[Fixed] Home Screen Layout is Locked Issue in RedMI Note 3/4/4A/5A

Home screen layout is locked issue in RedMI Note 4 or Note 3 Mobile – Have you ever face this issue while uninstalling the apps or moving the apps around in home screen in your RedMI mobile? Yes, with the recent update MI has introduced this new feature to lock out the home screen layout. if you ever wanted to remove this do follow this step by step guide mentioned in this article to solve home screen layout is locked issue.

Home screen layout lock is the new feature introduced by redmi to protect  uninstalling or moving the apps in home screen unintentionally. Many people keep their phones in their pockets and while moving you my experience uninstalling a few apps are misplaced Apps without your knowledge. For those people this home screen layout feature is very helpful.

home screen layout is locked in redmi note 4

RedMI is one of the popular mobile brand in the world. It has got enormous popularity over the last few years due to it’s cheap cost and high end configurations. Most of the mobile phones uses Android operating system whereas MI is using customised version of Android OS where few functionalities are modified and they are adding new features like Home Screen Layout Lock.

The recent MI update this feature is enabled by default on all the phones. so let’s see how we can remove that home screen layout is locked error in your Redmi Note 4 or Redmi Note 3 or Redmi Note 4A or RedMi Note 5A mobile phones.

Remove Home Screen Layout Lock on RedMi Mobile:

  • Step 1: Open your Android mobile phone (Red MI Note 3/4/4A/5A)
  • Step 2: Go to Settings option.
  • Step 3: scroll down a bit and you will find Home Screen & Recents option under System & Device section. refer to the below image for details.

home screen layout lock

  • Step 4: You will find Lock Home screen layout option enabled. Just drag that ball and disable that option.

home screen lock

Now check uninstalling the apps or displacing the apps to a folder. You should not be facing any issues now. If you ever wanted to have this feature, you can follow the same steps as mentioned. Just open your phone and navigate to Settings -> Home Screen and Recents -> Enable Home screen Layout lock.

Home screen lock feature will be very helpful if you ever have to give your mobile phone to kids or you are facing the issue with apps misplace while you keep it on your pocket. MIUI is releasing other new features on a regular basis. So do update your phone’s software and get all these latest features.

Here is the short video explaining How to fix Home screen layout is locked issue on your Redmi mobile phone:


Unlock Home Screen Layout in MI – Bottom Line:

If you are wondering home screen layout is locked how to open, this is the best solution for you. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to unlock the home screen layout issue in MI mobiles.

so with this, I am concluding this article on how to resolve Home screen layout is locked issue in redmi Note 3 or redmi Note 4 /5/5A Mobiles. if you are facing any issues while unlocking your home screen layout, do let us know through comments. we will help you to resolve the issue. cheers!