How to Make Boomerang From Existing Video?

Do you like to create a Boomerang from videos and have fun, but you couldn’t do so just because you are not aware of that? Now don’t keep any worries as we are here to teach you to make Boomerang from existing Video.

Instagram provides the feature of creating a boomerang and make the dull moments of life funny. Using that feature, you can also trim the Video and add more effects to it to make it funnier and more exciting. But there is one limitation regarding Instagram that it doesn’t make the Boomerang of the saved videos in the mobile gallery. Hence, the question arises about how to boomerang existing Video?

create boomerang from existing video

The struggle for that is no more because we are up with the tricks to create Boomerang from existing Video. We will equip you with creating Boomerang on android, iOS, and on the iPhone.

Creating Boomerangs from existing videos iOS-

Now, as we know that Instagram creates a boomerang of the live videos, now let’s learn to create Boomerang from the gallery. You should complete the following steps if you want to create Boomerang from an existing Video.

  1. Initially, you need to install the “AvivA loop videos and photos “app from the play store. The app is available in absolute free of cost on the play store.
  2. After installing the app, give the app permission to access your photos on the device. After providing the permissions, you need to select the Video from the mobile gallery of which you want to create a boomerang.
  3. Wait for the Video to get loaded. After the process of loading of the Video gets completed, then by selecting the white dot at the bottom of the Video, you can adjust the length of the Video to be chosen for making the Boomerang and select the duration of the Video, which you want. The options of the time from half seconds to three seconds are available over there.
  4. Apart from this, many options will help you edit the Boomerang, which you are going to prepare. You can find those options by swiping and glancing through the time adjusting bar. The facility of adding text to the Video and also of regulating the speed of the Boomerang is provided on the slider.
  5. You can also find out the option for the direction of the Video by swiping up into the bar. The Video is by default set up in the forward movement, but you also can reverse the Video as per your wish while creating Boomerang from the existing Video.
  6. When you are up with the editing, then, later on, you can save the Video by clicking on to the save icon. You can save Boomerang for your mobile gallery. The facility of sharing the Video directly on the various social media accounts is also available through this app. This can be done by clicking on to the share option on the uppermost slide.

So, this is how you can make Boomerang from existing Video in an iOS version or on an iPhone.

That was all about the iPhone. Now the question arises about how to run a video into Boomerang, an android phone.

How to make boomerang from existing video on Android:

So, let us see the methods to make Boomerang from existing videos on an android phone. For that, you need to follow the specific methods listed below.

  • Initially, you need to download the app “Video Boomerang converter,” which is available at free of cost on the google play store.
  • After being up with the completion of the installation process, you need to click on the “Convert existing video” option present over there.
  • After clicking on the convert existing video option, you have to select the Video; you are thinking of preparing a boomerang. After choosing the Video, you will find out that the possibilities of Audio and order have appeared on the screen. By using the Audio option, you can switch on or switch off the Audio of your Video. And by using the Order option, you can select the layout for your Video. You can make the Video reversed or forward by using the option of order.
  • After completing all the processes mentioned above, you have to click on the convert icon, converting your Video into a Boomerang.
  • After getting your Video successfully restored, you have the option of filter application over there. In this application, you can apply filters to your Boomerang, whichever you like. After doing so, you have to click on the done option to save the Boomerang into your mobile gallery.

Apart from these, there are also a little number of tools that will help you to create Boomerang from the existing videos.

Make Boomerang from Video using kapwings online stop motion tool-

You can create a boomerang from an existing Video by completing the following processes.

1) Initially, you have to upload the Video of which you want to create the Boomerang on the kapwings online stop motion tool. The tool works on desktop devices and also on mobile phones. So due to this, you don’t need to download any app. You can either upload a video or else paste the link of the Video if the Video is already available in an online manner.

2) Now, after being done with the first step, now you have to trim the Video as per your requirements. You can cut the extra parts of the beginning or the ending by using the trim tool. Usually, the video clip for the Boomerang should range in the length of 1-3 seconds. You should ensure that you play the Boomerang back in reverse so that you can export the Video in the form of Boomerang.

3) You can also change the Boomerang’s speed and hence adjust the choppiness and even the tempo of the Boomerang.

4) After getting satisfied with all the editing options, you can download the Boomerang by clicking the “Create button.” After a few instances of time, you can click on the download button so that the Boomerang makes a place in your mobile gallery. Now your Boomerang is ready to be posted on your various social media handles, and also you can share the Boomerang with your friends and family members.

So now, you are aware of how to turn Video into a boomerang, so now let’s have some answers regarding some of the frequently asked questions.

Make Boomerang from Video – FAQS:

1) How can we make a live boomerang video?

For iPhones, you have to go into your camera gallery and click on the live photo you want to convert into a boomerang. After selecting the photo, you have to swipe up the screen and use the special effects present over there. After being done with that, you have to click on the “bounce effect,” which will convert the photo which you have selected into a boomerang.

2) How can we create a video loop?

To create a video loop, you initially need to select the video clip of which you want to create a video loop. You can choose the video clip from your device memory, drive, or also from the drop box. You can again paste the link of the YouTube video in the box available over there.

After uploading the Video, you have to select the number of times you want to loop the Video and then tap onto the infinity icon to create a GIF. After being up with this process, you can download the video loop and share it on various social media platforms and enjoy it.

3) Can we extend the length of the Boomerang?

Yes, you can extend the length of the Boomerang by a four-finger tap unlock system. By using this, you can increase the size of the Boomerang up to 10 seconds.

4) Can we slow the speed of the Boomerang?

Yes, you can slow the speed of the Boomerang by using the option of slow motion. The option of the trim will be available on the top of the screen under any circumstances.

5) What are the tips for making the best Boomerang?

Initially, you can create a funny video so that the Boomerang will also be too funny. You have to stay in the loop and remember that the Boomerang is played in the forward direction, and then afterward, it loops into the backward direction. You need to plan for the best Boomerang and also practice a lot for it.

6) Which are the few best apps for creating a boomerang?

The few apps are slowmographer, Inboom, Loop video, Flipagram, Scrubbles, Hyperlapse, Viva video, etc.

So here were the techniques for creating Boomerang from the existing Video. Initially, in the previous years, we used to use different separate apps for making the Boomerang, but now we can see that the Boomerang feature is in built-in most of the main apps. We are enjoying Boomerang’s quality on apps like Instagram, but on Instagram, you cannot create the Boomerang from the existing videos. We think that this article proves to be useful for making the boomerangs as per your needs. So, if you want to create a boomerang from the existing Video you need to follow the tips and techniques mentioned above.

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