How to Send Bulk Email without Spamming (15 Factors You Should Avoid)

How to send Bulk Email without Spamming – Have you ever noticed any important mails going to spam folder? Yes, this happens often even with the notable company emails. There are hundreds of reasons for a mail to go and sit and spam folder. In this article we will discuss what are possible reasons that Google mark any email as spam and how to send bulk email without spamming.

how to send bulk email without spamming

After the entrance of technological revolutions like Machine learning entrance, most of the big organisations adapted to those changes and build very sophisticated and user friendly systems. Google uses Machine Learning algorithms to detect whether an email is spam or not. There are plenty of factors they use in their algorithms to decide whether an email should go to spam folder or inbox.

How to Send Bulk Email without Spamming:

Email authentications are necessary for the users as many spammers or phishers are spreading thousands and thousands for spam emails every single day.

Now I will list out all the factors that affects the spam rate and dos and don’ts to avoid your mail to sit in spam folder.

  • Don’t buy mailer list from third parties:

If you are buying a mailer list of any third parties, then there is a risk involved. Most of those emails may not be relevant to your niche or content. Hence there are more chances they will go ahead and mark your mail as spam one.

Prepare your own mailer list with targeted users and you can send bulk email to them without spamming. Based on the number of people hit the spam button to your email, there are more chances that your future emails will be tagged as spam by Google gmail filter.

  • Email service provider:

Using an authentic email service provider also helps you out to reduce the risk of spamming. If you buy email service from unauthentic or Spam sources, then it affects your emails as well. So only get email services from notable and good providers.

If you using own IP address to send bulk email, then make sure your IP has some good sender score and it isn’t new. Again, if you that is a shared IP then you never know what will happen.

  • Don’t use Spam words:

There are few common spam words that you need avoid using in your mail body/subject line. Here are the few of those words.

  1.   Free
  2.   99% Discount
  3.   Earn $
  4.   Casino
  5.   Great Deal
  6.   Free offers
  7.   Not Spam
  8.   Hurry up
  9.   One time deal
  10.   Meet singles

You can see in the below image, even though it is from a trusted source but it used spam words like 55% offer, save up to and ended up in being spam folder.

send bulk emails without spamming

Find the entire list of spam words here : Spam Words

  • Watch your Subject line:

Your subject lines speaks everything. It is important to you as well as to your user to detect what exactly that email is about. Catchy subject lines will improve your Email opening percentage but will not improve your sales.

Keep subject line clean and informative. and never use above mentioned spam words in your subject line.

  • Avoid ALL CAPS:

Using all capital letters in mail subject or body represents it is spam email. No genuine company or organisation sends you a mail with all cap letters.

So avoid using all capital letters or get banner by Google spam filter engine.

  • Don’t include Attachments:

It is always a good practice not to include any attachments in your email. There are chances that even your users will miss those attachments. Instead you can present whatever you want user to know in a short template if it fits. Otherwise you can take them to a link (Home page of your website may be) and present everything there.

  • Similar emails tagged as Spam?

how to send bulk emails without spamming

If emails that are similar to your niche are being tagged as spam? there if you are using same sort of template, your email also likely to get tagged as spam once.

  • Share relevant emails:

If you are sending US customer or subscribers with Indian content, then it is not worth them. There are high chances that they will go ahead and unsubscribe to your mailer list or even hit a spam button.

So if you want send bulk email without spamming, send out a relevant content based on their geographical locations, gender, age and interests.

  • Avoid using Hyperlinks to Images:

This is one of the big factor that leads to your email to sit in spam folder. I found it based on my experiment with one of my client’s requirement. I sent out a mail with both hyperlinked image and normal image and found that hyperlinked image emails spam rate is very high.

So if ever you want to include your blog posts or something, mentioned them separately. How to send bulk email without spamming ? – Avoid linking it with images.

  • HTML Template Design:

Keep the template very plain and don’t include too many images or hidden text with very small font. Those are not readable and hence may be filtered as spam. Avoid using very bright colour designs in the template.

Many email clients will cut down HTML version and displays only plain Text. So better to keep text-html ration very minimalist if you want How to send bulk email without spamming.

  • Don’t use Short URLs:

If you use Short URL, the recipient will never know the actual domain address. There are few spammer using this trick to take the users to suspicious websites with shorten URLs. Hence avoid using short URLs in your mail body.

  • DKIM Headers Check:

DKIM refers to Domain Key Identified Mail. This indicates the email wasn’t altered during the transmission from client to server or mail server to recipient client by any third party applications or spammers.

how to send bulk email without spamming

It’s always a good idea to check whether your email passed DKIM check or not. Navigate to options (three vertical dots) in your Gmail and choose Show Original option. You will find message details along with DKIM test result.

There are few more technical factors like DMARC, SPF, Domain Keys etc. you need to consider if you want to know How to send bulk email without spamming.

Is your Inbox is full of Spam Emails – Check out this guide: How to Stop spam Emails in Gmail


Refer to this short video explaining How bulk email verification and validation is performed:

Most of the reputed email service providers gives you all the statistics like Click Through rate, Inbox rate (No. of emails reached to recipients inbox folder), spam score, how many people opened your email etc.

Do some R & D and try different possibilities to put your content and check how it effecting all the mentioned statistics. If you find the one with high click through rate or inbox rate, you can use the same template across all your mails.

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With this I’m concluding this article on – How to send bulk email without spamming. If you follow all the dos and don’ts mentioned above, your email will most probably not goes to spam folder. If it is still going to the spam folder? Do let us know. We will be glad to help you with the technical aspects. Cheers!