7 Tested Methods to Remove Activate Windows Watermark

Getting annoyed with the Activate Windows watermark on your laptop? Here are a few simple solutions to remove the windows watermark.

When we use different sites, for example, while making a video, editing a picture through an application or in windows, we see that the name of the site is present as a mark at the bottom left or right corner. In the digital world, people utilize this concept to spread awareness about that particular company. It is a distinctive marketing strategy. A watermark is an identification mark that is in the semi-transparent shade. It may be a symbol or in words or numbers in fancy fonts, colours, and designs.

remove activate windows watermark

What is an Activate Window watermark?

It is a superimposed mark present at the bottom right corner of the screen of the Windows PC. This watermark alerts the user to activate the windows from the settings as the software’s trial version is over. The main purpose of this is to allow them to continue using features like installing the updates, windows defenders, security features, and many more.

Why is a “activate window” watermark present in the screen window of any personal computer?

There are three common scenarios:

  • The license of the window is invalid
  • The license of the window is expired
  • The unmatched windows version

Removal of the Activate windows watermark

People often search for ways to get rid of activated windows watermarks. Here is a step by step procedure to get rid of it –

Method 1# Utilizing a 3rd party software

One can download the Microsoft toolkit software from the internet for free.

  • After downloading, extract the files on the computer.
  • Open the “4 coloured” icon of it. A dialogue box appears with four options – Main, Activation, Product Key, License Backup, and a black screen appears along with it.
  • Press the Windows Icon at the bottom of the software very next to “Settings.”
  • Click on EZ Activator and Press activate. One can check the black screen for the activation message. It is thereby leading to activate windows watermark removal.

Method 2# Free software like KMSpico

Other useful software to remove activate windows watermark is KMSpico and Autopico software. The software is secure and tested. Before installation, the anti-virus system of the computer should be temporarily disabled. After that open the KMSpico software, a dialogue box appears. Click on the Windows Icon and Click on Red Big “Image.” It will produce a sound, after which it will remove activate windows 10 watermark. 

Method 3# Window loader software

The Windows loader is the most efficient and easy to install software. For safety procedures, disable the anti-virus system. Extract the folder with WinRAR or Windows Application.

After installation, open the loader software. Moments later, the computer will restart itself, and one will remove activate Windows watermark.

Method 4# The Window Registry editing technique

The in-house method for removing activate windows 10 watermark editing the Windows registry in a few steps. Press Windows+R, a dialogue box appears showing the “Run” prompt, write Regedit, and press enter. Click the HKEY_CURRENT_USER, select Control Panel then Desktop. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] On the Right side, select the PaintDesktopVersion.

Change the value “1” to “0” and make sure the “base” is selected as hexadecimal; save the file. Close the “Registry Panel,” as well as other opened applications, and restart the computer.

Method 5# Ease of Access

To Remove activate the windows watermark, ease of access is the most convenient tool kit at one’s disposal. Click on the start menu and open the control panel. Select the ease of access centre, from the on-screen keyboard icon select the “make the computer easier to see” option. A list of three choices is available with an empty box on the left. Select “remove background images.” After that, restart the computer, and the watermark is removed with ease.

Method 6# Removal with the help of CMD

CMD or Command prompt is a command-line interpreter. Click on the start menu from the tab and type in CMD a black dialogue box appears written “Administrator: Command Prompt.” In the CMD window, enter a code “bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF” then hit enter. A message will appear saying the operation is successful. Restart the computer, and the activate windows watermark is removed.

Method 7# Disabling procedure via Powershell

Just like CMD, Powershell is also a scripted language for task automation and management. Click on the start menu from the tab and type in Powershell. A dialogue box appears. If prompted by UAC, click on yes. In the dialogue box, type in a code slmgr /renew and select enter. After that restart, the machine and windows 10 will be activated via Powershell.

These are the 7 simple and tested methods to disable the watermarks in your windows laptop. If you have trouble with any of these methods, let us know through comments.

A little bit about Watermarks:

Watermarks are not just restricted to the digital world, but they are also used in signing banknotes, passports, or envelopes and stamps. Photographers and graphic designers use watermarks to avoid any misuse of their work.

Assortments of watermark

Primarily, there are four types of watermark –

  1. Visible Watermarks – Outright visible marks.
  2. Invisible Watermarks – These watermarks are embedded in the media and use steganography techniques.
  3. Public Watermarks – It can be modified by anyone using algorithms.
  4. Fragile Watermarks – It can be destroyed by data manipulation or by using any editing software.

A commonplace where we have seen a troublesome watermark is while using the trial version of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7, which is not activated. It restricts the access to change the fonts, colors, background design, and window themes. It causes failures in the operating system.

Important FAQs

How to review the activation status? One can use these seven useful techniques to successful activate windows watermark removal. One can also review the activation status in easy steps – Click on start menu > Select settings option > Click on update and security option > six options are available out of which “Activation” is to be selected > then, the status is shown.

  • How happens if the activation is not executed correctly?

If there is a problem with activation, one can follow the above-said procedure again or select the “Troubleshoot” option from the setting’s update and security option.

  • For how long does the inactivation work?

Just for one month, the users can utilize the benefit of inactivated windows. After that, the problems and computer issues will interrupt the daily workings.

It is viable for the users to activate windows 10, which Microsoft has made free to install without a product key albeit, one should activate the windows with the original serial key provided by the operating system.