How to Auto Refresh Tabs in Chrome: The Ultimate Guide

Auto-refresh is a feature in chrome and some other browsers that automatically refreshes the tab if not viewed for a set time. This article focuses on automatically refreshing the chrome tab, automatically refresh chrome [Google Chrome].

The main motivation for this task is so you don’t have to keep hitting F5 every time you want to see the updates of your favourite website. It can also save power by automatically refreshing your browser on a low battery.

refresh tabs automatically in chrome

People use automatic refreshes for many things, some of them are:

Want to check the cricket scoreboard? Browse your favourite website and for the live updates, some of the websites don’t give an updated scoreboard unless you refresh the page.

So we bring you the best possible solution for this problem, refreshing the chrome browser automatically. Here are a few cases where auto refresh chrome is necessary.

  • To automatically load a chat room or discussion forum so they don’t have to manually press F5 every time they come back
  • To avoid having their friends stalk them by refreshing their Facebook status page automatically
  • To keep an eye on stock market prices even if they are not at their computer screen
  • Other business uses include keeping stock data up to date automatically
  • Save battery life by automatically refreshing the page when your laptop or mobile device is on low power mode.

Like many other features in Google chrome, auto refresh to automatically refresh chrome tab has its uses. Make sure you check whether it’s useful for you before automatically refreshing Chrome Tabs automatically.

Now let’s see different methods to automatically refresh the chrome tabs.

How To Automatically Refresh Chrome Tabs?

If you are using Google Chrome, it’s pretty simple to enable automatic page refresh. The steps are below:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to settings
  • Scroll down until ‘Show advanced settings‘ option appears
  • Under Privacy section, click on “Enable Auto Refresh” option.

That’s it! Now your Google Chrome automatically refreshes the tab automatically for you if not viewed within 10 minutes. If not, click on F5 or some other refresh method to automatically refresh chrome tab again.

[Note]: This method may not work if you are using the latest version of Chrome. Google Chrome discontinued this feature in the latest version.

There are several other methods to auto refresh the chrome pages without manual intervention, including adding a few lines of the Javascript code in the console. You can also check automatically load tabs when the browser starts option. This will automatically load the pages that you want to automatically refresh into new tabs without actually opening chrome itself. Now, all you need to do is click on this shortcut whenever you want to automatically refresh chrome tab automatically and your page will automatically refresh after five seconds.

This method is too technical, hence let’s proceed with the simple option to refresh any of the web page on chrome automatically.

How to Auto Refresh Chrome Tab using a Chrome Extension:

Another way is by installing a chrome extension that automatically refreshes the page for you. All you need to do is click on install and restart your chrome browser and it automatically refreshes your chrome tab automatically for you!

Some of the extensions:

  1. Auto Refresh Plus: Auto Refresh Plus automatically reloads web pages, including Facebook feeds, YouTube videos & more.
  2. ReloadEvery: ReloadEvery automatically reloads webpages every few seconds or at custom intervals (e.g., every 10 minutes).
  3. Tab Auto Refresh: Tab Auto Refresh enables automatic refreshing when switching tabs in Google Chrome.
  4. Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker: Keep track of the prices of products on Amazon with this Chrome extension.
  5. Refresh Notifier: automatically refresh the page, and notify you if the read content has changed since you visited last.

There are a lot of chrome extensions available in the store that makes our job simpler and easy to use. We are going to use Auto Refresh Plus plugin which is the most recommended and popular one.

Refresh Chrome Tabs Automatically using Auto Refresh Plus Chrome Extension:

Auto Refresh Plus automatically refreshes your chrome tab automatically without having to click on F5 manually. There are many auto refresh extensions available in chrome store for automatically refreshing your chrome browser automatically. You just need to install the perfect chrome extension to do this job for you.

Now let’s see a step by step guide to install and use Auto Refresh Plus on chrome to automatically refreshes the web pages on chrome.

  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser and go to the link to download the extension: Auto Refresh Plus [appbox chromewebstore hgeljhfekpckiiplhkigfehkdpldcggm]
  • Step 2: Now click on the Add to Chrome option as shown in the refresh chrome extension
  • Step 3: Once it is downloaded and added to chrome, click on the extension menu on the chrome browser to find the refresh chrome pages
  • Step 4: Go to the page you want to auto refresh and Click on the Auto Refresh Plus extension and you will get a lot of options related to setting up the refresh interval and the pages for which you want to set the auto refresh options
  • Step 5: Once you set the refresh interval and Refresh Number, Click on the Start button on the top.

That’s all. After the specified time period, the chrome tap will automatically reloads. If you don’t want to set any Refresh Number, it will reloads the page infinitely until we stop the process.

Auto Refresh Plus gives us a lot of options, like

  • Setting up the Refresh interval: Specify the refresh interval for the page reload. This extensions gives you to choose the random intervals as well.
  • Auto start Refresh: Auto-start the page reload function when these URLs open in your browser. This helps us by automatically starting the process without any manual intervention.
  • Page Monitor: Yet another useful feature for the auto refresh use cases is Page Monitor. If you want to auto stop the page refresh if the specific text is found on the page, you can do it easily with the Page Monitor.
  • Countdown: Perform a page refresh on a specific page after a countdown of time has passed.

We can even execute custom scripts and there are a hell lot of options available with Auto Refresh Plus plugin for Chrome Tab Refreshing.

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