5 Simple Methods to Unblur an Image?

If you are searching for a solution on how to unblur image then you are in the right place. Here we are going to tell you that how you can make an image unblurry and easily and for free. So, without wasting any time here, we go.

In today’s digital era, Digital Photography has taken amateur photography to new levels. Photographer creates a perfect blend of digital camera technology and advanced computer software to create a perfect photo. The perfect photo consists of no defects in the image if at all your photo has a few defects such as Blur, move, shake. Also, there will be instances where content creators blur some portions of the image.

how to ublur an image

How to unblur an image that has been blurred

Then this article provides you with 7 helpful methods that can help you out in creating a perfect and unblur image.

Method 1: using Microsoft paint

The unsharp Mask feature in Microsoft paint allows you to unblur your image easily. The steps involved are as follows:-

  1. Click the “Windows” button and launch the paint.
  2. Press the “Ctrl + o” both button and select the image you want to edit.
  3. Double-click the image you want to open in the program.
  4. Click the “Layer” and “Duplicate” buttons on the screen to create a layer to use with the “layer” mask.
  5. Click on the “Adjust“. This will open the dialog box options.
  6. Adjust the “clipping,” “radius” and “strength” of the mask, according to the picture-perfect.
  7. Apply a radius setting at 2 to 3 pixels and a strength of 100.
  8. Change clipping to 10.
  9. Adjust all the features until you feel satisfied with the result.
  10. Click the “OK” button to apply the changes.
  11. Adjust opacity with the slider bar on the “Unsharp Mask” layer.
  12. An opacity of 60 to 70 per cent is usually best.
  13. Click on the “layer selection“, on “Merge” and on “Merge All Flatten” to create the final image

Method 2: Using SmartDeblur

As the name suggests smart deblur it’s on the software which is actually smart to deblur your image. This software interface is quite simple and easy to use. To get this software simply download and install smart deblur from the official website.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS full stop once you open the application you can drag and drop any blurred image that you want to rectify once the images on the screen you can use the blur parameter area to modify your plan image. The smart deblur software gives out a perfect image with the quality and perfection you want.

Method 3: Unblur Photo with Snapseed (iPhone & Android)

In case you don’t have access to a computer or laptop you can download a free app in the app store and play store called Snapseed.

To unblur your image perfectly on Snapseed You only need a bit of knowledge about this sharpness of the image. Just open Snapseed and upload your imperfect image there full stop then you only need to choose a sharpener then unblur after getting the quality you want on your Snapseed you can directly save your image to your photo gallery.

Sharpen tool is one of the perfect tools on the Snapseed app which helps you out to get a perfect and quality image. Many professionals use this app to get a perfect and clear image on the go. This app is very handy to use and I personally recommend you to go for this app.

Method 4: Unblur photo with Blurity

Here we have other software to help you out to remove all the Blur in your image. The user interface of blurity is quite simple and easy to use. You can download blurring for Windows from the official website.

The final quality of the image is not compromised but there will be a watermark on the final image. To get rid of this watermark you have to buy the paid version of the software. It will cost you around $80. The software is capable of removing the types of blur from photos notes and even text. This software is paid but quite worthwhile.

Method 5: Unblur the image using Photo Sharpen

If you want to get rid of this software and applications you can go for an online tool called photo sharpen. It is a simple online tool to sharpen images or unblur images. Photo sharpen online tool does not have editing options or filters it only sharpens the image and gives you a perfect unblurred image, without losing quality.

This accelerates your uploaded photos. The photo sharpens online tool has only one button called sharpen. You can only upload images and click on the Sharpen button. After the image is sharpened, you can view the sharp image or download that’s easy and simple it is right!. It is compatible with Windows and Mac and works with almost all browsers. You can download your image in all the image formats such as jpg, png, jpeg, etc.

This simple and handy tool is very easy to use when you only have to unblur your image without any filters.

Not everyone is a perfect photographer so you need these apps and methods to unblur your image. Don’t let these simple errors such as blur let you degrade your image quality. You can go for these handy methods to unblur the image. You can get accurate and more precise image quality for your image. I personally experienced the end results which are immensely precise and perfect. The above-mentioned methods are both online and offline too. Using these methods is the best possible way to unblur your image to get quick and accurate quality and results. I hope this article was helpful to you to unblur an image.

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