How to Download Hotstar Videos? (2 Easy Ways)

How to Download Hotstar Videos – Hotstar is an excellent app that fetches you good meal of fun on the go. It has everything from Movies, trending TV Shows, your favourite serials and what not. How could I forgot mentioning IPL! Hotstar got popular with its slogan – Hotstar Go Solo by streaming cricket matches only.

Hotstar became immensely popular over Indian users especially cricket fans with its stunning content. It is the official broadcaster of IPL matches from the next 5 years. It has even acquired few of the TV Channels and you can catch them live on Hostar app or website.

how to download hotstar videos

But have you ever faced this issue? You are travelling on a local train and watching your favourite episode of Game of Thrones. How frustrating it is if your internet connection is on and off in the journey.

Have you ever think of How to Download Hotstar Videos and watch them offline? Exactly! Hotstar recently provided an option to Download all the movies and other TV shows available on their platform and watch them offline. But there are few limitations involved in this.

How to Download Hostar Videos:

We will discuss 2 methods step by step on How to Download Hostar Videos and will discuss pros and cons of each method. So without much ado, let’s jump into the step by step process on how to download hotstar videos offline in Android or iOS smartphones.

How to Download Hotstar Videos Offline using Mobile App:

  • Step 1:¬† Open Hostar app on your Mobile. If you haven’t installed previously, go ahead and install it from Google Playstore. If you wanted to Download Hotstar for PC – here is the link¬†Hotstar Download for PC

  • Step 2: Navigate to your favourite movie or TV show that you want to Download offline.
  • Step 3: Scroll down to the end of the video and you will find option to Download Hostar Videos as shown in the image below. Just tap on that.

how to download hotstar videos offline

  • Step 4: Now choose the Download Video Quality – Low, Medium or High. It takes few moments to download the video based on your internet connection speed.
  • Step 5: Once the video is downloaded, click on three horizontal bars on top left of the screen.
  • Step 6: Now tap on My Downloads option to see list of all Hotstar videos downloaded offline.

You can watch these videos even without having internet connection. But there are few drawbacks with this method. Here are the list of disadvantages on How to Download Hotstar Videos using this method.


  • There are few videos on Hotstar not available for Downloading offline. You won’t get download option when you open that particular show or movie.
  • You can play these Downloaded videos on Hotstar app only. You can’t find them in Gallery. They will be stored in an encrypted format.

Here is the short video explaining whole procedure in easy to follow steps:

How to Download Hotstar Videos Offline using Web:

From the Hotstar Web version, there is no official way to Download Hotstar Videos offline. But there are tons of websites available on the internet to Download videos from popular websites like Hotstar, Udemy, YouTube etc.
The best part of using any of these tools on How to Download Hotstar videos is once you download you can play it anywhere and with any player. You can choose the download quality of your wish. So let’s start this step by step guide on How to Download Hotstar Videos offline by using a third party tool.

  • Step 1: Open your Laptop and launch chrome browser.
  • Step 2: There is one excellent chrome extension available to Download Hotstar Videos. Click on this linkFlash Video Downloader
  • Step 3: Now click on ‘Add to Chrome‘ option to add that extension to your chrome browser.
  • Step 4: It takes some time to download the extension to your browser. Wait till it gets added.
  • Step 5: You should be able to see Download like icon beside the URL bar.
  • Step 6: Now go to Hotstar website and search for the movie or video that you want to Download
  • Step 7: Once you start playing that video, that Download icon will flash. Just click on that icon.
  • Step 8: You will get all options to Download that video to offline. Choose the quality of the video and hit Download button.

Now that video will be automatically downloaded to your laptop for offline viewing. You can download the videos in whatever the format you want like .mp4, .avi format etc.


  • You can download every video available in Hotstar with this method
  • Watch downloaded videos either in your laptop or mobile. Unlike in the other method, these videos will not be encrypted format.

It is pretty much lengthy process to Download Hotstar videos offline using this method but still worth of doing it.

How to Download Hotstar Videos – Final Words:

Hotstar is one destination to all your entertainment. So don’t limit it to only online. Go beyond and watch videos offline by using any of the mentioned methods. As most of the people might have installed Hotstar app on their smart phones, you can always Download videos using the first method and enjoy watching Hotstar videos offline.

Fortunately both free and premium users will get this option to Download videos offline. But if you are free user, then you can download videos that are intended only for free users.

Even though screen recording is one of the easiest way for this, Hotstar uses high end technology not to record their videos using any mobile apps. Even I have tried this method and ended up with face palm in the end! :p


I’m concluding this article on – How to Download Hotstar Videos offline on your Android / iOS smart phone. If you find any difficulties in this process, you are always welcome to let us know your issues through comments section. We will be glad to help you out. Cheers!