PUBG Mobile Game Banned in India – Is this True?

PUBG Mobile Game Banned in India? – PUBG Mobile is one of most popular game of recent times. It has got enormous user base and popularity with in no time. There has been a notice going viral on the internet that Maharashtra high court banned playing PUBG game. Let’s see is that news fake or true?

pubg banned in india

Now let’s see the notice issued by the high court of Maharashtra and then will see is it a fake one or real one?

Here is the summary of notice:

As per the consideration of many incidents and proofs that have been submitted by respective lawyers and majestratives, it came to conclude that PUBG Mobile game is creating alot of nuisance and irrespective activities and many students spoiling their own lives…

All we have knew that few countries took action on ban of this game. It is to inform you that PUBG will not perform any operations and legally notices have been sent to tencent games operation.

pubg ban notice india

Is it fake? Looking at the letter that is going viral on the internet, we can see that there are many grammatical errors in that letter. Hence it proves that there is no authenticity for the circular.

Another reason for not to believe the letter is – there is no judge in Maharashtra high court with name K. Srinivasulu. When you search for those keywords K.Srinivasulu High court judge, no results displayed. So probably this is a fake news spreading viral on the internet. The official game developer, Tencent has also confirmed that it’s a hoax and there is no information regarding the ban in India or any other country.

Few of the educational institutes has issues warning to the students for playing PUBG game and they have banned it in the campuses. But this doesn’t make playing PUBG Mobile a punishable offence.

Conclusion: PUBG Game is not banned in India. The letter which is going viral is FAKE

So don’t worry about the game ban. But you should take some care on your studies as well if you are spending much time on playing PUBG. There are many people addicted to PUBG and not concentrating on studies.

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