How to Block Your Number When Texting?

How to block your number when textingSending anonymous text messages is always fun. Isn’t it? You can frank your friends using this anonymous call or text messages. But is there any way to send text messages without revealing your phone number? The answer is YES. You can do it by following few techniques.

Online privacy became talk of the internet these days. If you want to troll or comment on various websites, these will provide you an option to comment anonymously. Popular question and answer website, Quora, also recently introduced a feature that allows you to anonymously write an answer to a question.

In this blog post, we will introduce you few methods on How to block your number when texting. If you are using Mac computer or iPhone, you will get this feature in-built. There are still different ways exists even without using apple products as well.

How to Block your Number When Texting:

Numerous third party android / iOS applications are available to send anonymous text messages to other numbers. Lots of websites also allows you to do so without revealing your mobile number. So without much ado, let’s see the different possible ways on How to block your number while texting.

Send Text Messages Directly Using Carrier Info –

Do you know that your mobile phone carriers allows you to send anonymous text messages directly to the receiver using an email? Most of the carriers (We have listed down the list) supports this.

You can just compose an email with a specific format given by the mobile phone carrier and shoot out to reach to other ones mobile as a text message.

For this process, first you need to know the cell phone carrier which other person using. Even if you don’t know the carrier, there are ways to get this info online if you enter phone number. Go to and enter the recipient number. It will give you the carrier information.

Now go to your gmail, and compose a new email with the recipient’s email ID as below format. Replace MobileNumber here with actual mobile number of the receiver.

Just draft whatever the message you want to send and then hit the send button. This way, you can send out an text message  or SMS to other person without knowing your mobile number.

Choose Phone number that you like with TextNow –

Block number while sending text messageTextNow is a fabulous app available for both android and ios platforms to send messages and allows you to bock your number while texting.

Here is process to send anonymous text messages. First install the app on your Android / iOS mobile phone. On the next step, just choose the phone number that you would like.

You can either choose US or Canada phone numbers. It is absolutely FREE. You can even initiate voicemail, chat or video share with out beloved ones without actually revealing your original number.

I recommend you to go through all the features list on Google playstore or Appstore. There are numerous other features available along with this block phone number while texting.

Here is the link for the app in Google playstore. You can find Apple store link as well online –

[appbox googleplay]

Send Anonymous Message using Text Free App:

send anonymous text messages using text free app

Text Free is one of the popular Android and iOS app to send SMS for free. It’s similar to a chat application where you can send and receive text messages. But wait! Our purpose is to send those messages without revealing your actual number.

Text Free App also provides you an US phone number, so that you can communicate with others using that number.

There is option for you to choose custom phone numbers like ‘(555) 414-JOHN‘, (555) 55-555-555 or you can even use any combination you want. Other person who would receive a message will see this customer name you’ve chosen.

If you haven’t installed the app yet, here is the google playstore link for you –

[appbox googleplay com.pinger.textfree]

You can send unlimited text messages, or voice / video calling with this app. More advanced features like group messaging also available. With it’s custom US phone number, it feels like you are using a real phone number. You can call anyone and communicate with this number.

Other apps which you can use for the same purpose are –

  • Burner
  • Wickr
  • Backchat
  • Pinger

Block your Phone number on iPhones while Texting:

This method works only for iPhone. Do you own an iPhone and you want other people not to reveal you phone number or name while you are calling them? Here is the solution for you.

iPhone 7+ versions has this feature in-built. Using this feature, the other person will not know who is calling on the other side. It will displayed like Blocked or Unknown number. So let’s start the procedure on a step by step guide.

  • Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to Settings.
  • Step 2: Scroll down a bit and you will find Phone option. Just click on that.
  • Step 3: Now choose Show my Called ID option and disable option to show your Called ID.

Voila! It’s that simple. Now you have blocked other people from seeing your phone number. You can now send text messages or calls, they wouldn’t know who’s texting with them. Just try this method and have unlimited fun.

How to send Anonymous Text Messages without Revealing Your Phone Number – Conclusion:

Isn’t it really cool? Franking your friend and get fun out of that! This made possible with the listed methods in this article. Follow any of the methods mentioned. All are verified and are working perfectly. But excessive use of these methods may lead to other problem related to law. Be careful while playing such franks 🙂

Another easy method of sending messages would be using web. There are few websites online provides you this feature at free of cost. You can send out these messages to whoever required without revealing your identity. This method is also a very easy one to follow. You just need to enter the recipient’s phone number and send text messages. Few of these websites may need your details if something goes wrong. You can read their terms and conditions before proceeding with these options.

Here is the details guide on How to Block your Number When Texting. If you have any queries or questions regarding the same, do let us know through comments. Cheers!