How to Add Amazon Prime Video Profiles [Just like NetFlix]

Several streaming giants like Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu have multiple users profiles. What does the above sentence mean? What is a user profile? How does that benefit the user? Does the amazon prime video has multiple profiles feature like NetFlix? Here is a detailed guide to answer all your queries.

Multiple users profile allows various users to access a single Amazon Prime video account. Amazon prime video recently unveiled multiple profiles feature just like NetFlix.

A single prime video account can be used by up to six users, including one primary profile created while taking membership, and the other five can be for adults or kids profile.

It benefits different users from the account to have their recommendations, watch history, and progress. The benefit that they get is, there is no mix up of choices and progress between two users.

how to add multiple profiles to prime video - like netflix

Amazon prime video is an amazing online video streaming site. It is available only for Amazon prime members.

Amazon prime video was launched on September 7, 2006, in the US for the first time. With the increasing demand, it is further established worldwide with ten years. In India, it was launched in early 2017.

This has a large storage of movies, series, and live content over different languages. Amazon user needs to buy a membership plan to enjoy all the contents as mentioned above.

Amazon Prime Video’s User Profile Feature Unveiled, Finally!!

add amazon prime video profiles like netflix

After a long wait by the users, Amazon has finally come up with a new update on 7th July 2020. The update that rolled in has the feature to have multiple users profile. This feature, by now, has become a standard feature among the streaming giants.

As mentioned above, Amazon Prime videos allow having a total of 6 users profiles. One for the account holder itself, and the other five include family members, friends, or kids.

Which country can citizens access this feature?

This feature was first added for the account holders in India and Africa. And finally, it was made available for worldwide users, which includes the US too.

How This Feature Will Help Its Users?

Amazon, being reputed and a leading global company always keeps revising its services. Most of their competitors, like Netflix, Hotstar Disney Plus, have this feature for multiple users. So after a long time wait, Amazon users can have this excellent feature.

How to add a Profile in Amazon Prime Video:

  • Step 1: On the bottom bar, you will find an option “My Stuff” Click on that option.
  • Step 2: On the upper left corner, there will be your profile icon, and besides that, a drop-down button will be there.
  • Step 3: Then, you will see three options to create a profile, manage profiles, and learn more.
  • Step 4: Click on create a profile.
  • Step 5: Add the user’s name and choose in the option below whether he/she is a kid or not.
  • Step 6: Then save.

You can follow the same steps both in the website and Amazon mobile apps to add prime video profiles.

Why is there an option, especially for kids?

Amazon considers anyone below 12 years of age is a kid. They have this option because, for kids, they have separate content listed within. They have filtered out many contents like cartoons, animated movies, and series for kids.

What features does an adult account have?

The adult account can access all the content included within the Prime video. These content can be purchased or rented, or may it be prime video channels or live content.

Adult profiles also have a fantastic feature, parental control. With this feature enabled, the content they watch is not accessible from a shared device like TVs or other smartphones. Parental control also has to view restrictions. Viewing restriction keeps the profile locked unless opened with a PIN by the user.

The user profile also features blocking of children from making any sort of purchase within the app.

How to enable the above features?

Just go through the setting of the prime video, you will every added features and control there.

Drawback over parental control –

Whether kids profile or adults, anyone can access the download list on the same smartphone. The parental control is only applicable in the case of online streaming.

After discussing so many features, let’s talk about the benefits –

Amazon prime video users struggled a lot to access the same account on multiple devices with different profiles.

This absence of multiple profiles created a mixed environment within the app.

By the addition of this feature, each of the six users can now have their profiles.

Secondly, whatever they are interested in watching, or whatever recommendation they get from now onwards, will be their choice.

Thirdly, the content they are watching, they can easily track their progress now.

How Is The Same Amazon Prime Feature Different From Netflix?

As we all know, the multiple profile feature was introduced by Netflix for the first time. Netflix allows up to four screens or profiles that can use at the same time. But the difference here, with the lowest plan, Netflix, allows only one profile, and with a plan of Rs 649/month, it will enable us to share 2 screens at a time, while with the highest plan, four users can access at a time.

But Amazon prime video allows all the 6 users to access with their standard plan of Rs 129/month.

Why Amazon Took So Long And Why They Decided To Add This Feature?

With the increasing figure of its users, Amazon was leading from the front. But when the streaming rivals like Netflix stepped in with added features like multiple profiles, Amazon prime users started demanding the same everywhere for a long time. This demand triggered Amazon company to step forward to add this unique and useful feature.

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