How to Share YouTube Offline Videos? (Official)

How to share YouTube offline Videos – If you are looking for a simple method to share YouTube saved offline videos to another Android mobile, then this step by step guide is for you. Here we will let you know three simple tricks you can use to How to copy YouTube offline videos.

YouTube is one of the largest online video hosting platform on the earth. Each and every day millions and millions of videos are being uploaded to YouTube. At present, YouTube is owned by search engine giant, Google. After this acquisition, they are adding more features to its platform on regular basis.

how to share youtube offline videos

One such feature that added recently and very useful to the users is Offline video save. Have you ever tried to share the offline downloaded video on YouTube and disappointed to know that there is no such option available. Yes, Officially YouTube app has no such provision to share YouTube Offline Videos.

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But don’t worry, you can still share saved YouTube videos using few simple tricks. We will let you know all the possible methods on How to share YouTube Offline Vidoes with pros and cons of each method.

How to Share YouTube Saved Offline Videos:

Once you download and save offline any video in YouTube mobile app, it will be copied and stored in encrypted format. No other player apps like MX Player, VLC media player etc. can play those videos except YouTube itself.

So if you want downloaded videos to play with other players, then use any third party applications to Download YouTube videos in common video format (.mp4 or .avi) and copy them to other device or PC.

Now lets shift our focus on How to share YouTube Offline Videos. Following are the 3 simple methods to achieve what you are looking for.

1. How to Share YouTube Offline Videos – using Xender App:

Xender is a cross platform file transfer mobile application. If you install Xender app, you can transfer any files like Images, videos, songs etc. to any other near by devices. You can even transfer files from Mobile phone to PC using Xender for PC.

So lets start how to transfer saved YouTube videos from one device to another using Xender app.

  • Download and Install Xender file sharing application on your android smartphone – Download Xender. It is available in Google playstore as well.
  • Open YouTube app and save the video offline which you want to share with other mobile phone.
  • Once you have successfully saved videos, you can find them under Downloaded Videos option in YouTube
  • All the downloaded videos will be saved on your phone memory under the below path.

Internal Storage >> Android >> data >> >> files >> offline

share youtube offline videos

  • Under offline folder you should be able to see folder with encrypted key name. Click on that to find ‘Streams‘ folder.
  • Open Xender receive mode on the other mobile phone to where you need to share the videos.
  • Do the same on your phone with sender mode ON and share the entire folder to the recipient.

Once all the files received to another phone, now you can move them to the location mentioned above. Now open the YouTube app after sharing is done and you should be able to see those videos under Downloaded Videos of other phone as well.


  • This is pretty much lengthy process. You need to install Xender app on both the smart phones.
  • You can share videos to the nearby devices only

2. How to Share YouTube Offline Videos – using YouTube GO:

Another method on How to share YouTube offline videos is using YouTube Go app. YouTube Go is the new mobile app release by Google LLC. It is the lightweight version of official YouTube app. So you can use it just like how you use YouTube. There are few additional awesome features you will get if you install YouTube Go on your mobile.

  • Download and install YouTube Go app on your smart phone. Here is the Download link to YouTube Go.

   Download YouTube Go

  • Upon successful installation, Just open the app and you will find it pretty much similar to YouTube app.
  • Search for any video that you want to share and click on the Download button below to save it offline. You can view the download progress bar as well.
  • Once the video is saved, now click on the share option on top of the screen as shown in the image below.

how to share youtube offline videos

  • Next tap on the Send button on senders phone and Receive button on recipients phone.
  • You should be able to see recipient’s phone after scanning and you can just share with them whatever the downloaded videos you have in YouTube Go app.
  • After sharing is done, you can cross check the Downloads option in recipients phone. You should be able to see all the shared videos.

So this is one of the easiest way. You can even get more features like Data saving mode, Choose the quality etc. if you have YouTube Go app.


  • Easy to follow process
  • Get more features along with offline video sharing with YouTube Go

and as usual this also works for sharing YouTube offline saved videos nearby devices only. It works on hotspot or same network.

Here is the short video explaining the whole procedure step by step:

3. How to Share YouTube Offline Videos – By Manually Copying the files:

If you have Laptop and USB cable available, then follow this method to copy the entire saved videos folder to another phone. So lets start the step by step process on how to copy youtube offline videos.

  • Launch the YouTube app and Download the video that you want to share offline
  • Open your laptop and connect both the devices with USB cable – Or if you have one USB cable, copy the files to your laptop harddisk and then move it to other device.
  • After connecting USB, choose use USB for ‘Transfer files (MTP)‘  – You can see this option in notification bar in your mobile

copy youtube saved videos offline

  • Now you can see all the files in your laptop. Navigate to Internal Storage >> Android >> data >> >> files >> offline
  • Copy the entire folder now and paste it in another phone at the same location.

Just disconnect everything after copying and check the Downloads folder of YouTube app in recipient’s mobile phone. They should be able to see all the saved videos.


Bottom Line: If you want to Download YouTube videos offline, there are pretty much more methods available to do so. But as YouTube videos are stored in encrypted format when they are saved offline, you can play them with only YouTube player. Third party applications or browser extensions will help you to download videos in whatever the format you want to download.

But for our purpose – Sharing YouTube saved videos offline, you can simply copy the files from one phone to another and watch it offline or another best option is to Download YouTube Go.


With this I’m concluding this article on How to share YouTube Offline Videos in an easy to follow methods. If you are finding any difficulties in following any of the mentioned methods, do let us know through your comments. We will be glad to help you. Cheers!


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