19+ Fun Games to Play Over the Phone

What do you usually do when you are talking to your friend on a call, and you don’t find a topic to talk about? I know that sucks and feels awkward. You never would want to get into such a situation. There are a lot of fun games to play over the phone call to get rid of this situation.

This happens because of a lot of reasons, maybe you are talking to that person for the first time, or maybe you both are introverts, but still, you want the conversation to get going.

There are so many ways you can get the conversation interesting, and in 2022 since most of them are still working from home, spending quality time with friends and family.

And in a time, where no one can get out of their home, A lot of people are finding their loved ones on social media and dating apps. In such scenarios, a face cam or phone call is the best option to have a conversation with the person.

In order to make the conversation interesting, you need a game that will keep people on their toes.

fun games to play over the phone

In this blog, We’ll share 15 fun games to play over a phone call or face cam video call.

The best part about all these games is they don’t need any board games and can be understood instantly without any hassle, and makes the conversation interesting.

19 Games you can Play with your Friends or Loved ones over the Phone call:

#1 Never have I ever

Never have I ever is one of my favorite games and popularly famous among teens and college-going students. The rule of this game is very easy and simple. Everyone has to raise one hand, and among all those, one has to start by saying “never have I ever” and then say something which he has not done before.

For example, “never have I ever picked my nose”, and then if anyone has done it, that person closes one finger or if you have a drink, take one sip of that drink. From this he means to say, he agrees with the situation, and without saying anything lets others know about it.

This becomes interesting if you can put out some crazy questions by understanding the thought process of the person.

If you start playing this game, you won’t even understand how time flies. Can be played among two people or with a group. But this works best with two.

#2 Truth or dare

This is always the favorite game for the person who knows most of the secrets around people you are playing with. Can work great if you have more people in a call. if you are in conference face cam, this is the best pastime you can have.

This lets people open up and increase a sense of excitement which becomes a great experience thereafter.

You can play this game by using online truth and dare generator and putting your names in the application. The app will select one member randomly from the group, and then you can ask him the question you are always curious about or give a dare.

#3 Read my lips

If you are tired of talking about the same thing every day and want to do something exciting, you should play this game which works great only with two people.

This game is all about reading lips through their movement and guessing the word.

The one who is telling the word should mute its audio and try to make the other person understand without making him listen to the word.

If you can choose some good words, this game can become very interesting.

#4 Two truth and a lie

This is one more game that you can play over a phone call or video call.

The rules of the game are you have to tell three sentences about yourself and two should be true and one should be a lie and the other person in the game has to decide which are the two truths and one lie.

This will make the tone of the conversation interesting if you’re bored with your everyday talking.

Works great between two people and can be played with a phone call or with a face cam.

#5 Chess

There are a lot of people who are playing chess these days, and the best part about this game is you can play the game while you are talking to each other with a zoom call or with skype.

This helps you keep talking and playing chess simultaneously.

Playing chess makes the conversation going, and if you love playing chess, this can be the best pastime for you. This might not be the case for everyone, but you can give it a try.

#6 Last Letter

The last letter is a very popular game you can play with a large group and also with a small group.

In this game, the first person will say one random word, and the next person has to say a word starting from the last word of the first person and keep bridging with words, and you cannot repeat the same word twice.

For example:

Sea -> astronaut -> tiger…

This is a very easy game and makes everyone focused, but as you go on in the game, there will be a time when you won’t find any word, and then it becomes exciting.

And you have to answer the next word in 30 seconds.

#7 Just a minute

Just a minute is the next game which helps you keep the conversation going without making you bored. This game works great with a family or a group of more than 3 people.

In this game, you have to speak for one minute on some random topic given by you by your group mates.

This might seem very easy in the beginning, but the moment you get something that you have no idea about, then the real fun starts.

You cannot say no to any topic and also you have no option to change it.

#8 Tell me a secret

Tell me a secret is a game that is very famous among teens and college students. If you are bored and searching for doing something interesting with your partner or friend, you can play this game.

This can be played very easily with a face cam or over video calls on Skype or Zoom.

In this game, you have to tell a secret of yours that you haven’t revealed before with the other person or in the group you are playing, and everyone playing has to tell something similar.

This makes everyone attentive and you love the process of the game.

#9 Sentence story builder

Sentence story builder can be played anywhere, whether you are with anyone in a restaurant or want to make a boring conversation interesting in a face cam, this works great everywhere.

So, if you are someone who loves telling stories or forming stories, you will love this game.

And it goes like this, One person starts with some sentence. Then the next sentence should be formed by another person which should make sense with the first sentence and build a story. It keeps going like this, it becomes interesting if you play this in-group, the way other people continue to your sentences and something which comes in the last would make you laugh like crazy.

#10 Rainbow Race

The rainbow race is one more fun game that can be played over the phone call, and doesn’t require a lot of time to understand if you want to play some quick fun games to help you increase the energy in the group, this works great.

This game becomes more enjoyable if there are more than three people in the group.

And in this game, the person who starts the game will say a color, and others have to bring some object which is available around them with the same color, and the one who brings the object fast wins and get one point.

#11 Would you rather?

This is again another interesting phone call game that works great to play between a call to make the conversation interesting.

In this game, you tell two statements like, would you rather do this or do that.

And between those two statements, the other person has to choose one statement.

If you can give some good options, you can make the game interesting, just from the response of the other member.

#12 21 questions

21 questions game works great if you want to know the other person, and spend time asking some deep questions which let the other person open up.

In this game of 21 questions, you ask some random question and the other person asks you some random question as you answer yours.

For example: What is your dream destination and why? Or what kind of boyfriend do you like the most?

If you want to try something unique with someone you are talking to for the first time or are interested to know about them, this is the perfect game that would help you get that.

#13 What if?

What if is again a very famous game when two or more people are around?

In this game, you have to give some situations by saying what if?

And that can be positive or negative, and the way another person gives a response to that situation makes it very interesting to listen.

You have to make a rule that no one should reply in one word and try to elaborate on the answers.

#14 Charades

Charades is again one of my personal best games which I recommend if you have more than three people on the phone call. Though this can be played with two people, the more the people, it gets interesting.

So, charades is a word guessing game, where you split into two teams, and one team gives a random word to the other team, and the person to whom the word has been given has to explain it to their team members with gestures.

You have some time limit to make your team members understand the word.

It gets interesting, and since everyone has some other involvement in the game, everyone loves it.

#15 Spell Bee

Paying spell bee over the phone call may sound awkward to you. But trust me, this can be very interesting to pass the time over the call with your friends or loved ones. You will have to start by giving a word and asking the other to spell it.

On the next turn, the other person gives you a word to spell. Each correct answer will be rewarded with one point and whoever scores the most points after 25 iterations, wins the game.

#16 Quiz Up

Quiz Up is one of my favorite quiz apps. You can compete with your loved ones or in fact any random person on various quiz topics, starting from world politics to mythology.

Here in this app, two people can connect and start playing a quiz session. The same questions appear for both persons and whoever answers correctly at a fast pace, wins the quiz. The best part of this game is, there are hundreds of topics to choose from. I used to play this during my commute to the office.

#17 Kiss, Marry and Kill

This is one of the famous games we often see on celebrity rapid-fire quiz rounds. It is also known as hookup, marry, and kill. The other person would give you three people. You have to choose each one and select whether you want to marry or hook up or kill that person.

You can select celebrity people or common friends and get to know the intentions of other people with this game. You should definitely try this out.

#18 Words collection

The games start by giving one 8-10 character word and the other one has to come up with all the possible words that can be framed using the characters in the given word.

For example, if they’ve given you the word restaurant, you can phrase the words like rest, ant, rent, taste, tent, etc.

One who forms the most number of words wins the game. It’s that simple.

#19 Movie lines

Finally, the last game is for people who love watching movies, and the best part about this game is this can be played in a group and with two people very easily.

In this game, your opponent will tell you one dialogue from any movie, and you have to guess which movie it is from.

If you’re someone who has watched a lot of movies, then I think you will enjoy this particular game very much.

#20 Hearts

The popular card game is sure to bring out some competitive and playfully heated discussions over the phone. In Hearts, players take turns swapping cards through a series of rounds, the objective is to have the lowest amount of points. The online version features the game in single and multiplayer modes, as well as a rulebook for newcomers.

#21 Cribbage

Cribbage is a fast-paced card game that involves scoring points through a variety of card combinations. The player who reaches 121 points first, wins the game. The gameplay is simple, making it an ideal game while on the phone with friends and family. Cribbage Online features the game in easy, standard, and pro modes.

That’s it, folks. We are concluding this list of the Top 19 games to play over the phone call. If you play any other games than mentioned ones, let us know through comments.