Not Registered on Network [Fixed – 6 Simple Ways]

How many times have you dealt with a situation brimmed with chaos and your mobile network throwing tantrums? A lot. A case of ‘not registered on network‘ is common and humiliating at times. A critical call may get interrupted with a device not registered on network, one finds themselves in an embarrassing situation.

During pandemic times, when the conditions of work from home are augmenting, and due to their devices not registered on the network, people suffer from prolonged and fluctuating hotspot connections. These devices that throw mobile network not available error seem like a persisting problem hammering a lot of work. But we don’t believe so.

This is why we have brought you specific steps that you could take to restore your network! Following is a list of mobile network not available issue fix you can take to surf the internet and manage calls like a pro.

not registered on network - android

What does Not Registered on Network mean:

Not registered on Network is a common problem we face with mobile networks. When you try to make a call, often we encounter this issue and there could be many reasons for it. It is a generic error thrown on most of the handset and telecom companies. Here in this article, let’s dig down deep into the reasons for this issue and simple ways to fix them.

Otherwise, we had to spend hours speaking to customer care support on the network issue. Hope this guide help you to fix these quickly on your own.

Not Registered on Network – 6 Easy Methods to Solve:

Here are the 6 simple ways to work with and fix mobile network not available issues.

#Method 1: Restart the device

A basic yet effective solution to numerous issues with your phone is restarting the device. Sometimes, the problem may occur from your end. One of the best ways to combat it is to switch the device off and turn it on or restart it. This may establish a refreshed connection with your nearest network tower. In a jiffy, your phone may stop notifying ‘not registered on network‘ and instead bring to you all the messages you have received till then.

#Method 2:  Re-install your SIM

Just how your device may lose the connection with your network services, your SIM is capable of doing so as well. In that case, restarting the device may not be of any use. But it would be best if you did not lose hope. Try taking out your phone’s SIM and put it back in its place, and then run your device. If the issue were persisting due to SIM’s error in not catching the network, it would be solved in a snap. This may happen if the SIM is not placed correctly or just technically. It has issues with establishing a connection with the network. In a snap, your mobile network not available fix will be done.

#Method 3: Check the mobile network settings

One of the easiest ways to deal with your phone not registered on network is by checking your device’s mobile network settings. It does not require any help from any store near you. Just follow the given steps and your network not available issue fix is done.

  • Step 1- Open ‘Settings’
  • Step 2- Go to ‘Connections’
  • Step 3- Go to ‘Mobile Networks’
  • Step 4- Select ‘Network Operators’
  • Step 5- Click on ‘Select Automatically’

In a while, there will be a snack bar at the bottom of your screen with a dialogue “Registered on the network.” In no time, you will be able to get calls and smooth internet.

#Method 4: Check the Roaming Mode

If you are currently at a place where roaming enabling is not required, you can head to your phone’s settings and turn the roaming mode off. When the roaming mode is on, and you do not need it, the SIM may necessarily not understand the situation and try to find a network to re-establish the connection, as it would in a roaming area. This may cause an irregularity in the network connection. It is an easy process, but for not-so-tech-savvy readers, we have the procedure listed down.

  • Step 1- Go to ‘Settings’
  • Step 2- Go to ‘ Connections’
  • Step 3- Click on ‘Mobile Networks’
  • Step 4-  Disable Roaming Mode with the selection control

If it is still needed, then you may refresh your network as mentioned in 3.) And in a while, you will have your phone flooding with all the messages and notifications you would have received.

#Method 5: Switch between your network carriers

Network carriers are mobile network providers like 2G, 3G, and 4G. In case of your cellular device not registered on network, you can switch to an inferior carrier, let it settle for once, and then choose the superior carrier.

This way, there will be certain standards met in network establishment. Even if your phone has the provisions of those standards met slightly, the network will work super smooth, and you will be able to complete all the tasks quickly. This may need to be done frequently, but it is better than having an unstable connection that works as a hindrance between you and the tasks you have to complete.

#Method 6: Reset your device

Resetting your phone can erase any technical hindrance that caused irregularity in your connections in the first place. This glitch may be a virus or an unwanted file.

Erasing your device’s data will remove every trace of such files. But make sure you backup all your personal data such as images, chat, etc. before bringing your phone to factory settings, or else you may lose all of those memories.

Backing up your device’s media may sound daunting, but it’s a simple procedure that can be done in various ways. The sound technology that surrounds us has already made it easy. It can be done using your device’s chord and connecting it to your laptop to transfer the data.

In the case of Android or iOS devices, media like images and videos are already backed up in Google Photos or iCloud Storage, respectively. Apps like WhatsApp keep a backup of chats on a daily basis against the phone number of the user. Half of your tension is already wiped off. Now let us look at the process of resetting your device.

  • Step 1- Go to ‘Settings’
  • Step 2- Click on ‘General Management’
  • Step 3- Opt for ‘Reset’
  • Step 4- Select ‘Factory data reset.’

Your device will go back to its factory settings, and soon your network will be re-established.

In times like this pandemic, a device that is not registered on network can cause one to lose their job. Hence, the issue is common yet grave. It generally occurs when the user is working on a dual-SIM mobile phone. But owing to reasons like distant network towers or improper services, even a phone with a single SIM can cause havoc during calls.

I have faced this problem with my Samsung Galaxy M30S mobile on the Jio network. After following a few of these steps, I was able to correct the error.

We hope our list of ways to establish a mobile network not available fix will help you experience smooth surfing!