing every day with illegal, automated bot purchases and ticketing frauds with its brilliant minds and multimillion investments into their website. It even partnered with Austin city limits and lollapalooza for online ticket selling service. They provide services like PoS software, marketing, and analytics to event organizers as well. According to Ticketmaster’s refund policy, a 100% refund on event cancellations and new tickets is generated and issued if the event gets postponed.

Visit https://www.ticketmaster.com/ for more.

2. SeatGeek

NFA, NBA, MLB, NHL, Tennis, WWE, or any concert you are planning on attending, Feel free and confident to purchase SeatGeek tickets. They have been serving millions of customers since 2009 and charge a low fee for every purchase and sale transaction. With their Deal Score-backed rate recommendations, you get a fair price for your tickets.

They partner with event owners for huge bands like BTS and significant artists like Lady Gaga and Jaden smith. Every ticket sold on SeatGeek is under its buyer guarantee. You get a 100% refund in case of event cancellation or entry denial at the event, although situations like this rarely arise. Their comfortable and simple event filter option, where you can find an event with location details or just the Gig name, makes it a very user-friendly platform.

Visit https://seatgeek.com/ for more.

3. Vivid seats

It is a relatively strict website when it comes to terms and conditions. Bases in Illinois, and since its inception in 2001, vivid seats have provided excellent customer service. Biggest of events, from a weeknd concert to harry styles, and significant NFL and MLB games, they are partners with everyone.

A buyer guarantee policy and seller screening process make it 100 percent safe and reliable. While selling on VS, you can price your ticket above and below the face price. No refund is provided on vivid seats in cases like cancellation and rescheduling by the user; however, they promise a 100% refund in event cancellation. They have the best customer service response rates in the industry, which accounts for their popularity. They never sell user information to third parties as per their privacy policy.

Visit https://www.vividseats.com/ for more.

4. Viagogo

At Viagogo, you get the mainstream events as well as the low key Gigs. They offer tickets for events ranging from cricket to the freaking Olympics. Selling partners include prominent global event organizers as well as individuals with an extra ticket. User can choose their payment currency and enter events from over fifty countries across the globe.

They have a multimillion user base and over 4 million tickets to make a choice. They offer a 100% refund if the user faces any discrepancies. Although Viagogo claims to be 100% reliable, its users have faced issues in the past.  Ed Sheeran once canceled all Viagogo tickets, and fans had to purchase legit tickets from the venue’s window. But then things like this happen all the time with almost every big corporation.

Visit https://www.vividseats.com/ for more.

5. Live Nation

Live Nation is a leading global entertainment company. They handle ticketing services for over forty thousand shows and a hundred plus festivals. Around 500 million tickets are sold at live Nation every year. They have the highest concert production, ticket selling numbers in the world. At their website, they organize live video streams with some A-list artists every day.

Live Nation is all about music and live events. They are not in the sports business as of yet. The biggest artists of all time are proudly working with live nations Inc, Jay Z being one of them. In case of event cancellation, live Nation offers about 150% credit for future purchases. Live Nation has some very successful subsidiary companies like Ticketmaster and roc nation. Live Nation has decent customer support, and they are serving people since 1996. Live Nation is undoubtedly one of the most reliable sources to sell and purchase show tickets online and with ease.

Visit https://www.livenation.com/ for more.

6. TickPick

Don’t like to pay a convenience fee or any commission while purchasing tickets online for NBA, NHL, or to watch your favorite artist perform live? TickPick is the way to go. It is a young company, founded in 2011, but is proliferating. Users save about 10-15% on tickets when they buy from TickPick. They offer a 110% credit in case of event cancellation along with an opt-in for refunds under their buyer’s guarantee policy.

A $10 discount to students is offered here on the first purchase.  It is safe, many national publications have reviewed TickPick, and Better Business Bureau accredits it. TickPick lets you bid for those dream tickets you want to bag so bad. They call it turning the tables around, where you tell the sellers how much you are willing to pay for a ticket. Users can set a price alert at TickPick by choosing email notifications.

Visit https://www.tickpick.com/ for more.

7. TicketCity

TicketCity has been around since 1990. They have served over 1 million customers since their inception. Sports, Concerts, or theatre, At TicketCity, you can buy entry into over 100,000 events. The thing which separates TicketCity from its competitors is that they help their customers with everything related to an event.

They care about your parking space, the hotel you will stay at, the best places to sit at a live event, seating charts, and even driving directions. No other company does resell business like this one. In case of event cancellation, 100% is offered by the co. They have the best in class customer support, which is there for you seven days a week. They post Customer reviews on their website. Independent sellers sell tickets listed here. TicketCity purchases can only be made in USD. You can sell tickets at TicketCity above or below the face price. This is one of the best sites like StubHub.

Visit https://www.ticketcity.com/ for more.

8. TicketNetwork

Ticket Network is TicketNetwork Inc’s subsidiary company, a tech giant with an inventory as massive as $5.5billion. It is an online marketplace for live events’ tickets, where buyers and sellers can connect. NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, WWE, and NASCAR, they sell tickets for all of them.  They sell tickets for more than 100,000 events, sports, concerts, and theatre events worldwide.

Their 100% money-back guarantee makes it safe for the customer and their strict policies against sharing user’s personal information.  Customer support is active seven days a week. Tickets for some of the biggest artists like the weeknd, Celine Dion, and Metallica are bought and sold at TicketNetwork. Users can search for an event under the music genre, which makes it a better purchasing experience. Theatre events like Broadway, Las Vegas, and Family are listed on their website. Some of the industry’s best stands up comedians are also listed at TicketNetwork.

Visit https://www.ticketnetwork.com/ for more.

9. RazorGator

RazorGator is one of the best players in online event ticket buying and selling games. They have been around since 2001 and earned a reputation and customers by providing the best customer support and cheaper tickets. Whether it’s American Ballet or a late-night play, NCAA football, or WWE, they are partners with everyone. In their buyer guarantee policy, RazorGator promises a 100% refund on event cancellations, or you can return the ticket within 15 days of such cancellation.

Tickets can also be listed for sale on their website. You can book your spot at the biggest artists’ events. Rihanna, Usher, Chance the rapper, Adele, Taylor Swift, and every other icon you like to jam to sells on this website. They grade the tickets from A to F based on a seat and price combination, so you get the best out of what you spent. Having 18 years of experience, this young yet flourishing company is going big and going miles.

Visit https://www.razorgator.com/  for more.

To make it even easier for users to buy and sell tickets, these companies have launched their applications for android, ios, and Windows smartphones. Download now from application stores.

10. eBay

eBay owns StubHub. But it allows you to sell and buy and tickets on its official website as well. eBay is one of the biggest reselling platforms on the web. Here you can sell almost anything, and tickets are no exceptions. It is a live product buying, selling, and bidding marketplace where users interact with each other.

In the case of tickets, eBay might not offer you a refund, and neither would you get the digital copy of your ticket from the website. The seller will send you the ticket digitally or via mail, which is not as convenient as the other ticket-selling websites. But most sellers at eBay are genuine so that it can be trusted. It is a multimillion-dollar company that serves hundreds of millions of users every year. There are even more sites like StubHub are available for buying cheap tickets.

Visit https://www.ebayinc.com/ for more.


Are online ticketing services reliable?

  • Yes, they are. Most of the ticket sellers online offer a buyer guarantee on every purchase you make. A 100% refund is provided if you are denied entry at the venue, or the ticket is not legit. Seller screening helps in avoiding such issues, and that is followed by almost every reselling platform.

Which websites are safe and reliable to purchase a concert ticket?

  • Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, and RazorGator are the most reliable and popular platforms to get your music concert tickets. Live Nation is the music hub that organizes events as well, so it tops the list for the best websites to buy cheap and genuine concert tickets.

How to tell if it’s a fake ticket?

  • Check for the event name, event date, and ask for the ticket’s pictures and the seller’s contact details. In case you are buying from a website, Make sure a buyer guarantee is offered.

What are the various business models in the ticketing service business?

  • Event organizers’ licensed sales on websites – The tickets are sold directly from the event authorities to the buyers.
  • Person-to-person sales – Two individuals enter into a transaction through a medium like a website like eBay.
  • Ticket reselling websites – Sites like SeatGeek allow users to sell tickets online where the sale price can be low or high than the face value.

Which are the best sites to buy sports tickets from?

  • TicketNetwork, Vivid seats, and eBay are the safest and most reliable platforms to purchase sporting event tickets. NBA, NFL, MLB, and significant football leagues’ tickets can be bought from these websites.

That’s it from our end. Hope we are able to help you with the 10 Best Sites like StubHub for cheap ticket bookings for concerts and other live events. These StubHub alternatives and popular and trustworthy.

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