Sad WhatsApp Status Video Download – 2023

The human mind is very curious and over-thinker, it becomes happy and sad very quickly according to the situations. When we are in a bad situation, we feel sad and don’t want to tell anybody about it. But all we know sharing is the best cure for sad or bad situations. Sharing feelings with others helps us to reduce stress and forget bad incidents.

If you are a shy person then you always hesitate to share your feelings with others. To overcome these types of problems sad WhatsApp status video is the best option. You can express your sad feelings with others without telling them. Just upload the sad WhatsApp status video which describes your feeling better and lets others see or feel your situations. WhatsApp status is the way to show your feelings to others. You don’t need to tell your situation or feelings to others one by one, just upload the status video on WhatsApp status, and others will see your status video and understand your situation.

sad whatsapp status

Where to download WhatsApp status video?

Whatsapp allows only 30 seconds of video to upload on Whatsapp status. So you can use any video cutter tool to cut the video and upload it on Whatsapp status.

There is another way to get WhatsApp status video. You can find many websites on the internet which provide WhatsApp status videos. But before downloading the videos from there you should be very careful because sometimes these videos carry malware along with them and this malware may harm your device. So choose the best and trustworthy websites and download your favorite video from there.

When you need sad WhatsApp status video

  1. Break-Up Situation: When you got broke up, you pass from a very hard time, and that time your feelings are worse. You think again and again about the moments you spent with her/him and these feelings make you depressed. Sad Whatsapp status video can’t get her back to you but it helps to make your mood light because music has very good mental healing power and can help you in some way.
  2. Failure: When you fail in achieving something, you become demotivated and your confidence level reaches a very low level. In this situation you need to get back your confidence and music can help you with this. Download a sad or motivational WhatsApp status video and share it on your WhatsApp status and I promise you, you will feel better.
  3. Missing someone: If you live alone and miss your family or your partner then sad WhatsApp status is the best way to show your feelings. You can show them your love or care by uploading the Whatsapp status video. Just download the sad Whatsapp status video and let them see how you miss them.

How to download sad WhatsApp status video

To download a sad WhatsApp status video you need to search “sad WhatsApp status video download” on google and you will get many websites. Just select the good enough websites, here you will get so many sad status videos. Choose your favorite video and hit the download button. The video will be saved in your mobile phone. 

Settings You can do with your WhatsApp status

There are some settings you can do with your WhatsApp status to keep your information private

If you want to hide or show your status to any particular person you can do it easily. There are 3 options to set your WhatsApp status. 

  • My Contacts: You can select the “My Contacts” option in which your all phonebook contacts can see your WhatsApp status.
  • My Contact Except: By selecting this option you can hide your WhatsApp status from all your phone contacts except you selected.
  • Only Share With: If you select the option, your WhatsApp status will be visible to the person you selected only.

Hope you are able to Download the Sad WhatsApp status videos. Let me know through comments for any queries. Cheers!!