Best Apps like MX Player To Try in 2023

MX Player

MX Player, one of the popular and best apps in VIDEO_PLAYERS category owned by MX Media & Entertainment (formerly J2 Interactive). MX Player is available on Google playstore to download and install for free.It is currently under the Editor’s Choice section of Google playstore with 500,000,000+ installations and a stunning 4.4-star rating from the users.

Here in this detailed article, we will see what are all the alternative apps available to MX Player. If you want to try out similar apps like MX Player, this is the right place for you.

We did a complete research and came up with a list of 14 best MX Player alternatives you can directly install on your smartphone. In this blog post, we bring you our 14 favorites.

Top 14 Best Alternative Apps like MX Player:

MX Player, arguably, the most popular and leading app in VIDEO_PLAYERS category. But are you bored of MX Player or you feel like any of the features missing in this app? Don’t worry. MX Player is not the only app available in VIDEO_PLAYERS. There are tons of other alternative or similar apps available on the internet. Here are a few best ones you should try out.

We have handpicked these apps based on the popularity and ratings of the users. So without much ado, let’s check out the top 14 sites like MX Player with each one in detail and it’s features highlighted.

1.Mp4 HD Player – Music Player & Media Player:

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Mp4 HD Player tops the list of best sites like MX Player with its popularity. It beats the other apps with the stunning interface and is more relevant to MX Player in VIDEO_PLAYERS. It has whopping 500,000+ app installations in Google Playstore with 4.4-star ratings.

Here is the detailed description and features of the app for you – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Downloading two different players- music player and video player for your music and video files?
So, here we have introduced Mp4 Player – Music Player & Media Player for the users to solve their problems of keeping two different audio video players. It is a multipurpose app for those who want to keep their mp3 mp4 files together at the same place.
Now, you don’t need to download music player and media player separately because you are using an allplayer which is mp3 mp4 player app. Act smartly by using this Mp4 Player – Music Player & Media Player and save your device storage.
You can use it as a free mp3 player or avi player. Because it supports all file formats MP3, WAV, MP4, Mkv, Avi or any other format. This media player can play video in full hd or 4k anywhere anytime because it is an offline mp3 mp4 player.
Features which makes this Mp4 player different from other video and music player –
Dark Mode – Black Theme
Picture in picture mode – Watch videos in Picture in Picture mode while using other apps
Background play – Play video as audio in the background while using other apps
Sleep Mode – Set timer to stop video automatically
Screenshot – Take screenshot from video
1 Playback speed: User can also modify video in slow motion or fast forward. This mp4 hd player all format – free music player app has a speed controlling feature through which users can control the speed or customize the video speed as they wanted or needed.
2 Free music player: This all round music player and media player has a free mp3 player inbuilt within which plays music of any format with the best sound quality.
3 Free Video Player: This mp4 hd player app is a free mp4 video player. Users can play video of any format including hd and 4k videos.
4 Compatibility: This video player is compatible with all android devices and works very smoothly on every device.
5 Graphic equalizer: This mp3 mp4 player has a graphic equalizer for both music as well as videos. This feature makes it one of the best mp4 hd player or audio video player because equalizer is for both.
6 Smart Browsing: This mp3 player or mp4 player browses all video and audio files by itself and sync them in its library so that the user can access the files within mp3 mp4 player itself whenever they need that.
7 Memory Usage: Some users might think that it is an allplayer that means audio video player so it will use high memory. But that’s not the case with this hd media player all format- free music player because it takes the less phone memory which makes it best mp3 player and media player.
8 Mp3 Mp4 player music library: No need to search audio and video from your phone, this mp4 video player all format-free music player app accesses all your audio video files from your phone when installed by the user. It just need to allow the app to access the media files once.
9 Headsets: This video player is compatible with all types of headsets.
10 Sort and create playlist: Find it difficult to change songs as per your mood. No worry, just create your own customized playlists and enjoy without continuous shuffling of audio and video files.
11 Ads free: The pro version of the audio video player is totally ads free, you just need to do a small in-app purchase to enjoy the pro version of audio video player.
12 Additional settings: Apart from speed controller in audio video player there are many other advanced settings in the media player like orientation (landscape or portrait), brightness adjustment etc.
13 Child/Screen Lock: A very important feature for any video player because it happens that by mistake video gets changes or your child is watching videos then this feature is very convenient for you because they will not be able to touch other apps or make calls.
It’s best video player and we are striving hard to make this audio video player perfect for you.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 500,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

2.Lua Player – Video Player, Media, HD Popup:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

Lua Player – Video Player, Media, HD Popup is one of the most practical and useful MX Player alternative app. It is constantly evolving with some useful features as well as user interface enhancements.

Lua Player is developed and owned by Lua Interactive and this app is currently available on Google playstore under Editor’s Choice and VIDEO_PLAYERS sections.

Just go through the Lua Player – Video Player, Media, HD Popup app details and install it for free – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]☆ Are you looking for a Handy and less limited multitasking popup media player ?
With re-sizing in popup window and multitasking feature, Lua Player is by far the most powerful media player on android market. This supports “Real multi-tasking” with “Picture in Picture” mode.
Lua Player is a free and it plays most multimedia files and various streaming protocols. It is supporting most codec with containers including MP4, AVI and more. File subtitles and online subtitles is supporting and multi-audio selection as well.
Just enjoy the video and do anything else at the same time with this video player.
Real multitasking means not just supporting a floating window, but supporting all menu and functionalities from pop-up window!
☆ Main Features
• Easy to resize and move to any screen positions! Play your videos with game or chatting screen.
• Can start from external file managers with popup window mode, which is the most beneficial feature among video player apps.
• Supporting high quality videos including 720p, 1080p and more, which depends on hardware and software decoder.
• Now Audio play with floating window mode supported !!
• Hiding and Restoring window any time, any place is the definitely unique feature for multitasking and only from this media player !
• 0.3x ~ 4.0x ( 0.7x ~ 1.5x for free version )
• Query video or audio with your keywords to local storage
• Supporting screen capture and screen rotation during playing video files
★ Network media play through SMB (SAMBA)
• Video and Audio are available from window share or NAS via SMB
★ Beautiful UI & THEMES
• Beautiful user experience within complicated multitasking popup window media player.
• AB Repeat mode and auto-resize subtitle in accordance with window size are supporting. You can control BRIGHTNESS and VOLUMN even current VIDEO POSITION by gesture
• Very easy to add, delete your favorite Video from local media files and from streaming url
★ Support for most video, audio file formats and codec.
★ Support for most subtitle file formats with online subtitle.
★ Supports network streaming.
★ Automatic detect videos on device and from micro SD card.
☆ Video Codecs
• H.264, H.265, H.263, MPEG4, XVID, VP6, VP8, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and etc
☆ Audio Codecs
• AAC, AC3, Vorbis, MP3, MP2, WMA, FLAC and etc
• Multi-audio selection supported.
☆ Network Stream
• HTTP Live Streaming with multiple bit rates (m3u8)
• Supports SMB/CIFS (SAMBA)
☆ Subtitle
• SAMI(.smi), .ssa/.ass, SubViewer(.sub), Subrip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub)
• Unicode Multibyte charset supported.
☆ Permissions
• Read phone status an identity: to pause player when receiving incoming calls. It needs for floating player being resized.
• Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: to delete media files and thumbnails when receiving user action
• Full network access: To open network streams.
• View network connections: To see network state.
• Prevent phone/tablet from sleeping: to prevent your phone or device from sleeping during playback.
• Draw over other apps: to draw floating window over any position.
Some of the screens are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /
Some of the screens are from the Sintel licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
(c) copyright Blender Foundation |[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 500,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

3.KPlayer – All format video player:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

The most talked-about app, KPlayer – All format video player, has also got the top 3 place in this list. It is extremely useful to fulfill VIDEO_PLAYERS category needs. It is available to download for free on playstore.

Here is the detailed description of the app for you – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]KPlayer – All format video player is simple yet powerful video player. It supports all video formats along with top resolutions like 4k, ultra HD and HD.
• Support all video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WMV and AAC.
• Network and Live stream formats supported like RTMP, RSTP, M3U8, TS, HLS etc.
• All codecs included, no need to download extra codecs like other players.
• Hardware acceleration.
• Simplest video library/file manager with batch share, delete and info operations.
• Multilingual subtitle downloader with support.
• Multiple audio tracks support.
• Easy gesture based brightness, volume and seek control.
• Multi playback option: auto-rotation, aspect-ratio, screen-lock etc.
• Tablet optimized UI.
• Play controls lock option.
• SD Card support.
• Material Themes
KPlayer needs following permissions.
• Access Photos/Media/Files permission to read your all media files on your storage
• Other app capabilities” for various activities like checking network status, Streaming, controlling Bluetooth device, controlling the touch feedback, blocking keys with kid lock feature.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 500,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

4.BSPlayer Pro:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

Another prominent application solution that won the hearts of millions of users on the playstore is BSPlayer Pro. With 50,000+ installations and 2.8/5.0 star user aggregate ratings, it is one of the top apps in this category.

It is one of the most similar apps we found on the internet as an alternative to MX Player. [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]This is full version of BSPlayer for Android multimedia player with full functionallity.
BSPlayer is media player for Android devices: smartphones and tablet PC’s, supporting hardware accelerated video decoding, automatic subtitle search and buffered network playback from SMB shares.
Main features:
– ONLY in full version: support for Chromecast (most mp4’s are supported)
– hardware accelerated video playback – significantly increases playback speed and reduces battery consumption, supporting multi-core (dual and quad-core) hardware decoding*
– audio pre-amplification (“volume boost” – user definable up to 500%)
– playback in popup window (audio and video)
– aspect-ratio adjustments and zoom
– multiple audio streams and subtitles
– supports customizable gestures for Seek, Jump, Brightness and Volume control, exit to popup video
– playlist support and various playback modes.
– support for audio headsets and external Bluetooth keyboards
– customizable audio offset, playback speed, gestures and keys
– external and embedded subtitles ssa/ass, srt, sub, txt…
– Automatic subtitle search (mobile or Wi-Fi connection must be enabled to work)
– playback media files such as videos and mp3’s directly via Wi-Fi from your network shared drives/folders (such as external USB drives, SMB shares, PC shared folders, NAS servers (Synology and others)) – no need to convert video files and copy media files to SD card
– Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files
– Lock screen to prevent accidental change of videos (child lock)
– support for USB OTG (On-The-Go) and much more!
Licensing troubleshooting:
– If after the purchase and installation of the app you get a license failure notification, this is because the purchase may take some time to be recorded on the Google license server. It will resolve within a few hours or you can try re-installing and restarting your device.
– If you get “Not compatible with your device” from the Market App, please try clearing your Market App Cache (Settings, Applications, Market, Clear Cache) and restarting your device.
– BSPlayer app uses Google’s standard licensing service. Keep Wi-Fi or mobile data enabled at the the first run of application. Further internet connection will not be required. Also, for existing users having problems with licensing – you may try “Clear app data” function and run app with internet connection enabled. This should license your app.
NOTE: When reporting error please add info about your device brand and model. Also you can send us more detailed bug report on e-mail [email protected]. We are trying to improve the media player for the users and your feedback is highly appreciated.
This video player uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded from BSPlayer website.
Screenshots taken from following movies under Creative Commons license:
Sintel – © copyright Blender Foundation |
Tears of Steel – (CC) Blender Foundation |[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 50,000+
  • App Rating: 2.8 star

5.Mix Video Player:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

You may have already heard of Mix Video Player as it is massively popular among the android users as the same app as MX Player. It is compatible with the Android mobiles and available to download for free on Google playstore. One of the core advantages of this app is you will get a seamless experience with it’s responsive and fast interface.

  • App Installations: 100,000+
  • App Rating: 4.5 star

6.Full HD Video Player – Video Player HD:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

Very similar to MX Player, this app is also available on both Google playstore as well as the iOS app store. Just go ahead and download the app now to enjoy all its awesome features. It brings a lot of enthusiasm with its unique theme and UI.

The Internet is full of great stuff. But we often ignore the great apps like Full HD Video Player – Video Player HD in that. It is one of the full-packed awesome app. Install it now and enjoy the features [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]Full HD Video Player
plays all the video formats smoothly. It supports
HD, full HD & 4K
videos. You can enjoy high quality or audio on your android device without effort. Full HD Video Player with
also helps you to make your audio playing super cool.
Key Features:
● Play HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K video.
● Support
including: AVI, MP3, WAV, AAC, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLAC, 3GP, M4V, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV, etc.

Background Play
● Play in
Pop-up Window
● Music player with equalizer and presets.

Subtitle download
● Codecs included,
No need to download extra plugin

Repeat Mode
● Support
Network Streams
● Support visiting local network

Sleep Timer
● Automatically detect videos in the phone storage and SD Card.
● Small memory, simple operation, quick start, smooth playback support.
● Lock the screen to prevent misuse when the video is playing.
Full HD video player
Playback high-quality videos including: HD, full HD, 1080p and 4K video, Fast & Smoothly!
Video Player for Android
Full HD Video Player is one of the best HD video player for android tablet and android phone. And it served the majority of Samsung users well.
Video Player with loop repeat
A loop is played through repeat button, so you can enjoy videos & music by this video player with loop repeat. It’s also very useful for music, dance or tai-chi trainees.
HD Video Player with subtitles support
Our app supports subtitle download, automatic synchronization.You can download multi-language subtitles for all your favourite movies, shows and sitcoms.
HD Video Player with equalizer
Full HD Video Player with equalizer, bass booster, and stereo surround sound effect, make you feel like being in the cinema.
MP3 Music player
Full HD Video Player is also a music player. It has a media library for audio files, you can select favored song on the playlist under the categories directly.
Outstanding sound effects
Our app applied frequency equalizer, thus ensuring the speed and effectiveness of the video for you to personalize your audio experience.
Full HD Video Player is based on VLC for Android Beta, and licensed under the GNU General Public License ver3 or later.
GNU General Public License:[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 10,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.0 star

7.Osm Video Player – AD FREE HD Video Player App:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

Another best app makes into the top 10 list is Osm Video Player – AD FREE HD Video Player App. Osm Video Player – AD FREE HD Video Player App app resembles MX Player in many ways, the UI and content especially.

  • App Installations: 10,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

8.HD Video Player – Media Player All Format:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac

It offers nearly as many features as MX Player with some stunning content with great outfit. It’s a fantastic MX Player alternative and popular among android users.

Read more about this app from this space – [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less” ]The most smallest, but powerful HD Video, Movie player and Music player for Android device, it is the leading free Multimedia player for Android
This Video Player using the hardware decoding, which make your video play more faster and smoother HD playback, the Best video playback quality is proven!
With the most smallest size and smaller memory usage, Video Player give you more convenient experience to enjoy smoother, better quality videos and movies.
HD Video Player can automatically detect videos in the phone memory and SD Card, allowing you to quickly locate and play the video.
HD Video Player for Android supports All Popular Video Formats Including 3GP,AVI,FLV,M4V,MKV,MOV,MP4,WMV, and etc.
Special features:
* Have the most smallest size, and quick start up
* HD and Smoothly Playback for detected videos and movies
* Support floating play window, easy control your device when playing videos
* Set Password and Hide Your Private videos and movies, easy protect your privacy.
– Automatically detect all Video and Music files on your phone.
– Plays all the video formats smoothly, supports hd, full hd and 4k videos.
– Floating play window
– Small size, small memory usage and High Efficiency playback
– quick start
– Easy manage and playback All your video and audio files
– Hide video files, protect your privacy.
– Browse files and folders in storage
– Swipe controls for volume
– Support auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments.
– Support to change theme of app ,background theme.
– Easy take video Screen shoot when playing
– Remember recent play history
– Rename Your Video Files.
– Adjust Equalizer, get the best fit sound Effects.
– Easy Volume control in playing.
– bass booster setting.
– multiple widgets
Video player is specifically designed for personalized experience for watching videos, movies and listening to music. One of the best and essential application for your device.
Even there have lots of video player app in Android Market, but we still beleive this Video Player can perfectly meet your needs.[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.5 star

9.FX Player – video player, cast, chromecast, stream:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacFX Player is the video player you are looking for.
It is equipped with a mobile-optimized interface and offers perfect play in both local and network streaming environment.
Plus, its videos along with subtitles can be sent to TV through Chromecast.
I can assure you that FX Player is the ideal video [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]player all of you have been dreaming of.
□ All video formats, MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, ASF, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MPG, MOV, OGV, H.264, MPEG4, DIVX, XVID, WMV, RM, TS etc
□ All audio formats, MP3, MIDI, APE, WAV, FLAC, AC3, AAC, APE, WMA, ACC PLUS and external codec etc
□ All subtitles, SMI(SAMI), SRT, SSA, VTT, ASS, IDX, SUB, MKV(Embedded) etc
□ HD, Full HD, 1080p, 4K, dvd, blu-ray ripping video etc
□ Cast videos to TV with Chromecast (supported subtitles, srt, smi. vtt etc)
□ Built-in Network client, FTP, SMB, CIFS, HTTP or WebDAV
□ Fast forward ,fast backward with Double Tap gestures
□ Manage and edit video files such as rename, delete, move
□ Easy gesture control of brightness and volume, playback, resize, speed
□ Six video playback functions, Auto, Shuffle, Repeat, Background, Mirror Mode – flip video to learn dance, Video playback resume from last position
□ Fast scanning all video files on your device and SD Card automatically
□ Floating Video(pop-up player), Watching your video while browsing the web
□ Keep & Move your video safe with private folder
□ Hardware acceleration
□ Supports Multilingual Audio
□ FX Player was produced by our own engine and technology from the beginning, so we can quickly realize functions that you want.
Please leave your opinions anytime in FIPE forum.
□ FIPE Forum :
FX Player needs permission on the following categories
– is required in order to read your file on sdcard
– is requried in order to modify your files for renaming or deleting
– is required in order to be secure your files for secret mode
DRAW On OTHER APP (optional)
– is required in order to run pop-up (pip) playe[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star


Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacGPlayer
█ Free Android Video Player even you don’t want the floating popup features.
█ Why do you choose the software as your media player ?
☆ It supports the Google chromecast dongle now!!
☆ Multiple-Window & Floating Pop-up Technique; You can play the video in anywhere, for multiple windows.
☆ Sim[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]ple & Customize Theme Style System; You can make your own theme in a easy way.
☆ Easy Operation and User Interface; View your media in list, grid, and 3D Gallery mode, play the video with simple gesture to adjust. You can also use the widgets to play the video from the launcher.
☆ Wide Video Format Support; You can play almost all types of the media files with software decoder with subtitle files, like the rmvb, wmv, …etc. It also support to play the YouTube (HTML5) and URL.
☆ Group Media Sharing; You can share the media with your friends in a high speed wireless channel without any configuration.
☆ Personalize List; You can mark the selected media with favorite or privacy, it only shows in the mirror list.
☆ Performance and Reliability Improve; Better performance in the loading and playing. For the large amount of video files, its loading time is more fast compared to the others video player.
█ Introduction
The GPlayer is an innovation video playback software for Android OS. It can re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back with Group Media Sharing feature. Better operation experience, support subtitle and popup video technique. In other words, you can watch your video content in any application. You can watch the video and do something else at the same time!
█ Description
The floating system make you can move the video window position and resize the window boundary according to your personal favor. You can also play with full screen or minimize the playing video to the system notification tray . If your device is strong enough, you can also play the video with “Multi-Window”(Maximum is 6). It means you can watch up to six video files at the same time.
The “GPlayer” is not just a popup video player, it has a friendly and simply user interface with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style. You can customize the theme as your wish.
It can record the playback position of the file and set the favorite files. Moreover, it supports the subtitle (.srt, .ass, and .smi file formats) when you play a video file. it also can play the audio files (mp3, wav…etc).
Group Media Sharing allows the devices with the same network mask to share the media files. In other words, you can share the media contents with your friends in the same Wi-Fi environment (Wi-Fi Access Point). You can also try the “Sync Play” feature, it is very funny.
The “GPlayer” supports from Android 1.5 ~ 4.2 with any screen size and resolution. It will integrate the build-in media Gallery for media source, you can input the video streaming URL or launch the “GPlayer” from others File Explorer..
█ How to use the application ?
Please read the help in the “menu” -> “Settings” -> “User Manual” in the software.
█ Free Edition
The software is a free edition; some features are only available in Professional edition. If you like the software, you can buy the Professional edition license via Google Play in-app purchase to support our development[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

11.Video player:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacPowerful video player with advanced video decoder and subtitle support.
Video player is the best video application for running high definition videos 4K video / 2K videos, Full HD videos (on supported devices ).
Video player is simple, fast start, powerful playback. It supports many types of video f[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]ormats.
It’s the best video player that meets all your needs with an attractive user interface that gives you the best user experience.
● Plays video, play music
● Small memory
● Play video, play music by folder
● Video and Movie player, music player
● Thumbnail of video
● Supports multiple subtitle formats, automatic synchronization
● Plays multi types video formats HD videos and Music: MP4, M4A, FMP4, WebM, MKV, MP3, Ogg, WAV, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, FLV and ADTS (AAC)…
● Speed ​​up, reduce the speed of playing videos
● Customize the video frame currently playing
● Timer off video
● Find video files, music files by name.
● Video playback continues from the last position.
● Control video playback speed, and quick mute.
● Powerful folder view to play music.
● Protect your video with the video locker.
● Quickly scan all video files.
● Select multiple video files and play, share or delete.
● Save video playback history
That is the best video player. We are trying our best to make this video player perfect for you.
Video player is a completely FREE multi media player for Android that can handle multi video file formats and music. Submit your feature requests and suggestions for Video Player at: [email protected][/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.4 star

12.4K Video Player – Full HD Video Player – Ultra HD:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and Mac4k Video Player is Simple, Fast, Lightweight and attractive video player with which you can play HD videos of any format.
4K Video Player is a Stunning, best app for android packed with powerful features. It can play all video formats Including 4K ultra HD video files with high definition.Full HD Vi[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]deo Player is a professional HD video and audio playback tool. You can control the playback from the app and from the notification-area or from the lock-screen.
You can also quick search all 4k ultra HD Video and audio music files easily by quick search. It is one of the best 4k Ultra HD video and audio music mp3 player for android phones.
Key Features:
– Small installation size less than 4MB.
– Smooth Scrolling over list of Videos.
– Can play Videos and Audios in the background.
– Can play 4k ultra hd Video 2160p depending on the hardware.
– Play all formats: AVI, MP3, WAV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, M4V, MKV, Rm, TS, MPG, and FLV.
– Search media item in a specific folder of the whole device.
– Night Mode.
– List + Grid view.
– Gesture Controls to change Volume, Brightness, seek media smoothly.
– Identify all video files on your device and SD Card automatically.
– Manage or share videos easily.
– View video detail.
– Delete Single Video.
– Delete Multiple Videos at the same time.
– Start video from Resume state with Playing Queue
– Share Video on Social Forums.
– View Details about a video and audio.
– Smooth hd video player
– Easy to Use.
Complete Media Player.
Full HD Video Player is a Complete Media Player for your Device as it can play both Video and Audio all formats in your device.
Files manager
Identify ALL video and audio files on your device and SD Card automatically. In addition, manage or share videos easily.
Easy to use.
it is easy to control volume, brightness and playing progress by sliding on playback screen.
Background Video Player.
Enjoy video on the background just like a music playback. Now you can watch a video in the way of listening to books. You can control the playback from the app and from the notification-area or from the lock-screen.
Multiple Views
Allows you to view media files in different views i.e. List View + Grid View as per your convenience.
Media Search
Search media in specific folder or even search a media file in your whole device with ease. Just type in a query.
Sort Files
Allows you to sort media files in a particular order based on different parameters e.g. Name, Date etc.
Note: 4K Ultra videos only play if your device support Ultra 4k videos or camera can make 4k videos we are working on this feature to make it work on all devices.
Full HD Video Player for all format is a free multimedia player app for the Android. We are open to any suggestions for better user experience. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Disclaimer: Full HD Video Player is a legal android application built using android’s MediaPlayer Api[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

13.MP4 hd player-Media Player, Music player:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacWant to know what makes this video player better than the rest?
With around 1,00,000 Active Installers and over 5,000+ Reviews at an average star rating of 4.50
, this All Format Video Player & Music Player is a powerful combination of video apps and hd player.
By using,
All Format Video Player & [bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]Music player
you can enjoy both mp3 player and MP4 media player app in one single mp3 mp4 player.
A platform for the users where they can enjoy functionalities of mp4 player & windows media player or of any other videoplayer in a single music player or movie player.
There are numbers of media player & mp3 mp4 player or you can say video player apps available in play store. And each MP4 media player has their own special feature.
Here are some
of our mp3 mp4 player:
Free Video Player
: Our video player app is totally free available on play store which can be used as an movie player for music and video both and is compatible with all Android devices.
Free Music Player
: Along with the ability to play video in HD, this offline mp4 hd player is also a Mp3 player, which makes it a two-in-one media player app. This mp3 player can play music of any audio format that too in high class music streaming and is totally an offline music player app.
Graphic Equalizer
: With all amazing features, this hd video player mp3 player also has an in-built powerful graphic for both videos and audios. This feature makes this movie player the best video player for the users.
: The movie player or we can say mp3 mp4 player is totally compatible with all android devices and works perfectly fine. Any android user can download the mobile video player from play store.
Speed Controller
: It is a feature of mobile video player. It allows users to slow down the video and feel every moment of the video in slow motion without affecting the quality of video.
Advanced Settings
: Filled with amazing features, the mp4 player has some advanced setting options in it like screen lock, orientation(landscape, portrait), brightness settings according to the users comfort and the most important feature of mp4 hd player i.e, Speed Control.
Low memory usage
: Memory usage is the biggest concern of media player app users. So, here is the solution: Our mp4 media player uses very less phone memory which makes it the best video player hd.
ADS Free
: If ADS are your biggest concern then you can make your movie player completely ads free by doing just a small one time purchase for the premium version of the mp3 mp4 player app.
Smart Browsing
: Music Player or Windows media player browses all audio video files and folders by itself and sync them in its library so that they can be accessed easily by the user whenever needed.
: The movie player is totally compatible with all types of headsets- wired or bluetooth.
Video Player hd
: This is a mp4 hd player where you can play video of hd quality.
Mkv Player is an offline video apps that means this movie player does not require an internet connection. Store your favourite playlist and start enjoying the video player hd.
Most of the major video and audio files formats. This HD videos app plays all the formats in total HD or 4K or best picture quality available. The reason this video app can also be called as an Mp4 media player as it supports all formats.
At last you can play video which you play in your media player mp4 or in any other player. So, this is an allplayer & media player app which supports all format.
Contact us on:
[email protected][/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

14.Mp4 hd Player – Mp3 Player,Video Player All Format:

Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money for PC Windows and MacAre you fond of music and like watching videos, movie in HD?
If yes, then sit back and upgrade your Android phone with the all-new Sensational and Fast Media Player App with mp3 mp4 player. Want to know what makes this video player all format app better than the rest? With around
100,000 Active Inst[bg_collapse view=”link-inline” color=”#314fb0″ expand_text=”Read More…” collapse_text=”Show Less\” ]allers and over 3,000+ Reviews at an average star rating of 4.50
, this
Media Player – Mp4 hd Player and Music Player
is a powerful combination of hd video player apps and music player. So if you love to watch videos and movies or like listening to music, then this media player is just the best hd video player for you.
What’s New:
Now with clean dashboard design, watching and managing audios and videos became more simple on the audio video player
Download MP4 Media Player and mp4 player For FREE now to start experiencing the change!!
The amazing fact about this windows media player is that it can play HD music and HD videos of all formats and can play them in ultra HD video quality, also gives the perfect 4K videos app experience.
Video player equalizer – Video Bass Booster:
Watch videos with amazing sound effects with the use of the graphic video equalizer, bass booster in it and enjoy the feel of the music or video as per the mood. The in-app mp4 hd player equalizer will surely increase the bars set by the other windows media player mp4 with graphic equalizer.
Free Video Player:
This Video Player HD is available free for all users. Users can also upgrade it anytime to the pro version to remove ads and enjoy seamless video playing experience.
Free Music Player:
This all-round MP3 Player and mp4 hd player also has a free music player app built within itself, which can play music and songs of any format in the best sound quality available without setting any limits.
Support all types of Audio and Video File Formats:
The mp4 player and video player hd play most widely used formats of videos and audios in the best video or audio quality available. It supports formats like MP3 or MP4 and MKV or AVI, MOV, etc.
Play HD Videos:
This fully-featured HD All format Player – AVI player plays almost all commonly used formats in full HD or the best video quality available without consuming much of phone memory. This feature alone makes it one of the most efficient HD player available. Now play 4K Videos without getting the phone overheated or lagging with this windows media player app and all format player.
Music Player Mp3 Library:
No need to scan music files once this app is installed, This free music player accesses all the audio files automatically from your phone. This is the best mp3 player or mp4 hd player that has a separate media player mp4 library for both audio and video files that allows the app to browse mp3 player folders directly without needing two apps one for each.
Advance Slow Motion:
The special feature in this video apps is the slow motion feature, that allows a user to watch and enjoy their favorite videos or songs in real time slow motion with all-time best speed adjusting feature on video player hd.
Mp3 Mp4 player:
The mp3 mp4 player feature in this app plays all sorts of audio files like WAV, MP3, AAC, etc in the best sound quality hd player.
Supports almost all type of subtitles which makes it easier for it’s users to play videos or movies in any language on this mp4 hd player app and mp4 player.
Supported in all devices:
The AVI Player and wmv player plays videos and songs in HD and is supported by all the Android devices avplayer.
Mkv player
This video player hd is an offline video apps that means this audio player does not require an internet connection to work. Load your phone with your favorite playlist and start using the mp4 hd player[/bg_collapse]

  • App Installations: 1,000,000+
  • App Rating: 4.2 star

Similar Apps to MX Player – Conclusion:

Checking out the random alternative apps to MX Player on the internet is not the wisest thing you can do. That’s why we have come up with the exhaustive filtered list of best and popular similar apps available on the internet for you. We have curated 14 best VIDEO_PLAYERS apps that are same as MX Player.

MX Player has been extensively popular worldwide, however, it doesn’t mean that there are no downsides of it. It doesn’t even mean that there are no MX Player alternatives that are as decent as this or even better than MX Player app. There are many apps available with all the features available in the MX Player app and even with a better user interface.

So try out these MX Player alternative apps and share your experiences. We are concluding this article on Top 14 best alternate apps like MX Player with this. If you have any other similar app in mind, do let us know through comments. Cheers!

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