How to Skip Ads on Hulu [Ultimate Guide]

Like to binge-watch and love the content being portrayed on HULU, but hate to waste time watching the commercials? And always wonder of ways to skip Hulu ads? Well, we have come with some easy and exciting ways on how to skip ads on HULU.

Hulu, being an awesome OTT platform with stunning content, comes with instream pre-roll and mid-roll ads on their platform for Hulu’s basic plan. This is the most popular plan and most of the Hulu collaborates as Spotify or Spring offers you this Hulu plan for free.


How to Skip Ads on the Hulu platform?

You are watching an action scene or a romantic scene and suddenly an ad pops up. How does it feel? For me, it’s really irritating and I often search for ways to skip commercials on any OTT platform.

So, today, I’m here with 6 simple steps to block ads on Hulu. All these methods are tested and verified. So without much ado, let’s see how we can skip ads on Hulu.

Method 1: Upgrade to HULU (No-Ads) plan:

 Searching for the easiest way, on how to skip commercials on HULU, you need to upgrade to the premium version of HULU, i.e., HULU (No-Ads). But this option will surely cost you some extra expenses. Well, HULU (No- Ads) helps in streaming online HULU content, without getting blocked by the commercials.

It costs 11.99$ per month, which is quite an affordable range as in return, you get to access thousands of movies and TV shows on HULU that too without being pestered by the commercials. You can alter your plan on the HULU website if you have a stand-alone HULU account or if you subscribe through Roku or Sprint or Amazon, then.

Follow the following steps to skip ads through

  • The first step is to log in to your account, and if you don’t have an account, then make one.
  • After that, you need to click on your name displayed in the top right corner and then confirm your password to get access to your account setting page.
  • After you have opened your account setting option, then on the left column, you will find “Your Subscription,” where you will get information about your current plan. There you will find the “Manage” button beside the “Add-ons” section. Click on it.
  • Then you will be taken to a page that shows you the available HULU plans and their features and prices.
  • Then click the switch preset beside the HULU (No-Ads) plan and then click on “Continue.”
  • Then you will be able to see a confirmation message of pro-rated charges if it is applicable. And finally, you will be asked to give your confirmation on changing your account.

Method 2: Skip Ads on Hulu with this trick

If you don’t want to upgrade your HULU account and enjoy a cost-effective way to skip HULU ads, you should try this trick of Hulu fast forward commercials:

  • Open the HULU website and select the movie or the program you want to watch.
  • Then open another browser tab and open the same HULU program that you have previously selected to watch.
  • After opening the second tab program, you need to mute the volume on the second tab and fast forward and reach before the first Ad.
  • Now go back to the first tab where you had selected your HULU program and now watch them.
  • When in the first tab, you approach the first commercial, mute it. And then, go to the second HULU tab and rewind to the first commercial.
  • Since the commercial was already played, the show will instantly start by skipping the commercial from that point.
  • Whenever you see Ads, repeat these simple steps, and enjoy your HULU program without any ads.

Method 3: Reload the HULU program page

To sustain its business, media companies like HULU, Amazon Prime Video show advertisements and generate revenue. These commercials vary from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 4 minutes. When the videos watching duration is less, and for videos of smaller duration, you will get 30 seconds. As the watching duration increases, the Ads duration also increases to 4 minutes.

To skip ads on HULU or at least skip long commercials, we recommend you to frequently reload or refresh the HULU page, doing which you will only get 30 seconds Ads, which are still tolerable.

Method 4: Using My Speed Software

Other than attempting to skip or stop seeing the commercials on HULU, another effective way is to fast forward them, i.e., HULU fast forward commercials that can be done using the Enounce MySpeed Software.

This trick will help to decrease the time spent on waiting for the Ads to get completed. Moreover, the Enounce MYSpeed software provides a seven days free trial. And after the expiry of which, you can uninstall the software and again re-install it.

Method 5: Using Ad-Block Plus

This Ad-Block Plus is a browser plug-in that helps block Ads and can be used to block HULU Ads. But this Ad-Block Plus does not eradicate the Ads, but it will simply replace it with a black screen.

It may happen that some movies or programs will not play while using the Ad- Block Plus. If you come across this issue, then you can temporarily disable the Ad-Block Plus which will again lead you to see Ads while watching movies or programs on HULU.

Method 6: Using Web Filtering

Another easy option to block the advertisements coming in your way of watching programs on HULU is to use the Web Filtering option, which can be found under Access Control or Parental Control in your router control management.                                                     

 Then follow the following steps:

  • Connect with your Wi-Fi.
  • Then open any browser on your PC and type or your default router IP address and then hit the enter button.
  • Then search for the web filtering option.
  • After that, add “” (add this without the quotes) to your web filtering option or block record.
  • Then finally hit the apply button and restart your router.

By following these steps, you can block all the HULU advertisements, as you have blocked the domain responsible for the advertisements on HULU and enjoy your movies or other shows on HULU with uninterrupted ads.

Now, say goodbye to all those long and pestering commercials you encounter while watching your favorite movies or HULU shows. Well, we have tried to bring a solution to your problem of how to skip ads on Hulu. And by following one or more methods from the above, we expect that you get the desired.

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