Everything About the Samsung Push Service

Samsung Push Service is a notification system made and developed by Samsung. It comes pre-installed with mostly all of Samsung’s devices. This Service has recently been under fire for becoming obsolete and a complete waste of storage on phones.

Before, when Samsung started expanding, this application was considered excellent and helpful by many. People also have voiced their opinions through various means. To this day, mostly all Samsung devices have this application pre-installed with it. So, let’s discuss everything you need to know about the Samsung Push Service; what does it do? Can I uninstall Samsung Push Service? And how can we uninstall it?

What is the Samsung Push Service?

The Samsung Push Services notify the user about the Samsung Apps; these include apps like

  • Samsung Pay,
  • Samsung Health,
  • Samsung Cloud,
  • and many more Samsung Apps.

They were popular back in the days, mostly by the people who used Samsung Apps only. The Internet has ridiculed this app. It became a hated app by many within just a short period. Still, it does not fare well with users and is usually disabled by the user as soon as a Samsung phone. It is what Samsung push service is about, and the basic gist of it.

What Does Samsung Push Services Do?

The Samsung Push service does many things that are hated by many. Experienced users and new users. They feel that the points mentioned below are not the things a service like Samsung Push Service must do.


To get a bit more cash into its pockets, Samsung added a feature that allows an organization, like a new channel or a new game added to the Samsung Store. For some, it just got worse by the day. Some saw it as a nuisance attached to the phone from the time it arrived in their hands.

People thought it was their phone that they had worked hard and earned for, and some big company uses that as a medium for some extra cash. It caused massive outrage among people. People think that this is not what an app like Samsung Push Service must do to earn a bit more money.

The Storage:

People are picky about their storage; they check every way to decrease it. In this day and age, information is considered the most valuable; it accurate for countries and even on an individual basis, like security, photos, videos, games, etc. So, people are more willing to spend their phone storage on something worthwhile. But this, The Samsung Push Services, is 1.8 megabytes of an advertisement software installed on your phone.

So, people hated it as it took up space and, at the same time, being utterly useless. Techies mainly played an essential part in spreading the notion about this. People considered that they could use that 1.8 megabytes and can use it for security or play a role in a specific application or photos’ back-up.

The Battery Usage:

In this day and age, a phone’s charge is valuable. In some instances, it can mean life or death. It can save or, sometimes, unfortunately, this can lead to a person’s demise. It is also a factor of hatred for this app by people. On observation of the battery usage, some keen-eyed users found out that The Samsung Push Service drains the battery continuously, which annoyed them.

It made many consumers not to follow Samsung devices or applications anymore. People were not ready to spend their money and battery power powering an advertisement application, mostly made to advertise some random things, which further annoyed them.

The Notifications:

In a particular version of Samsung Phones with the Samsung Push Service enabled, users, have continuously complained about the barrage of notifications from this Service asking for upload or the windless advertisement barrage made people hate this application. It, combined with the other factors, made people hate this application so much.

Some user has reported finding it difficult to operate and work with especially people in business who could have made excellent use of these applications. Some even said this application causing their phones to stop without any prior notice abruptly. As the majority did not consider it useful or even operable, people started hating it.

Their mentality was further shaped by the Internet, who spread the info, for example, through the comments of the applications on different App Stores and even made memes on the same topic. Techies rallied a vast number of users who felt like this. This further lead to people removing Samsung Push Service.

What does Samsung Push Service do? The Samsung Push Service does provide three primary services they are:

Pop up message notifications:

It makes a pop up appear on the screen of the user’s phone. It contains a message based on the publisher who published it. Here, the publisher refers to the application or firm that has asked for the utilization of the Service. The messages usually included a link to an app or update according to the announcement was of the utmost importance. In some instances, people were mad at this feature due to the overutilization of this application. It is the primary function of the Samsung Push service.

Exhibition of Different Images on the Logo of the Application Together with A Message:

It is an action done by Samsung Push Service and the most annoying one of them all.  It came in large amounts, especially in games; advertisers just sent photos about their application they are endorsing directly to the user.

In certain instances, the advertisement was inappropriate that was not suitable for children; this made parents to remorse the application. In a few cases, the images contained different messages. It, too, came in large and bulk amounts to the user’s phone. It did play a role in making people understand that this application was a system that was using their phones to advertise and make money using them.

Presenting a Message as a Notification:

In this method, a message comes plainly as a notification. These messages include multiple variants; these include update messages, adverts, messages on Samsung products, and services. These messages come almost every five days.

These include instructions about setting up Samsung Pay or the various changes in terms and policies of different Samsung Applications. These push to notifications is also well known to be an advertising medium. These include multiple items, even in some instances showing adverts about firms in your locality and their app store. These are all used as a means of advertisement. People believe that if anyone was to ask, ‘What does Samsung Push Service to?’

Can You Remove Samsung Push Service from Your Phone?

Can you remove Samsung Push Service from your phone? Simple answer, Yes.

Many methods can be used person can remove or disable the Service altogether. Some ways include disabling the application through the settings menu, rooting your device, or interaction with a third-party application. We will not be featuring the rooting method in this list, as there are many clauses into using the technique.

It is because rooting causes you to gain overall command over the system. It makes it so that your phone’s in-built security viable to malware attacks, which primarily targets users who have rooted their phones. So, we wouldn’t personally recommend that unless or until you know what you are doing. By far, disabling the Service is the safest and easiest method out of all the techniques that exist.

By Disabling:

Disabling does not completely delete or remove the Samsung Push Service from your phone. Here are the steps for doing so:

  • Step 1: Open up Settings on your phone.
  • Step 2: Find the section named Apps from the list.
  • Step 3: Select Apps and proceed to scroll down and find the Samsung Push Service app.
  • Step 4: Click on the Samsung Push Service, and then a particular type of screen should come up.
  • Step 5: On this screen, to the right top corner, you will see three dots; these are additional settings.
  • Step 6: On clicking these additional settings, A drop-down box appears and an option to remove all previous updates. It makes the Service remove all updates from the time the Service was enabled when they were pre-installed.
  • Step 7: After doing this, on the same screen, another box named Force Stop, clicking on this causes all processes that the Service was doing. It stops from other methods and further notifications to your phone.

Disclaimer: This does not mean that the eradication of the Samsung Push Service from your phone. It just disables it from further operations. There are other methods for eradicating the Samsung Push Services; this uses third-party applications that come with its risks.

Complete Removal:

  • Step 1: Download a third-party application that can tap into the pre-loaded software and can remove apps. The examples include ROM Toolbox, Package Disabler Pro, which come in with a feature to remove the pre-loaded applications. But please do make sure that you download a secure application; this means you use an application not known for spying or exploiting your device.
  • Step 2: On these types of software, a sector specialized for apps. It shows all the applications pre-installed in the device. They can find every app installed on your phone. It makes a dialog box appear or will have the option to delete or remove from the device. It completely removes the application from the phone for good.

Disclaimer: Make sure that the third-party application is useful. Good as in such, make sure that it secures your phone. If you think the application that you installed is spying on you for your information.

Please check its allowed permissions in the settings to confirm your doubt, as there have been cases of certain apps sell-out information, like your search history, to advertisers in exchange for cash.

Please do proceed at your own risk on these applications. While downloading, please make sure to read the terms and conditions of the application, as they may state any privacy infringement in their terms and conditions.

What are the Advantages of Disabling or Deleting the Samsung Push Services?

On the deletion or removal of the application, you can see a significant rise in the serenity of where ever you may be, at work, or school, anywhere. As the number of notifications and adverts significantly decreases. It is a boon, especially if you like to have a calm and peaceful atmosphere around you while working on your document or performing your tasks on a day-to-day basis.

It also makes way for better battery life, as there is no continuous drain of your battery life. It makes for the longevity of the battery. It makes so that the battery makes people can use the battery for more extended periods, mainly used for those times when it is most required.

It also declutters your phone from all the various adverts that spam your notifications that plague your phone’s announcement system. It frees up your RAM speed, as the phone is not continuously working or expending power for the upkeeping of the Samsung Push Service performances. Its specific older models of phones, they can free up the RAM to a significant degree. They can make way for faster performance and, in some instances, cause the phone to have a higher multi-tasking speed, but this varies from model to model.

As an example, A Samsung C9 Pro with the Samsung Push Service after might see a boost in performance and, in some instances, can make for a better flow of apps and allow for more excellent multi-tasking. These also add to the fact that unnecessary notifications like adverts are disabled from administering its Service.


Q1: Is Samsung Push Service Necessary?

Ans: A simple answer – No. It is bloatware. Bloatware is a service application that adds a burden to your device, and at the same time, this advertises adverts to your device, which many are not a fan. To add to that, on removal, you see a significant increment in many areas of your phones.

Q2: Is Samsung Push Service in my Phone? I don’t see it on my home screen.

Ans: Yes. If your device is a Samsung product, it will mostly be pre-installed with this Service. As it is a pre-installed software, it won’t appear on your home screen as it hides pre-loaded software that comes with the phone.

Samsung Push Service is an application that is a primary subject of hate by many. They find it as a nuisance, a type of turn-off for Samsung products. In this article, you got to know all about the Samsung Push Services, both the ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages, all. It an advertisement software still present in this day and age. Also, we have learned how to disable or remove this application from your phone. Why don’t you try and check out which works for you – enabling it or disabling it?

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