See Every Photo Someone Likes on Instagram

You want to see every photo someone likes on Instagram? You are in the right place then. This article is all about How to see what someone likes on instagram. Continue reading to find out the two simple ways to see what someone likes on Instagram.

Instagram is a simple and easy social platform for sharing photos, videos, and other relevant information. The platform has a comfortable “double tap” feature to like any images or comments on them with just a simple click.

A few years back, Instagram had features that would allow you to see details of likes and comments of any desired user. Lately, this feature has been removed by Instagram due to data privacy issues. This feature was meant to increase the interaction, but Instagram tried to make this platform more personal with its increasing popularity.

see every photo someone likes on instagram

The news feed shows only the photos and videos shared by any user, advertisements, and hashtags you follow. Instagram insights are meant for a business purpose that allows in-depth information about the reach, communications, and impression to increase getting sponsored or paid posts.

This account also enables you to track the users’ location, age, and sex, interacting with your photos or videos. However, if you don’t want to change your profile to a business account, then here are few methods to see every photo someone likes on the Instagram app. Using these tips, you can easily find your targeted user’s activities without even following them.

How to check every photo someone likes on Instagram:

Following are a few tips to see activities without following anonymously. There are couple of ways to check someones likes on Instagram feeds.

Method 1: Check the photos an Instagram users likes using KidsGurad pro

Instagram activity tracker is a solution to track someone’s Instagram activities such as notifications, messages, active time, and posts. This runs secretly in the background without giving any suspicious hints to the targeted user. The powerful features and easy operation of kidsGuard pro make it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to see every photo someone likes on Instagram.

Benefits provided by KidsGuard pro

This tracker enables you to see Instagram photos and videos of individual users on Instagram or using time, likes, and browser types.

It allows unrestricted access to the messages and friend list of the user if not set private. KidsGuard pro can also monitor other online platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp for tracking the calls, location, and many more.

This app provides an invisible way of stalking any user. KidsGuard pro operates in stealth mode and updates the details on your account. This app also supports excellent customer support whenever needed and comes with various free updates.

How to use KidsGuard pro for tracking users:

Firstly you need a valid licensed KidsGuard pro account to get access to all the advanced features. Once you are done with the account creation, download the app from and sign in with your account details to get into the target user. Signing in is followed by some instructions to enable some required settings. KidsGuard pro icon will disappear from the screen and become incognito once correctly set it up.

The final step is accessing the android dashboard, where you can trace the activities.

To view someone’s likes, comments, and follows, click on the capture screenshot feature while the targeted user is online and receive real-time information via screenshot.

This app enables you to track the specified user’s other Instagram activities, such as receiving and sending messages. You just need to click on Instagram under the social app feature to get this advantage.

Select the App activities option present in the phone files to view the screen time.

Lastly, you can also view specific users’ posts by selecting the photos option on the Instagram folder.

Method 2: How to see what photos someone likes on Instagram using Snoopreport

Here is another way of how to see what photos someone likes on InstagramSnoopreport is an Instagram monitoring service that allows you to track any Instagram user’s action or account. You simply need to add the account for tracking, and this service will supply you the complete details of likes, posts, comments, and follow-ups by any business or individual account during the tracking session.

Below mentioned are the steps that can be followed to see every photo someone likes on the Instagram app.
Firstly, you track the Instagram account in a user-friendly environment. You need to have an account. You can simply click on the signup icon present on the home and enter fill with your credentials like user id and password.

On completion of the registration, you are automatically redirected to the dashboard. On the dashboard, you can remove or add accounts, view the tracks, and purchase packages. But to begin with, you first need to add the account you need to track. This tracking service allows enrolling numerous Instagram users for tracking. While entering more than one account for monitoring, use the row list method, or simply add by putting commas.

Once you are done with the addition of accounts, you need to buy packages. The packages are available in 4, 26, and 52 weeks to begin with the monitoring process. The weeks are credited on an account, and you may distribute them among the several accounts if you have added.

Once buy the packages, the monitoring automatically begins. You may also add more accounts and start monitoring them just by clicking on the “buy time” option.

The first track reports are available within a week. To view the reports, you just need to choose the time frame of the required report.

Finally, you will see every photo someone likes on the Instagram app, including all other activities like comments, posts, and followers.

Final thoughts

They no longer allow you to see every photo someone likes on Instagram app. Above mentioned are some practical ways of tracking any Instagram user. The apps like Snoopreport and kidsGuard pro gives an efficient way of tracking any user with or without following them.

But you should always remember that Instagram removed these features to prevent any harm to users’ privacy. Some users like to keep their activities private, so it is highly beneficial for such users.
This article will end your search for how to see someone likes on Instagram but always remember never to misuse any of the details you receive.

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