200+ Best Comments for Couple Pic on Instagram or FB

Hello friends, are you looking for the best ever compliments to write for any couple pics on social media like FB or Insta? Yeah, I can say this is the place where you can see the most unique compliments and comments for couples, and definitely, you can see a smile on their faces.

Coming to the point – complement is, writing a sentence in your own style and using creativity. I have tried my level best to give the best comments on the couple pics and selfies on social media. Also please keep in mind that your comment will be effective if it is suitable for a picture on which you are going to write a comment. You can compare them with nature or any couple in history or any god and movie hero and heroine, funny comments like that. Here is an example for you.

Comments on couple picture

Here I can write a comment like: You are looking colorful and attractive than the Rainbow.

And here are other examples:Comments_on_couple_picture

Smiles on your faces are more valuable than the entire budget of the event.

couple pic comments

Feeling like seeing the marriage of Sita and Rama.

So, like this add more suitable words according to the picture. So, my suggestion is a suitable comment is more effective. As some are facing with How To Comment On A Couple Picture on FB or Instagram. Here I have some best comments for you to post these for your besties and known persons to see smiles on their faces.

The most important advice I would like to give here is don’t pretend and post comments that don’t suit the couple. So, try to give genuine comments like praising their good qualities and using the right words is the key factor. No one ever gets tired of hearing compliments. Yeah, words have more powers than weapons right? So, we need to use them in the right way to get the best results. So, let’s have a look at our curated list of best comments you can post for a couple pic on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

200+ Best Comments for Couple Pic:

  1. Lovely couple.
  2. I’m very happy to see you like this.
  3. I would definitely see your picture whenever I looked up for the best couple.
  4. You couple are so cute.
  5. Smiles on your faces are more valuable than the entire budget of the event.
  6. Wishing you should stay long and long with the same cute love.
  7. You both are looking awesome.
  8. Perfect for each other.
  9. Meant for each other.
  10. You are looking colorful and attractive than the Rainbow.
  11. Even the moon will come in the daytime to see you both.
  12. Even the sun will come to see you in at the nigh time.
  13. A picture tells us what love means. I can see it and you are simply superb.
  14. Looking like Rama and Sita.
  15. Made from Heaven.
  16. Together, you are looking so amazing.
  17. Sweet couple.
  18. Adorable couple.
  19. This is the definition of love.
  20. When you are together rest of the world melts away
  21. You’re the brightest lights and real lights around you looking very dull because of your smiles and love for each other.
  22. I can’t able to express my happiest feelings after seeing you.
  23. I’ feel so happy for you both.
  24. You both together are Incomparable.
  25. My favorite couple ever.
  26. You are amazing and I’m saying this with all my heart and soul.
  27. Dream couple.
  28. Born to love each other.
  29. You’re accomplishing so much.
  30. Want to grow into a couple like you.
  31. There’s no one like you.
  32. You are the truly unforgettable couple I have ever seen.
  33. You both are simply woooooooow.
  34. You couple are as beautiful outside as inside.

Comments for Newly Married Couples on Instagram or FB:

newly web couple pic comments

Is there any newlywed couple in your gang? Then here is the list of best comments for newly married couples.

  1. Lovely couple. Stay happy always!!
  2. You two are made for each other.
  3. Best wishes for a new phase of life.
  4. Seems like Romeo and Juliet got married, at the end.
  5. A nice couple made from heaven.
  6. I love seeing you two together.
  7. The cutest couple I have ever seen.
  8. Looking amazing together.
  9. Rabne Banadi Jodi.
  10. I love that you’ve found your perfect travel partner.
  11. Seeing you two together is like watching a Disney movie IRL
  12. I’m so glad you both swiped right
  13. This is what you can call a perfect pair.
  14. May you both create lots of great memories in life.

These are a few epic comments you can use on complimenting a couple pic on social media.

indian couple wedding pic

Cool Comments for Couple Pic:

Social media is the best platform to revive and share your memories with your loved ones. You might have seen a lot of couples posting their cool pics on the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Commenting on the pic really does have an impact on the relation with that person. Just a comment saying Cool pic or Nice pic doesn’t create a good vibe.

Here are a lot of adjectives you can use while commenting on the couple’s photos. These comments are unique and make the other person feels like you are valuing them a lot.

cool couple comments

  • You guys are looking so cool, seriously very cool.
  • Just want to tell you that you both look stunning together.
  • How can anyone look so perfect together?
  • Stay rocking and collect awesome memories.
  • Continuously Made For Each Other.
  • You are a match made in paradise
  • Ideal and the coolest Couple.
  • The cutest peas in a pod I’ve at any point seen.
  • #CoupleGoals in that spot.

And a lot many you can think and write using my suggestions mentioned above. Also, you can share with me the link to the picture so that we can suggest the best comments. Thanks for reading this article and all the best for your comments :).